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Chapter 73

AMAS: Chapter 73-To Witness A Miracle

Jiang Fei stood once more before the special sanitarium, it’s just that the feeling he had this time was clearly different from the last .


Although last time he had heard the situation from Ye Yuanyuan, he himself didn’t know full-well of the patient’s condition . At that time, he wasn’t confident of himself and uncertain of the future so he was somewhat worried . Furthermore, just looking at the sanitarium heavily guarded by soldiers, one can’t just help but feel nervous .


But this time was different, Jiang Fei was much more at ease .


Previously, there were specific circumstances that prevented him from healing the old man but after finishing up all his preparations, he was now absolutely confident that he would be able to heal the old general, Ye Zhennan’s legs . Right now he wasn’t thinking about how he shouldn’t be nervous, but was instead wondering about what he would ask of Ye Yuanyuan as an appreciation for his treatment… . .


As a doctor, nothing was free . Jiang Fei was confident that he would be able to restore both of Ye Zhennan’s legs as well as fully restoring his health but even then, treating Ye Zhennan was not only difficult but would also consume a lot of energy .


Debts must always be repaid . This has always been Jiang Fei’s point of view .

But to mention money, he felt that doing so would be disrespectful and was disregarding Ye Zhennan’s status as a general .


However thinking about it, Jiang Fei thought that they’d be able to give him something more precious than money .


Entering the sanitarium, Jiang Fei walked behind Ye Yuanyuan and went straight to the second floor . The old general, Ye Zhennan was still the same way as he was before . Unlike other paralyzed patients, he wasn’t depressed . Leaning on the side of the bed, he was wearing glasses as he read a military newspaper .


Seeing the old man like this, Jiang Fei somewhat admired him . The way he behaves was not due to the status he holds but because of the mentality that the old man possessed .

Normally when a person finds out that they’re unable to move both of their legs, they’d think that it was one of the most tragic things that had happened in their entire lives . But the old man was different . There was not a trace of fear in his face . This showed that he was absolutely worthy of everyone’s respect .



He was optimistic in his life, unafraid of the unknown, and even in his times of misfortune, he was still able to hold himself together . This in itself required great perseverance and courage, truly worthy of praise .


When Jiang Fei came in, Ye Zhennan quickly put down the paper he was reading . He then smiled and said: “Dr . Jiang, you’ve come . ”


Jiang Fei nodded . And just like a soldier fulfilling his own pledge, he said: “This time I’ve come prepared, so I’ll surely be able to cure both of senior general’s legs without a problem . ”

As a doctor, he was responsible for what he says . Thus, it was only naturally that he would never say anything that he couldn’t do and only saying what is within his capabilities!


In some ways, a doctor’s promise is quite similar to military orders .


If what he promised is out of his reach, not only could he not heal the patient, it would instead worsen the patient’s condition much less heal them .


Ye Zhennan didn’t say anything depressing . Rather, he was quite eager as he said: “Good! I’ll wait for Dr . Jiang to make a miracle!”


“Miracle?” Jiang Fei was puzzled with his choice of words .


Ye Zhennan nodded, he then explained with a smile: “Yes, a miracle . Over the past two days after you left, famous doctors such as Yu Qingsong, Qin Zhengming, as well as several other doctors from the Chinese Medicine Association have formed a temporary medical team in hopes that they could try and diagnose my legs once again and see if they could find a solution for it .


However, because the method that they came up with is very dangerous, they eventually gave up . They even concluded that even with your refined acupuncture skills, it would still be absolutely impossible for you to completely heal my legs . Unless a miracle happens!”

Hearing this, Jiang Fei laughed . It seemed like several Chinese Medicine practitioners have also thought of the same treatment on Ye Zhennan’s legs which requires the treatment of the central nervous system and the motor neuron . However treating these two parts, even with acupuncture, is really too difficult and even the smallest bit of error would lead to it being irreparable .


Seeing that they were able to diagnose up to this point, it was obvious that this group of doctors were worthy of their reputation and were certainly quite skilled .

Jiang Fei also said with a smile: “Then I’ll just have to make a miracle happen!” After which, he turned towards Ye Yuanyuan’s way and said: “Go get a box of silver needles, then find a nurse to help me get started . ”


Ye Yuanyuna only glanced at Jiang Fei who had very conveniently instructed her, before leaving the ward .  This stingy man is truly embolden!


