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The Alchemist God - Chapter 123

Published at 19th of June 2017 03:46:58 AM

Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Fourth Luminary, God and Spirit’s Cry

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The war horse gave a long neigh and in the falcon’s nest camp site, there were fifty soldiers ready and waiting .  They were wearing cavalry uniforms and they had also prepared a large cart .  This cart was going to be used to hold the one thousand kilograms of wild mountain boar meat .  Because it was going to be used by the priest in the grand ceremony, they had to preserve it .  If they did not use this cart, they would have no way of transporting it, after all, even the strongest man could not move this kind of mountain boar .

“Sir, we are prepared!”

Wei Chou raised his sword and respectfully reported .

“Prepare to set out!”

Lin Mu Yu did not stop his horse as he moved to the front and slowly led everyone out of the camp, but at this moment, a group appeared on the side path as if they had just come up from the mountain .  The person in front was wearing the uniform of the Imperial Guards and a handsome appearance, but his brows were filled with arrogance .  He did not allow his troops walk past Lin Mu Yu’s troops on the mountain path .

“Who is this?”  Lin Mu Yu asked in a low voice .

Wei Chou knit his brows and said, “Gong Xun .  He has a level 60 Heavenly Venerate’s strength and is one of the nine people out of the two hundred Imperial Guards here that has reached the Heaven Realm .  Because he came from the God Marquis’ Palace, he is incredibly arrogant .  He acts incredibly arrogant among the Imperial Guards, so if we can avoid him, we should avoid him .  For a petty person like Gong Xun, it would not be good to provoke him . ”

Lin Mu Yu nodded and said, “Stop, we’ll let them go first . ”


Everyone stopped their horses .

At this moment, Gong Xun rode his horse forward and with an arrogant appearance, his eyes fell onto Lin Mu Yu .  He could not help laughing and saying, “I never thought that even brittle grass would have its spring .  Even with a tenth grade green gourd martial spirit, you can still enter the Imperial Guards .  Ha, ha, ha, ha, this is truly ridiculous!  Lin Mu Yu, what is your mission this time?”

Lin Mu Yu suppressed his rage and said, “We are hunting and killing various 5000 year old spirit beasts . ”


Gong Xun couldn’t help laughing, “You want to hunt 5000 year old spirit beasts with your motley crew?  Do you even know how strong a 5000 year old beast is?  Ha, ha, ha, I hope you don’t all get wiped out in the Dragon Seeking Forest since our falcon’s nest cannot afford to lose this many people .  Yo, brother Wei Chou is also in this group, hei, hei……”

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Gong Xun slowly rode his horse beside Wei Chou and spoke while looking at him with contempt, “I heard that your mother was once a camp woman .  Being able to become an Imperial Guard with a camp woman as your mother isn’t easy, you can’t just die that easily .  Otherwise the spirit beast that eats you wouldn’t even know which family’s bastard it has in its stomach, ha, ha, ha, ha……”


Lin Mu Yu’s prairie sword was already out of its sheathe as it flew out as quick as lightning for Gong Xun’s throat .

“Lin Mu Yu, what are you doing?!”  Gong Xun was so scared that he did not dare to move .

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile as he said with cold eyes, “You can insult me, but you cannot insult my subordinates .  Remember that from now on!”

The sword slowly drew back .

Gong Xun was covered in cold sweat from the fear .  He had the same first tier Heaven Realm strength as Lin Mu Yu, but the opponent had actually secretly attacked him as quick as lightning in front of his subordinates .  He was angry from his shame as he said, “Aren’t you being a little too arrogant?  Do you think you can kill a 5000 year old spirit beast by yourself?  Let me tell you, the only light attributed 5000 year old spirit beasts out there are Flying Feather Beasts, Light Spirit Pythons, and Golden Scaled Beasts .  The Flying Feather Beasts and the Light Spirit Pythons are already hibernating and the Golden Scaled Beasts are incredibly rare .  Even if you find one, it isn’t guaranteed you’ll be its match .  Father is waiting to see how you die!”

