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The Almighty Ring - Chapter 545

Published at 6th of September 2019 02:45:07 AM

Chapter 545: 545

“Oh? Young fellow, if you can really woo the Saint over, I will reward you greatly!” Nephilim King Augustus laughed as he said . However, to him, this was all a joke . After all, it was too ridiculous an idea for the Saint to elope with a Nephilim man .

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“Ding! The Nephilim King Augustus has given you an Impossible Hidden Quest: To win the Saint’s heart! Do you wish to accept?”

“Eh…” Although Jiang Fei received the quest notification, he did not feel too good about accepting it .

“Quickly, accept the quest!” Isabella urged .

“Eh… Alright…” Jiang Fei accepted the quest reluctantly .

“Ding! Quest renewed!”

Quest Name: To win the Saint of the Light’s heart! (Impossible)

Quest Description: Use whatever method to make the Saint of the Light fall in love with you and to betray the Light Faction for you .

Quest Reward: 3,000,000,000 Experience points, 200,000 gold coins, 5,000 Nephilim Reputation points, 2,000 Dark Faction Reputation points, and a mysterious equipment!

“Holy sh*t…” Jiang Fei got the shock of his life when he saw the quest’s rewards .

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The Nephilim King was way more generous than he had thought . The quest rewards were incredible . However, the quest itself was also nearly impossible to accomplish . After all, it was not possible for the Saint of the Light to fall for any man, let alone someone from the Nephilim race .

However, the only exception was Jiang Fei’s unique Title as Romeo . With the Title, Jiang Fei would only have to complete a few more of the Saint’s quests to increase her Reputation toward him to the Infatuated state, according to the system’s rules .

Even if the Saint would normally not fall for men, she would have to fall for Jiang Fei . Therefore, the seemingly impossible quest to other people was actually rather easy for Jiang Fei .

“Sigh! Let’s do it!” Jiang Fei said as he gritted his teeth . The rewards from the impossible quest was far too tempting . He had no choice but to do the unforgivable to the Saint .

After leaving the Nephilim King’s Palace, Jiang Fei returned to the Demon Flame Fortress in the frontlines .

The three Commanders still looked very busy in the Commander’s Hall and did not have a minute to spare for Jiang Fei . Jiang Fei decided not to bother them and instead went to look for the Saint of the Light directly . Right then, Sylphy was chatting with the Saint .

“Ah! Respected Explorer, you have finally come!” The Saint has been looking for Jiang Fei for several days . However, she was held captive in the Commander’s Hall . If Jiang Fei did not come to her, she would not have been able to find him .

“I have been occupied with other things recently, Your Highness . Is there anything I can do for you?” Jiang Fei smiled as he spoke . When he looked at her features of timeless beauty, Jiang Fei could not help but think to himself, ‘It would not be such a bad idea to woo this woman over . ’

“Here’s the thing, Hua Mulan and the Saint’s Guard were all locked up by the Vatican when they evacuated the peasants the last time . They would soon be punished by being burned alive . I hope you can rescue them!” The Saint said sadly .

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Originally, the Saint’s Guard would only be scolded for evacuating the peasants under the Saint’s order . However, Sylphy had suddenly betrayed the Vatican openly . After some thorough investigation, the Vatican found out about Jiang Fei .

The Overlord Sylphy was the Moon God’s disciple and a deacon of the Religious Judicatory . She had betrayed the Vatican for Jiang Fei . As such, anyone who had anything to do with Jiang Fei would be accused of betrayal . Therefore, Hua Mulan and the Saint’s Guard were all affected . Moreover, with the Front-line Commander Bernard acting as a witness, Hua Mulan and the Saint Guard were easily convicted of their crimes .

Bernard had always resented Hua Mulan for beating him up . However, at the time, Sylphy had sided with Hua Mulan . He had to swallow the bitter pill because he had no one to back him up . Now that Sylphy had betrayed the Vatican and ran off with the Nephilim man, Bernard naturally pounced at the opportunity to accuse Hua Mulan .

“Ding! The Saint of the Light has given you a quest: save her subordinates! Do you wish to accept?”

“Alright! I will do my best!” Jiang Fei immediately agreed after receiving the notification . After all, he was the cause of all of this . Regardless of whether Jiang Fei was given the quest or not, he would still involve himself to resolve the matter .

“Thank you so much!” The Saint bowed at Jiang Fei .

“There isn’t much time left . I shall depart now!” Jiang Fei nodded . As there was a limited time to the quest, Jiang Fei had to leave immediately to rescue Hua Mulan and the rest . If they were burned to death, there was nothing left for Jiang Fei to say .

“Sylphy, you should accompany the Saint!” Jiang Fei said to Sylphy after they left the room .

“Let me go with you!” Sylphy did not want Jiang Fei to take on the risks alone .

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“It’s alright . I am going to enter the deeper parts of the Light Faction . Wouldn’t you cause more trouble if you came with me?” Jiang Fei shook his head .

Sylphy was now the Light Faction’s biggest embarrassment and a wanted criminal . Moreover, she had such a strong Overlord aura that as soon as she entered the Light Faction’s vicinity, many of the Light Faction’s experts would come after her . If that were to happen, she would only expose Jiang Fei’s location .

“Alright then . Please be careful…” Sylphy said reluctantly .

“Don’t worry! I will take good care of him!” Isabella said to Sylphy with a pleased look on her face . She was the only one who could truly accompany Jiang Fei all the time .

After taking off from the Demon Flame Fortress, Jiang Fei opened the quest list as he sat on the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon to look at the Saint’s quest .

Quest Name: Rescuing the subordinates! (Legendary)

Quest Objective: Rescue Hua Mulan and the Saint’s Guard who are about to be punished .

Quest Reward: Rescue Hua Mulan . Reward is 30,000,000 Experience points, 1,000 gold coins .

Additional Reward: Rescue Hua Mulan and more than half of the Saint’s Guard’s members . Reward is 50,000,000 Experience points, 3,000 gold coins .

Impossible Quest: Rescue Hua Mulan and all of the Saint’s Guard’s members . Reward is 80,000,000, 5,000 gold coins .

Punishment if failed: If Hua Mulan dies, 30,000,000 Experience points will be deducted . Moreover, you will lose a significant amount of the Saint’s Reputation points .

Countdown period: twelve hours .

“It’s one of those quests that rewards one based on completion levels!” Jiang Fei nodded as he thought to himself . However, the current quest is much more challenging to complete . He would have to save all five hundred of the Saint’s Guard’s members . Even if one of them died, Jiang Fei would not be able to obtain the reward from the highest level of difficulty .

Soon enough, Jiang Fei passed through the border which separated the Light and Dark Factions as he soared through the air . He finally entered the Light Faction’s territory . As it was in the frontlines, there were air patrols from the Light Faction all around . Therefore, Jiang Fei did not dare to fly too low . So he maintained his position at a higher altitude .

According to the quest’s location pinpoint, Jiang Fei would arrive at the place where the Saint’s Guard’s members were held captive after two more hours of flying .

It was a small mountainous valley with a small castle at the center of the valley . It seemed like a place where people would be held captive . The place did not seem very heavily guarded . After all, the castle was located in the core territory of the Light Faction . There was a very slim chance of it being attacked by outsiders .

Although the place was not heavily guarded, it was still a difficult feat to rescue people from that place . After all, there were enough archers in the archery towers above the castle to kill Jiang Fei within just a few seconds .

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