Soon, Ye Yuanyuan came back with a young nurse who was around 24-25 years old . They walked into the ward, one holding a box of needle and another with disinfection equipment .

But they didn’t come in alone . Right behind them were four old men in their fifties .


These old men were all dressed in different styles . Some dressed like a professor, while others dressed unruly . But still, they gave off a feeling that they were doctors .


Doctors, especially famous ones, have a unique quality to them .


And among them was a face that Jiang Fei was quite familiar with, but something about him had changed . In his eyes, shame and anger could be felt, almost as if he hated to see Jiang Fei . This person was naturally the person who had come into Jiang Fei’s clinic uninvited, the person who Jiang Fei had beaten in acupuncture, Jincheng’s famous doctor, Qin Zhengming .

Another was a person that Jiang Fei had spoken to three days ago, who at the scene continued to ridicule him, Beijing Medical College’s professor, Yu Qingsong . And the moment he saw Jiang Fei’s face, he had an expression filled with ridicule, his pair of eyes unable to wait and see how Jiang Fei would humiliate himself .


As for the other two old men, Jiang Fei didn’t recognize them . But the look they gave off was different from the two old men with them . It wasn’t disdain or anger, but more of curiosity .

Having heard of the competition between the young man and Qin Zhengming, the two naturally felt that Jiang Fei’s title as the ‘acupuncture king’ was not just for show, that he wasn’t just a frog in a well .


This young man had skill .


Of course, being called ‘acupuncture king’ was still too conceited . The same could be said on his declaration of being able to cure Ye Zhennan’s legs .


Seeing these people’s expressions, Jiang Fei just smiled and didn’t mind them any longer .

Their current thoughts were not important at the moment . Right now, what Jiang Fei was concerned about was his acupuncture as well as their reaction to it… . .


“Let’s start . ” Jiang Fei said to the nurse, letting her start sterilizing the acupuncture needles . He then looked towards Ye Yuanyuan and the middle-aged guard, and said: “You take off the general’s shirt, and get him to sit up on a bench, I’ll first acupuncture his spine… . . ”


Hearing this, Yu Qingsong was surprised, immediately he asked: “You want to acupuncture the central nervous system?”


“The central nervous system of the spinal cord as well as the central nervous system of the head and motor neuron will need to be acupunctured . ” Jiang Fei replied . It seemed like these people have thought of the same solution, but didn’t have enough skills to implement it .




This time, not only Yu Qingsong, but even the other three famous doctors including Qin Zhengming had shouted, wanting to stop the treatment .


Using acupuncture on the central nervous system was far too dangerous!


Even the slightest bit of deviation in the puncturing of the spinal cord’s central nervous system would result in the patient’s legs to be irreparable! Moreover, the slightest mistake in the central nervous system of the head, would easily cause the patient to die!


It was precisely because of this that not one of the four had thought of a solution to the problem . Although they had thought of the same thing, they didn’t have the courage to carry it out .

Ye Yuanyuan and the middle-aged security guard was surprised for a moment, as they had no idea what to do in this kind of situation .


However, Ye Zhennan actually had the mood to laugh as he said: “Dr . Jiang, you can continue with the treatment! Dr . Jiang doesn’t have to worry about anything . With these old bones of mine, even if the treatment fails, I won’t blame you! Half of my body is already buried anyway, what else do I have to fear?!”


Ye Zhennan already knew the concerns of the several doctors from the Chinese Medicine Association . Yesterday, those people from the association had told him of the possible consequences of treating him with this kind of method . But even after knowing that, he wasn’t afraid . Rather, he would like to give it a try than be unable to use his legs for the rest of his life .

“General Ye, this… . . ” Yu Qingsong’s face changed, wanting to say something .


However, before he could even continue, Ye Zhennan glared at them and said: “How many of you didn’t dare to proceed with the treatment? And now when someone wants to give it a try, you won’t allow it? Dr . Jiang, please proceed!”


Jiang Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly . He then nodded and went towards Ye Zhennan’s side, taking a silver needle from the nurse’s hand . He took a deep breath, and after gathering all his concentration into one point, his hands quickly moved . One by one, the needles in his hand rapidly disappeared and in an instant, a few were already pressed on the old general’s back . And soon the old man, Ye Zhennan had closed his eyes and as if that was the signal, Jiang Fei, like lightning, shot forth once more .




Under several people’s shocked eyes, one silver needle after another were continuously inserted into Ye Zhenna’s spine… . .