Saying this, Gong Xun looked at Wei Chou with a fierce gaze and said, “You bastard, don’t think that you’ve found a backer .  Just wait and see!”

Wei Chou gritted his teeth, but he suppressed it all without making a move .  After all, there was a difference in strength and the other side was a noble whereas he was just a commoner .  It was also like Gong Xun had said, Wei Chou was the son of a camp woman and did not even know who his father was .  His mother had died ten years ago and he didn’t even count as a normal citizen .

Lin Mu Yun was not willing to hold it in .  His slanted brows knit together as he said, “Gong Xun, what happens if we can kill and bring back a 5000 year old Golden Scaled Beast?  Do you dare bet with us?”

Gong Xun was filled with anger as he said, “Alright, say it .  What do you want to bet?”

Lin Mu Yu said, “Before the winter sacrifice ceremony, if we can kill a 5000 year old Golden Scaled Beast, then you will kneel down in front of Wei Chou and apologize in front of everyone .  If we cannot do this, then I will kneel down in front of you and apologize in front of everyone .  Do you dare to bet?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare to bet?”

Gong Xun raised his palm and loudly said, “Everyone listen up .  If Lin Mu Yu is able to kill a 5000 year old Golden Scaled Beast, then I, Gong Xun will kneel down and apologize to Wei Chou .  If they cannot kill one, then Lin Mu Yu will kneel down and apologize to I, Gong Xun!”

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Everyone raised their weapons as they cheered .  These people’s boasting skills were not simple .


The two groups of troops passed each other and the farce was temporarily paused, but Lin Mu Yu knew that this matter was far from settled .  The Divine Marquis palace had a hostile relationship with him and now there was even someone from the Divine Marquis palace in the Imperial Guards .  This Zeng Yi Fan seemed to have hands everywhere, was this equal to having eyes everywhere?

Wei Chou rode his horse beside Lin Mu Yu and said in a low voice, “Thank you sir… . . ”

“What are you thanking me for?  Being this courteous with me?”  He casually said with a smile .

“Sir……”  Wei Chou hesitated for a few seconds before he said, “I am the son of a camp woman, I even have my mother’s last name as my last name……You, you don’t look down on me?”

Lin Mu Yu suddenly stopped his horse and said with a serious expression, “Don’t say that kind of stuff in the future .  I do not care about your background because you are my comrade and my brother .  I will never let anyone bully you and I will never look down on you, that is all .  Do you still have anything else you want to ask?”


“Then move quickly .  We need to find a Golden Scaled Beast before the winter sacrifice ceremony .  It’s no joke if we can’t find one, I’ll have to down in front of that fool .  You wouldn’t want me to kneel, right?”

Wei Chou relaxed and he revealed a smile .  He made his horse go faster as he smiled and said, “No way .  We will definitely find a Golden Scaled Beast!”



When night fell, their team reached the edge of the Dragon Seeking Forest .  Far away, there were several imperial guards patrolling .  One person raised their spear at the approaching horses and said, “Who is it?”

Wei Chou lit a torch as Lin Mu Yu took out an authorization token and said, “I am Falcon Guard Lin Mu Yu .  I am here on orders to enter the Dragon Seeking Forest and kill required spirit beasts . ”

This imperial officer was a hundred man commander and had the same rank as Lin Mu Yu, but once he heard the words Imperial Guards, he revealed a look of respect and said, “Sir, you have to be careful entering the Dragon Seeking Forest this late at night .  Nighttime is when the Swift Wolves come out .  We have already killed quite a few of them to prevent them from harming the common folk at the bottom of the mountain . ”

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“Un, many thanks for the reminder . ”

Lin Mu Yu rode his horse forward, leading the fifty elites into the Dragon Seeking Forest .  This forest area was a protected land and normal hunters and cultivators had no way of entering the Dragon Seeking Forest .  Of course, the forest itself was too big and there wasn’t enough soldiers to protect it, so they only set up a checkpoint on the main road leading to the capital city .

