The Anarchic Consort of the Prince - Volume 1 - Chapter 15

Published at 27th of June 2019 12:54:57 PM

Chapter 15

Translator: Sweet Bun

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Proofreader: Liriel

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Feeling Yuning gazed at her from behind, Li Yun thought: this ‘Miss Yuning’ is also an interesting person; well, all these people here are very interesting .  She shook her head to get rid of these messy thoughts and focused on galloping to the palace .

“Yun Qianyue! Stop!” Someone in front yelled at Li Yun abruptly .

Two ornate carriages came to Li Yun and the curtains were pulled away at the same time . A girl in pink and a girl in green both put their head out of the window, the one who spoke was that pink girl sitting in the front carriage .

What a long way to the palace; Li Yun frowned and held her horse .

“Listen up, Yun Qianyue! Don’t overestimate yourself . You think that my elder brother and Young Lord Ran can keep you safe forever? Don’t try to count on them, they won’t take you seriously, what they care about is the Yun Royal family . And His Highness will never like an unruly monster like you . Who do you think you are?” Rong Linglan (the pink girl) chattered away .

Li Yun remained silent and stared at Rong Linglan coldly: If Rong Jing is her elder brother, then she is the so-called ‘the second daughter of the Rong Royal family’ that Cailian mentioned before?

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“Why stare at me? Am I wrong? Take a mirror to look at yourself, which man could save you with sincerity? You think you deserve that? If you hadn’t been born in the Yun Royal family, you would have died a thousand times . ” Rong Linglan continued with bitter sarcasm .

Li Yun felt annoyed, but she waited patiently for her to finish, and then asked coldly, “Have you said enough?”

Rong Linglan shivered as she saw Li Yun’s icy eyes, but she still responded without fear, “It’s none of your business; what can you do to me?”

Simply ignoring this savage woman, Li Yun waved her whip and galloped by their carriages .

“Damn it, Yun Qianyue, stop!” Rong Linglan glared at Li Yun’s back .

However, Li Yun rode away in a twinkling of an eye . Rong Linglan put down the curtains angrily and shouted to the coachman, “Hurry up! I will go back to ask Grandpa why my brother would rescue this silly woman!”

The coachman immediately acted and sped up the carriage .

In the carriage of the Prince Moral family behind, Leng Shuli also put down the curtains . She thought: the Crown Prince disposed of Yun Qianyue resolutely today, so it can be assumed that Yun Qianyue will never be the wife of him .

Finally, the rest of the journey was peaceful, even if there were carriages coming along from the palace, the people in them just took a look at her without saying anything . Li Yun kept whipping and soon arrived at the gates of the palace .

Those exquisite carriages were now all gone, except for that black one . The young black-clad guard in front of the carriage remained as grim as ever . It seemed that he didn’t even change his expression when Li Yun came here from the Yun Royal family .

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Li Yun was amazed: is this man a mannequin?

“Miss? Why do you come back?” Cailian had been waiting at the entrance of the palace . When she saw Li Yun, she came up and asked with doubts, “Didn’t you come home with Young Lord?”

“Yeah, but Grandpa saw that I didn’t wait for Prince Jing, so he asked me to come back to pick Prince Jing up . ” Li Yun looked at Cailian and asked, “I was just absorbed in racing with Young Lord Ran and left you behind . Why didn’t you go home by yourself?”

“I saw Miss and Young Lord went away, but I was afraid that Prince Jing would be unhappy if he didn’t see you here, so I stayed here to wait for him to return home together . ” Cailian answered .

What a meticulous girl! But why did she gossip so noisily and angrily when I woke up earlier? Maybe at that time, she was just too indignant to see the original owner being bullied by others . If this is the case, this little girl should be a great confidant if I train her well .

Thinking of that, Li Yun nodded and said, “Thank you!”

“Miss, don’t say like that . This is what I should do . ” Cailian was flattered and shook her head repeatedly .

