The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 1371

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Chapter 1371: 1371

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Chapter 1371: The Light of Buddha Shone

The judge listened to Little Yama’s words and hesitated for a long time before he opened the Xuan Bing Iron Chain.

After all, the dignity of the underworld could not be lost. Someone was making trouble above them, so they had to take care of it.

The Yin grudge formation on the ground had affected many ghosts and made them lose their nature.

Even sky-devouring began to lose his consciousness and became very aggressive!

If this continued, the sky-devouring beast might kill countless people.

The Yin Yang Master did not care about this. He knew very well that there was a black coffin at the end of the tomb. Inside the coffin was a keepsake that could command all the divine beasts in the world.

When all these people were killed, he would go in to retrieve the keepsake. When that time came, not only would the treasure be his, even the sky-devouring beasts would belong to him.

The Yin Yang Master’s ambition was big, and he was also very confident that relying on his own Yin Yang technique, it wouldn’t be a problem at all to deal with this whatever ghost organization.

Not to mention that there were a hundred ghosts he had and he could do as he pleased, who would he be afraid of!

That Japanese Yin Yang master moved his finger and spoke with conviction. Those wooden dolls followed his control and flew into the air. Each of the wooden dolls faces was aimed at Helian Weiwei and the others.

Poison Fang ran to the left proudly, thinking to himself that with the master covering for him, the ghosts were over this time.

But what he didn’t expect was that almost in the next second, Helian Weiwei followed him closely behind!

Poison Fang looked back again and saw that a large Buddhist character appeared in front of the girl in camouflage clothes just now. It emitted a golden light and almost swept over with a dazzling momentum.

There wasn’t any real effect coming from the wooden dolls, instead, they even started to have cracks. Under the illumination of the Buddhist light, they all had their mouths wide open, which was very much similar to human’s expression when they were dying.

At this moment, the Japanese Yin Yang master’s lips were turning white, and even his eyes were shaking. He did not expect that the other party would have such a strong Buddhist affinity. Not only that, even her spells power were greater than his…

The Yin Yang master did not believe that there was someone stronger than him in Huaxia. He gritted his teeth and chanted again.

However, the difference in their strength was too great, and it was useless no matter what he did.

The moment Ajiu was born, it meant that all of these wooden dolls would be shattered.

No matter how deep the resentment was, they would still want to escape when they encountered the Buddha’s light.

When the Japanese made wooden dolls, they used real human eyes as it was said that only then they would be realistic.

In fact, it was because of the human eyes that endless resentment was gathered.

The wooden dolls had closed their eyes, this meant that the Yin Yang Master’s magic would weaken.

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Ajiu strictly said to Helian Weiwei, “Mother, go and save the sky-devouring beast. I will be here.”

The reason why Helian Weiwei was free to deal with Poison Fang’s gunpowder attack was that she knew about the grudge formation and she didn’t need to solve it personally.

The Japanese Yin Yang master clenched his hands tightly. He did not expect to meet an opponent this time. His eyes narrowed even more viciously, even his face looked more gloomy and frightening than usual.

He admitted that compared to the young girl, his spell was like child’s play.

However, the Yin grudge formation had been formed. Behind him, there were still hundreds of ghosts to support him. Every dead spirit would listen to his orders to attack people.

No matter how powerful the young girl was, she would only become food for this group of malicious ghosts!

Not only the young girl, but everyone else wouldn’t be able to escape!

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