The things that appeared did not interfere with them at all .  The only things that appeared were Swift Wolves less than 400 years old which the Imperial Guards easily took care of .

At midnight, Lin Mu Yu gave the order to set up camp and they set up the camp in an area by a high cliff .  Lin Mu Yu was placed in the cave as the highest ranking officer, but he didn’t care about that .  He just wanted to eat and then get some rest .


Leaning against the stone wall, he slowly entered into the land of sleep .  The Spiritual Pulse Technique expanded out and he could feel the surrounding earth, air, and energy .  The Imperial Guards had already entered into a deep sleep and there were only seven Imperial Guards’ presences outside keeping watch .  After spending a whole month in the Heaven Connecting Tower, his soul had become much stronger .

Even after using the third luminary two times in a row, Lin Mu Yu did not have that feeling of intense exhaustion .  Now only did this make him excited, it also made him covet the Seven Luminary Demon King’s Fourth Luminary!

After he had stepped into the Heaven Realm, he has not advanced a single step forward .  Lin Mu Yu had been at level sixty for a while, but this kind of thing couldn’t be rushed, he just needed to cultivate slowly .  As for his true combat strength, after he had gained the Third Luminary, his current strength could not even be compared with his previous strength .

He slowly withdrew his spiritual sense, sending it back into his sea of consciousness .


He appeared in his sea of consciousness holding the prairie sword and wearing the temple battle dress .  Several hundred meters below him was the deep waters of his consciousness .  He raised his palm and a strong invisible strength parted the water of the sea .  Here, Lin Mu Yu’s powers could be infinitely increased which also meant that he was a god here!

Leaping down into the depths of his sea of consciousness, he flew for quite a bit before he saw a single person quietly sitting in the chaotic space .  It was the Seven Luminary Demon King!”

“What, you’re here to see me again?”

The Seven Luminary Demon King did not need to lift his head to know who it was .  It was the brat he could not kill even to this day .

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile, “Demon King, long time no see . ”

The Seven Luminary Demon King knew it was bad once he heard it .  He raised his head and said, “What are you after now?”

“Give me the power of the Fourth Luminary?”  Lin Mu Yu asked in a discussing tone .

The Seven Luminary Demon King gritted his teeth, “You calf, you still dare to demand for this great king’s Seven Luminary Mystic Arts?  Seeking death!”

Reforming his spiritual form, the Seven Luminary Demon King’s body became much bigger as his palms was covered in the might of the stars .  He was directly using the Seventh Luminary, Stellar Transformation!

But the power of Lin Mu Yu’s soul was much greater than before .  With a “weng” sound, the alchemy cauldron surrounded the Seven Luminary Demon King and the fifth tier flame, Purgatory Flames slowly began to fall down .  The Seven Luminary Demon King gave a pitiful cry as his soul was burned and the Seven Luminary, Stellar Transformation’s power was completely destroyed .

“Will you give it to me?”  He asked .

The Seven Luminary Demon King would rather die than surrender as he said, “I’d rather die than submit!”

“Then I’ll take it myself……”

Under the refinement of the Purgatory Flames, energy began to slowly fly away from the Seven Luminary Demon King’s soul form .  While it was being refined by the alchemy cauldron, streaks of his soul roared as it attacked the alchemy cauldron .  Lin Mu Yu quickly raised a palm and an invisible hand grabbed these soul fragments, quickly refining them .  Suddenly a mysterious energy filled his body and he gained a new power .

Fourth Luminary, God and Spirit’s Cry!



Slowly opening his eyes, Lin Mu Yu raised his right palm and slowly released his power .  Instantly a godly and spiritual figure filled his palm, which was the Fourth Luminary, God and Spirit’s Cry .  But he felt his blood boiling and his head pounding .  As expected, his soul was still too weak and it wasn’t enough for him to control the Fourth Luminary’s power yet, but this was enough for now .  His soul would become stronger and with the Fourth Luminary in hand, he would be able to use it once his soul was strong enough!

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