Li Yun thought that the original owner had to treat her maids badly before, otherwise, this girl wouldn’t be so flattered just because Li Yun said ‘thank you’ . She looked at the entrance and asked, “Hasn’t Prince Jing left the palace yet?”

“Yes, Prince Jing hasn’t gone out yet!” Cailian replied .

“Then let’s wait!” Li Yun dismounted .

Cailian quickly took the reins and tied the horse to the stake . After that, she came back, stood half of a step back from Li Yun’s side, and put her hands crossed in front of her body, looking very disciplined .

Li Yun looked at her and smiled, wondering how she could winkle information about the Yun Royal family out of Cailian . It was quite a tough task; anyway, she couldn’t pretend to have amnesia, because it would be quite dangerous once she exposed her true identity by accident .

After contemplating for a long while, Li Yun still didn’t know how to start the conversation, and she was somewhat upset as she felt that it was not safe to ask any questions now .

While Li Yun was caught up in her thoughts, Cailian reminded her, “Miss, look at the entrance of the palace…”

Li Yun turned her head doubtfully to the palace gates and then saw a man walking out accompanied by Lu gong-gong . In just one glance, she was instantly fascinated by this man .

He was wearing a pale bluish-white gown which was graceful and dustless . Except for a fine white jade pendant from the waist, there were no more ornaments on his clothes . At this moment, he was holding an exquisite oil-paper umbrella, which shaded him from the scorching sun over his head . His hands were fair and slender and although the umbrella obscured his appearance, his elegant figure and leisurely pace made him like a wandering white cloud blew away by breeze from above the Ninth Heaven . Before seeing his face, people had already been losing their hearts to him .

As soon as he came, all the gate guards and Li Yun focused their eyes on him .

Lu gong-gong walked behind him and kept saying something with a big smile on his face .

Li Yun praised secretly: he exactly proves the well-known verse “a beautiful maiden is like jade, a handsome gentleman is the one and only*” .  She had never understood the meaning of this verse before, but now she finally did: there is a kind of person in the world, who you cannot neglect though you have only got a trace of their figure .  Too many messy thoughts were crowded in her little head now, she tried to calm down, but when she thought that he was the so-called Rong Jing, she couldn’t stop the voice in her mind .

(A beautiful maiden is like jade, a handsome gentleman is the one and only*: 陌上人如玉,公子世无双; a Chinese verse, the meaning of it is just as the sentence indicates literally . )

Sure enough, he is extraordinary and amazing!

Rong Jing felt her gaze, so he slightly lifted up the umbrella and showed half of his face to her direction .

His movement made Li Yun’s already stable heart started pounding faster again: why God gave this man such a pretty appearance? Even women will feel abashed in front of his handsomeness! Actually, she was not that kind of people who would judge others by their appearance, but she was really shocked by all those pretty faces, like the Fourth Prince, the Crown Prince, Ye Qingran, her brother Yun Muhan, Yuning and Rong Jing . Among them, only Rong Jing nearly took her breath away . He seemed to get some magic, which captured all her heart and soul .

He definitely deserves the phrase – “brows and eyes are as pretty as being painted*”!

(Brows and eyes are as pretty as being painted*: 眉眼如画; a Chinese idiom to describe a person’s good-looking and delicate appearance . )

Li Yun squinted at this thought, and then immediately lowered her head, thinking that Ye Qingran was right – she’d better stay away from this person . It is said that the more beautiful a person is, the more poisonous he/she is, just like those poppy flowers . She didn’t want to be poisoned at all!

“Miss, it’s Prince Jing!” Cailian’s voice sounded like coming from the outer space and made Li Yun come to herself all of a sudden .

“I see!” Li Yun nodded and looked to Rong Jing again, but no more emotions showed in her eyes .

Rong Jing said something to Lu gong-gong, the latter nodded and then turned to go back to the palace . After that, Rong Jing took a look at the black carriage and the guards not far away, then walked slowly towards Li Yun .