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Chapter 42

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Rong Xinghe could feel the breath of the man making her completely nervous .

She didn't knew how to react .

It was the first time that her senses had stopped working .

She had came in contact with men during her military chief training in the past , but she never felt her heart beating at this rate .

Xi Yuan sensed the uncomfort of the girl after he had calmed down !

He quickly pulled away , " You sure we don't need to go to the hospital ? "

Rong Xinghe also came back to her senses .

She realised that Xi Yuan had a reason to be so worried , " Yuan , are you stressed about my security after that accident ? "

Xi Yuan nodded .

"Yuan , i am stronger than you think . I fainted that day just because i was exhausted by the work and that accident was unexpected . I have gone through training of hell ,Yuan . I can endure the pain of a bullet , let alone be a minor accident like that . Don't worry ! " , Rong Xinghe said .

She didn't wanted him to worry about her security , whenever he was with her .

Although he wasn't convinced by her words , Xi Yuan still ended up nodding .

What if she had gone through training of hell ?! That didn't allowed her to get hurt .

What if she was strong ? He wanted her to be vulnerable and show her weaknesses in front of him . He wanted her to be herself in front of him . He wanted to be the person she felt most safe and warm around .

" Good ! Tell me , you don't care about this man at all ?" , Rong Xinghe changed the topic as she pointed her finger in the direction where the terrorist was lying unmoving on the cold floor .

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Xi Yuan looked at the man and said in a cold bone-chilling voice , " I don't care about anyone else, other than you ! "

This bastard had dared to point a rifle at his woman !

Death was his destiny the moment he had found the guts to attack her !

If not she , he would've killed him himself .

He had no mercy for the people who intended to harm her !

He was a bit shocked to see her combat skills earlier , though !

She was a real soldier when it came to fights .

Fearless and Domineering !

Her each and every move was ruthless , cruel and callous .

The most shocking part was that she was Black Belt in five different martial art techniques ! .

But more than anything , he was astonished and proud of her .

He liked how independant she was !

He liked that this girl , unlike other women he had met earlier , couldn't be tied by money , power or looks but love !

He had seen a new Rong Xinghe yet again , he thought as he smiled .

Rong Xinghe : " . . . . "

Sigh !

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This man was becoming more and more difficult to understand !

. . .

At that moment , a team of approximately 20 combat commandos arrived in the shop .

" We are extremely sorry for the delay, Military Chief ", one of the soldiers apologised .

" Does the military actually needs to be taught discipline and punctuality now ? " Rong Xinghe asked as she looked at her wrist-watch .

" Sorry , boss ! " , all the men said collectively .

Rong Xinghe rolled her eyes as she walked out with Xi Yuan , leaving behind a command , " Dipose the dead body . He had no information on his body about the terrorist groups . "

As the man and woman left , the officers looked at the dead body of the terrorist they had been trying to find for almost an year .

But their boss !

She didn't just located the man but also killed without batting an eye !

Just like that !

She was way more efficient than all of them combined !

Many of the military officers who had earlier despised the idea of women joining army , now regretted it .

Just in the time less than a month , they had started respecting this 'youngest military authority of the world' .

Rong Xinghe had actually changed the winds in Country X's army in no time !

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. . . . .

That night ,

When Rong Xinghe arrived at Military Chief Residence , she was stunned speechless by the scene in front of her .

William Young was laying on the couch and a girl in exposing clothes was feeding him grapes .

This hopeless bastard !

Will he ever change for good in this lifetime ?!

Mischief appeared again in little lady devil's eyes . She took a cushion from the couch and threw it on the face of William .

" You bastard ! Moron ! Son of a beef ! How dare you cheat ?! We just had sex in the noon and here you are , fooling around again with this sl*t ?! Unbelievable ! "

William was shocked by such unexpected accusations .

What ?!

Sex ?!

And what the hell was 'son of a beef' ?!

This crazy woman is going to be the death of me !

What is she upto now ?!

Rong Xinghe then turned towards the girl who was feeding grapes to William .

" You sl*t ! I will kill you today ! You bloody home-breaker ! If you are thinking about marrying him , dream on ! I am pregnant with his baby!"

Baby ?!

Pregnant ?!

William practically shivered when Rong Xinghe gave him a side glance !

What the hell was running through her mind .


Suddenly , the girl slapped William and said in a heart-broken tone , " I thought you loved me ! But no ! You just wanted to get into my bed ! Take care of your baby , Mr . William Young . Goodbye ! "


"Pftt . . " , as soon as the door closed , Rong Xinghe started laughing crazily as William held onto the cheek he was slapped upon .

" HAHAHAHA . . . . The girl was so brainless ! She even believed that i was pregnant with your baby ! Oh my god ! Could you date girls with a high EQ please !I am getting better at my acting skills , right ?! Thanks to Sis Ningtao ! HEHEHEHE . . . . "

" So this was your plan ! Making her slap me ?! " , William fumed .

Rong Xinghe's expression turned serious ,

" William , i have told you so many times to not bring you bed-buddies here ! This is a national property and not a hotel room ! So , obviously , that slap was your punishment . "

Chills ran down William's spine when he listened to her strategy of punishing him .

Woman !

You could have just asked that girl to get out !

Was this the love you had for your 'best friend'?