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The Almighty Ring - Chapter 466

Published at 10th of August 2019 02:55:21 AM

Chapter 466

Chapter 466: Phoenix, Reunited

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


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‘Tsk! Who would want to look for trouble with me?’ thought Jiang Fei to himself after 0541 delivered its warning report . Seven enemies, four of which were Level 4 and three Level 3 . It was a fight that he could not win!

The only advantage Jiang Fei had was the girls . There were so many witnesses then and even if the Metahumans were strong, they dared not show up and fight in public . All they could do was to wait until Jiang Fei wandered into an empty street and jump on him .

‘Going to the city would not be a good idea . I need to return to Manda Square!’ thought Jiang Fei . There were so many people living in Manda Square . No matter who the Metahuman was, they would not show themselves in public eyes . If a fight broke out, there was no way they could cover it up . The secrets of the Metahuman society would leak out . All members of the society would not take such a crime lightly .

Just as Jiang Fei wanted to call out to the twins, 0541 called out again, louder this time .

“WARNING! Omega Being in close proximity! Combat preparation is advised!”

Jiang Fei froze . The only type of enemy that 0541 would consider as an Omega Being was a Level 5 Metahuman .

Jiang Fei tightened his fists and was ready to strike preemptively before the enemy could, hoping that he could at least defend himself . However, when the Omega Being finally showed up, Jiang Fei relaxed and sucked in his breath .

She was a young girl . A tall girl with long blonde hair that grew all the way to her shoulder . She wore a long one-piece white dress and a pair of sunglass that was so large that it looked like it was a mask . Even so, Jiang Fei could recognize who she was .

“Hello,” said Phoenix in perfectly fluent Mandarin .

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When Jiang Fei realized that Yang Po and Yang Qing did not know who she was, he played dumb .

“What a coincidence!”

To be honest, Jiang Fei and Phoenix shared a moment together, which led Phoenix to owe Jiang Fei two deeds . With her being there, Jiang Fei would not be scared of any of those incoming Level 4 and Level 3 enemies .

“Brother Jiang Fei, who is she?” asked Yang Qing as she hugged Jiang Fei’s left arm tightly .

“Hoho . She’s an old friend . Her name is Phoenix,” said Jiang Fei calmly . He turned to Phoenix, smiled and said, “This is Yang Po and the one on my left arm is Yang Qing . ”

“Hi there!” said Yang Po as she bowed politely . Even though she did not know who the woman was, it was best to show courtesy since she was, as Jiang Fei introduced, an old friend .

“I’ll cut to the chase . I need your help, Jiang Fei . ”

Phoenix completely ignored Yang Qing and Yang Po and spoke to Jiang Fei .

“Hey! What’s wrong with you? You showed up suddenly and demand his help? Who are you?” said Yang Qing . She was slow . Even so, she did not want Jiang Fei to just leave her and go with another woman .

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Jiang Fei could feel a sudden surge of power surrounding Phoenix . Even though she was wearing dark sunglasses, Jiang Fei could clearly see Phoenix’s eyes glowing white .

“Stupid fool! Why are you being so rude?” Jiang Fei immediately freed his arm from Yang Qing’s hold and pulled her behind him .

“There are people whom you should never anger!” said Jiang Fei quietly to Yang Qing before turning back to Phoenix . Cold sweat dripped from his forehead . After being close together for more than a week, Jiang Fei had grown on the girls and did not wish to see them being vaporized .

“Your answer?” asked Phoenix as she glared at Yang Qing . She understood that Yang Qing did not know who she was and what she could do . Puny humans like her never learn to understand power . It was only common for ants to mistake gods as one of them!

“Yeah . I’ll help you,” said Jiang Fei bitterly . He needed to protect Yang Qing at this moment . Naturally, he would agree to what Phoenix said, even if it meant to lick her boots .

There was something that had bugged Jiang Fei the moment Phoenix asked for his help . No matter who it was, no one could possibly stand against Phoenix . Hence, the problem must not be something about fighting . Knowing that, Jiang Fei was slightly relaxed about helping Phoenix . It was also a good chance to spend more time with Phoenix to garner her interest .

“Alright . Come with me,” said Phoenix as she turned and began to walk quickly .

Jiang Fei followed her quickly, leaving both Yang Po and Yang Qing alone . He hoped that the girls understood the situation and would just quietly leave them . However, the girls followed along since an unknown woman had suddenly shown up and dragged their man away .

Phoenix stopped abruptly . Without even turning around, she said, “I only need Jiang Fei’s help . ”

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Jiang Fei turned around and saw that the girls were tailing him from afar . He then ran toward them and pleaded them to return home .

“Please go back . Tell my mother that I’m attending some competition and would not be coming home tonight . ”

“Brother Jiang Fei…” cried Yang Qing as she did not want Jiang Fei to leave .

“I understand Brother Jiang Fei . We will handle this,” said Yang Po as she held her sister . Being the quiet one, she was always on the alert and observing things happening around her . When Phoenix approached them, Yang Po could sense something unnatural about her . When she noticed how Jiang Fei, a Level 4 fighter, acted when she talked to him, Yang Po understood that the woman must be something else .

From the looks of it, it seemed that Phoenix was rather close with Jiang Fei . The way she talked to Jiang Fei was straight and direct . Especially when she asked for Jiang Fei’s help . Jiang Fei had even agreed to help her without asking for details . That only explained how much trust Jiang Fei had for that woman .

Yang Po did not know that Phoenix was the product of a major bio-experiment . The expression on her face was gone . Only a cold, emotionless stare remained . However, would a Level 5 Omega level being need to smile to others?

Only when Jiang Fei was sure that the girls had returned to Manda Square did he sigh in relief . Phoenix said nothing all the way . The two hailed a cab and went out of the city .

“Young master, what should we do?” asked a man dressed in black when he saw Jiang Fei and a beautiful girl entering a cab .

“Follow them,” said Ye Zhangfa .

“Yes sir!” said the group in unison . They then got into two separate cars and started to drive .

Ye Zhangfa and a few of his men were chasing after Jiang Fei, not knowing that there was a Level 5 Omega level being with him .

“Young master, are you sure you want to do this? If this got out, we would surely be punished severely!” said one of the Level 4 fighters of the Soaring Cloud Sect . Jiang Fei was the disciple of a Level 5 master . Hurting him would surely invite the wrath of the Level 5 god-like fighter!

“Are you daft? Just kill him silently without anyone knowing about it! Make him literally disappear from this world . If you’re regretting this now, I’ll reveal the secret about you killing your fellow female apprentice to my uncle!” said Ye Zhangfa .

“Urgh… Whatever you say, young master! I will follow your orders!” said the man when Ye Zhangfa threatened him with his own secrets .

Those who were chasing after Jiang Fei were Ye Zhangfa’s blackmailed henchmen, besides the Level 4 Vampire .

To attack and assassinate a Level 5’s apprentice was a heavenly crime that would surely result in a death sentence if discovered . However, if they did not carry out Ye Zhangfa’s order, it was also a death sentence . The Level 4 Vampire was different . He was there only to obtain Jiang Fei’s blood . The blood of a Level 4 fighter was precious to them . Of course, he did not know who Jiang Fei really was .

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