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Chapter 8


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Three Gargoyles danced over our heads .
They have an abominable appearance . Is the reason for their silence them being stone statues, I wonder?
 It’s even weirder that they attack while not uttering a single sound .

“Here they come……Shoot now!”

 At Crescent Moon’s command, a sling and a bow were fired at once .
 The arrow which Crescent Moon shot hit the right Gargoyle’s wing which aimed for Doji .
 The Gargoyle lost its posture while trying to attack for an instant because of the shock .


 Not missing this chance, Doji jumped up and swung his axe down on it .
 The fellow that got blown down by the shock hastily tries to fix its posture in the air .
 Mmm, it’s rather resilient to not get torn from that .
 However, the damage seemed to take its toll on it .

 Pick slung a stone with her sling at the Gargoyle which came from the furthest end of the hall .
 The stone leaving the sling which got buffed by the beautiful Priestess of Darkness Kitora exploded as soon as it hit .
 As it wasn’t able to come over here anymore this attack had enough power to confine it .

“This is great, isn’t it?!”

“Right? Well, though it’s simple magic it’s useful . You, shall I bestow this onto your sword as well?”

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 Kitora turned towards me and asked me proudly .
 A Great sword that explodes whenever it cuts something is dangerous and I can’t bring myself to use something like that .

“No, I’m good”

“What, how boring . It seemed interesting . ”

 While saying such things Knopf shot her storm magic towards the Gargoyle on the left .
 The Gargoyle got rolled up in a cyclone .
 Because of its hard skin this, too, seemed to be ineffective but it lost its balance .
 But he kept pushing towards me even while being like that .
 Okay, let’s try and see if flames are effective against you, shall we?

“Fire Sword”

 I call Reus and chant the incantation .
 The Great Sword I held in both of my hands was instantly covered in flames .
 I slashed at the Gargoyle heading towards me with the sword coated in flames .
 A strong shock as if I hit rock rings through my hands .
 Isn’t this too hard?
 If this sword wasn’t made out of Oricalcum it would have absolutely shattered .
 Oh well, it may be more common to smash things instead of cutting them with a great sword like this .

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“Oh, you did it, Akatsuki!”

 For a moment, I took my eyes of the enemy and unintentionally looked at the blade before Crescent Moon’s voice brought me back to my senses .
 When I looked back at the Gargoyle it fell and hit the ground .
 It seems like my sword hit the root of its wings and now couldn’t fly anymore because they are half torn off .
 Looks like my author’s cheat is in good health, huh?
 Anyway, I’m glad I was able to deal some damage .

“I’ll finish it – – Stone Spear!”

 The moment Knopf cast her magic a pointed, inverted cone-shaped, stone spear appeared over the Gargoyles head .
 The lump of stone which exceeds 40 centimetres in diameter is more than a meter long .
 Isn’t that thing considerably heavy?
 Even though it’s magic, for something like this to float in mid-air .
 That gigantic spear — too humongous to call it just a spear — dropped straight down on the Gargoyle .
 It blew up dirt and dust as it crashed into the Gargoyle .
 This is the power called weight .
 Despite the Gargoyle originating from a stone statue and in conclusion being hard, it got smashed into oblivion not even leaving a piece of stone in its place .

“Uoo, this is amazing as well!”

 Crescent Moon raised a surprised voice addressing the power of Knopf’s magic .

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“It’s impossible to aim with something of that size so I just dropped it down on it”

 Knopf answered casually .
 Despite it being magic one can’t completely ignore the mass, huh?
 By the way, from where did you take the stone to form this spear?

 While I was troubled about such things, Crescent Moon cooperates with Doji and tossed around one of the Gargoyles .
 Crescent Moon shot the wings which seem to have low defence and Doji strikes it while its speed was low .
 That fellow was visibly weakened by the repetition of those actions .
 Its wings were already torn up .
 There didn’t seem to be an issue there .

“Big bro, here comes the next one!”

 The black Gargoyle which got confined by Pick’s sling came over here .
 Meanwhile, stones were exploding around it one after another .
 Black magic sure is handy .
 Let’s experiment with it a little more .

 I instructed Reus to convert the flames of my Fire Sword into heat .
 The flames disappeared from my sword and before it flared up with a red-hot shine .
 As it would become too soft if it’s too hot I asked Reus to be careful regarding that .
 I tried to slash at the Gargoyle which came into the range of my red Great Sword .
 ――Oh .
 There was less shock than a while ago and as an effect of the heat, it somehow was able to cut .

“Big bro, it works!”

 Yes, I think so, too .
 It made a crack rather than a big scratch on its body and the Gargoyle flew back in reactionary motion .
 It couldn’t fly high and its movements seemed pained .
 I can do this!
 I flew towards it and slashed at it in a flurry .
 The Gargoyle’s body split in two under the shock and then shattered .

“We’re done over here as well”

 Crescent Moon and Doji blew down the right Gargoyle safely, too .
 It somehow seems like an inorganic monster .
 I thought such things while I watched the pieces turn to dust .

“Those Gargoyles are the same as golems and are artificial demonic beasts made with black magic”

 As if she read my mind Kitora explained this to me .
 As I thought, this dungeon is managed by someone and probably made by the same person, isn’t it?
 This seems to be complicated .