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Chapter 106: 106

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"Everything! I want to know everything about him!" Her eyes shone while talking about the big boss . She didn't realize that there was more in her curiosity toward him --- not only for paying him back for his kindness!

"Er . . . the big boss is pretty introvert and he has never been closed to any woman, so regarding her woman's preferences, I don't really know," Lin San answered honestly . Lin San actually understood that there was something wrong with the big boss' body, but being a clever assistant, he didn't dare to say anything and pretend that he didn't know anything at all . He also didn't tell Feng Xiao Qing about this --- it would be his boss' job to tell her the truth .

Feng Xiao Qing looked up in surprise and asked, "Really? He's that dashing and somehow . . . I can't believe it . " She looked around and then whispered to Lin San's ear softly in secrecy, "He's really not gay, right?"

Lin San almost fell down from his seat when he heard that . He quickly shook his head vigorously, "Don't you ever say that word in front of him! It's taboo! I'm one hundred percent sure that he isn't gay!"

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Feng Xiao Qing wondered why Lin San was acting overboard, it was just a question! She rolled her eyes and answered, "Fine . . . "

Lin San thought a little while, a bit confused on how to put the words that he wanted to say nicely . "Hmmm . . . Although the big boss has never said anything, however, in my opinion, every man has the same needs and wants . "

"So?" Feng Xiao Qing asked .

"So, I will talk to you from a man's perspective," Lin San proudly started their talk about their boss .

"Sure . . . Go on . . . " Feng Xiao Qing was quite curious about what Lin San wanted to say to her .

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"Men tend to like a sexy woman . So, in my opinion, if you want to satisfy the big boss tonight, you should put on a sexy cloth! It will sure make my boss very happy and excited!" Lin San said happily .

Feng Xiao Qing froze when she heard what Lin San had just said . What did he just say? She couldn't even write what he just said inside her notebook, on the contrary, she wanted to hurl the notebook at him! He wanted me to put on sexy cloth for the boss? Did he think that she was a stripper?!

Feng Xiao Qing asked slowly, "Please tell me once again?"

Lin San thought that she didn't hear him clearly, so he talked once again, "You know . . . wear sexy lingerie and preferably something that's a bit see through --- just to increase the big boss' appetite . "

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Feng Xiao Qing, " . . . "

She was really speechless . Judging from his expression, it seemed like he was the one who was imagining it . Did he really think for his boss or his own? Feng Xiao Qing really wanted to see what kind of idea that he still had .

Once again, she nodded her head and said, "Okay . . . Go on . . . "

"Or . . . if you don't have time to buy new lingerie for tonight, I remember that you bought bathrobe back then, right? You just don't need to wear anything at all underneath the bathrobe and when you see the boss . . . you can just open the bathrobe seductively and throw it away to make it more exciting!" The more Lin San talked, the more excited he became .

Feng Xiao Qing shook her head because of Lin San's shamelessness . If she was the one he was imagining about, she would smack him down with her martial arts skills . See if he would still able to talk about nonsense things again!

Feng Xiao Qing as going to cut him off, but Lin San didn't give any chance to do that . He kept talking, talking, and talking . "Hmm . . . but if you want to spice things up beforehand, you can just do a sexy dance before you open your bathrobe . . . Hooo . . . that will become a sight to remember! I bet the big boss will get a nosebleed when he sees you that way!"

The more he talked, the more Feng Xiao Qing's face darkened . However, probably due to his own excitement, Lin San didn't see her change of expression and he couldn't stop laughing at how brilliant his idea was .

Feng Xiao Qing pulled up both of her long sleeves and shortened them until it only reached her elbows, then she cracked both of her knuckles --- preparing to smack some senses into this annoying fly! How could she think that Lin San was a reliable guy?! Lin San didn't even realize Feng Xiao Qing's movement, because he was in a la la land, imagining naughty things!

Feng Xiao Qing moved and her punch was almost . . . reaching Lin San when Lu Yi Feng's door was opened . She quickly retracted her punch and changed her expression into a docile and adorable one --- unlike her previous dark countenance . Lin San was still talking and he was getting to the part where he described how she should kiss the big boss .

Truthfully, Feng Xiao Qing didn't really pay attention to his talk, so when he talked about kissing, her face was beet red . When she felt that Lu Yi Feng almost came out of his office, Feng Xiao Qing quickly kicked Lin San leg softly . She tried to make him shut up!