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The Almighty Ring - Chapter 539

Published at 3rd of September 2019 02:25:07 AM

Chapter 539: 539

Jiang Fei was able to get his way with his single attack . However, the Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human did not make it easy . After a loud shout, he emitted a green beam of light . The frost effect from Jiang Fei was instantly removed from his body .

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“He is indeed difficult to deal with . ” Jiang Fei frowned slightly . However, he was prepared for this . If a Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human were easy to deal with, Jiang Fei would not gain any actual battle training .

“Shuffle!” After removing Jiang Fei’s attack effect, the Bio-Human started retaliating . Two beams of green lights shot from his eyes and at Jiang Fei’s face .

As the Bio-Human was being controlled remotely, he was not as agile in close combat . Therefore, he would try to force Jiang Fei to fight with him using energy blasts .

“Holy sh*t!” Jiang Fei shouted surprisingly . As the distance was too close and the two beams of green light moved incredibly fast, there was no time for Jiang Fei to dodge the attack .

Wave Barrier!

Jiang Fei immediately activated his equipment’s skill . He did not want to use his body’s energy to fight against this fellow . If he were to do so, he would definitely be fighting a losing battle if it dragged on . Jiang Fei might be able to take a few hits, but not for long . After all, Jiang Fei only had energy of a Lower-tier Level Four metahuman . He would eventually lose to his opponent without a doubt .

After activating the Wave Barrier, Jiang Fei forcefully withstood the impact of the two beams of green light . The Wave Barrier vibrated greatly after absorbing the damage from the two beams of lights . It seemed as if a lot of energy had been expended .

During this lapse of time, Jiang Fei immediately closed the distance between himself and the Bio-Human .

Jiang Fei waved his left hand in front of the Bio-Human’s face . While the Bio-Human lifted his hand to block Jiang Fei, which limited his own visibility, Jiang Fei lifted his leg and kicked at the Bio-Human’s chest .

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“Bang!” The flame energy exploded as the Bio-Human was kicked eight meters away . At the same time, the Bio-Human’s chest seemed very badly burned .

Jiang Fei did not slow down . He instantly activated his Origin Force coupled with Gliding Saint Step to increase his Movement Speed drastically . In an instant, Jiang Fei caught up with the Bio-Human who was in the midst of being flung across the battlefield .

“Die now!” Jiang Fei leapt into the air with a loud shout . He made a flip in the air before landing a kick on the Bio-Human’s chest with his knee . It was the same spot where the Bio-Human had taken the last hit .

“Crack!” He could hear the sound of bones breaking . Although the Bio-Human’s body was as strong as steel, Jiang Fei still managed to break his bones with the enhancement of Metallic Energy .

“Splurt!” A fresh stream of green blood gushed from the Bio-Human’s mouth as he was pushed to the ground by Jiang Fei . A huge crater with a five-meter diameter appeared on the ground .

“Darn it!” Jiang Fei was preparing to use his Triumphant Pursuit after the successful attack . However, Jiang Fei was taken by surprise with a sneak attack from the Bio-Human due to his lack of battle experience .

The fresh green blood that came out of the Bio-Human’s mouth directly broke through Jiang Fei’s remaining Wave Barrier and came into contact with Jiang Fei’s entire face and body .

Instantly, Jiang Fei felt half of his body go numb . He quickly used his remaining energy to create distance between himself and the Bio-Human with a single leap .

“Hehehehe… China man, you are indeed strong . However, you will also die today!” Despite being severely injured, the Bio-Human obviously had a stronger life force than most metahumans . Bio-Humans were more like beasts than humans . Although they were a little stiff in battles, they still had very strong battle powers with their resilient life force and ability to withstand attacks .

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“I was too careless!” Jiang Fei suddenly realized what had happened . However, Jiang Fei’s carelessness did not result in him losing the ability to fight back . Jiang Fei immediately swallowed an Evil Purging Pill and a Grand Restore Pill .

Right then, the Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human did not instantly fight back . As he had been severely injured, standing up was already a far stretch . He would need at least a few seconds to recover his ability to move .

During this time, the virus from the Bio-Human in Jiang Fei’s body was completely removed by the Evil Purging Pill whereas his wounds too recovered swiftly . Jiang Fei’s battle power returned to its prime state .

“Gahhh! That’s not possible! Our Bio-Virus cannot possibly be removed!” When he saw that Jiang Fei had fully recovered his battle powers, the Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human could not believe his eyes .

As a Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human, he was much stronger than the Lower-tier fellows . Therefore, the G-Virus he used was much stronger as well . Even the Japanese did not have any special medicine to counter the virus . They would need to rely on Bio-Modification to neutralize this type of virus . However, the virus they deemed invincible was instantly removed by Jiang Fei . This made the Japanese fellow controlling the Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human panic instantly .

“Kill!” Jiang Fei who had recovered his movement ability did not show any sign of hesitation . Logically, he should take his opponent down during the opponent’s weakest moment . Now that the Bio-Human had yet to recover from the severe injuries, Jiang Fei took the opportunity to use his Triumphant Pursuit .

With a single punch, Jiang Fei’s hot fist struck the immobilized Bio-Human yet again . This worsened the wound on the Bio-Human’s chest .

The Bio-Human’s body froze completely after receiving another deadly blow . Previously, he was slowly regaining his movement ability . However, it was a lost cause as he could now only watch as Jiang Fei approached him again .


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Jiang Fei used his palm like a sword, activating the Origin Force . A Metallic Energy layer formed around the outer layer of his palm which was nearly one-foot wide .


As Jiang Fei’s hand came down, the sharp Metallic Energy sliced through the Bio-Human’s neck . The Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human had his head chopped off by Jiang Fei on the spot .


As his head fell off, the Bio-Human’s corpse was kicked away by Jiang Fei .

After killing the Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human, Jiang Fei turned to look at the other side of the battlefield . By then, the Lower-tier Level Four Bio-Human was already very close to being annihilated .

His entire body had been badly burned by fire and shocked by lightning .

Even so, the fellow was still stubbornly fighting .

This was one of the major advantages of the Bio-Humans . Their own consciousness had already been wiped clean . It was the Japanese people who controlled them in battles . As such, these Bio-Humans could not feel any pain and also did not fear death .

Unwilling to waste any more time, Jiang Fei leaped over and struck the Lower-tier Level Four Bio-Human with his sword-like palm .

“Shuffle!” With the boost from the Metallic Energy, Jiang Fei’s sword-like palm was even sharper than a real sword . As not even a Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human could withstand it, the severely injured Lower-tier Bio-Human did not stand a chance .

Thus, all three Bio-Humans were killed by Jiang Fei .

“Thank you so much, Brother Jiang Fei!” Shroder cupped his fists to show respect toward Jiang Fei in accordance with the Huaxia culture .

“Follow me!” Jiang Fei did not slow down as he directly ran toward the other side of the small island .

“What’s the matter?” Shroder and Electress asked as they followed after Jiang Fei .

“These Bio-Humans were not fighting at their own will . They are like robots being controlled by other humans . We have to find the people controlling them!” Jiang Fei said . 0541 had already detected the signals which controlled these Bio-Humans . Although the Bio-Humans were being remotely controlled, the Japanese people controlling them could not be too far away from the battlefield . If the Japanese people were too far away, the signals would weaken and there would be a delay in their commands which lowered the Bio-Humans’ battle powers .

As 0541 lacked the specific radar needed for virtual warfare, it could not directly interfere or change the command signals controlling these Bio-Humans . Otherwise, the Bio-Humans that the Japanese worked so hard to create would all belong to Jiang Fei .

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