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Chapter 169
An Ran really wanted to laugh out loud! But she still insisted, "Boss! I'm not lying ah~!" Actually . . . she was just talking bullshit . However . . . bed exercise indeed required a lot of staminas, right? So . . . she didn't fully lie per se .

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Lu Yi Feng glared at the woman and warned her in a stern voice, "Don't you ever think about it!"

An Ran was taken aback . What did he mean by not supposed to think about it? For her to help Feng Xiao Qing with the bed exercise?! Did he become crazy? "What are you talking about, Boss?!" An Ran glared at him . Whst should she not think about ah~?!

"Don't you think about using that bed exercise to help Feng Xiao Qing improve herself!" Lu Yi Feng gave a warning once more . This An Ran was getting bolder and bolder ah~!

"What do you mean, Boss! I'm a woman so how can I help her?" An Ran asked weakly . She could cleverly see the situation . She should hold back a little bit when she saw the irritated look on the boss' face .

"Gah! I mean don't try to find a man for her!" Lu Yi Feng suddenly became so jealous and a little bit sensitive . "What do you mean you are a woman? I don't even think of that possibility! What . . . do you like woman now?"

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An Ran was dumbfounded and couldn't help but ask, "What do you mean, Boss?! I'm not running a brothel ah~! Why should I look for a man for her?" An Ran rolled her eyes . He was indeed too innocent . . . She was talking about him ah~! How come it became her looking for another man for Feng Xiao Qing?!

Not only that, she decided to ignore the last part . She wasn't a lesbian! Why should she answer his sarcastic question? Hmph!

She swore that she was just teasing him! Really . . . really teasing him! But the big boss was just too . . . ugh . . . how to put it into words? If she was being blunt, she could only say that he was too stupid in the relationship between man and woman area . . . The line between innocent and stupid was quite thin, actually .

An Ran wasn't blind and she could see the sparks between the two persons from miles away, if she looked carefully, of course . This only happened when they were together, however . . . other people usually didn't dare to look at the big boss too closely, that was why no one would realize this thing ah~!

Besides, gossiping about the big boss would lead to being fired --- so, they employees usually kept their mouth shut about the big boss' business .

Not only that, Lu Yi Feng had never asked the details about other trainess' improvement --- only Feng Xiao Qing was the one who had gotten this special privilege . So, how could she not sense that there was something different between them?

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"Then, why are you bringing this matter up if you don't plan to find her a man?!" Lu Yi Feng looked at her blamingly .

An Ran really didn't know whether she should laugh or cry ah~!

She decided to be blunt and said, "I'm not trying to find her any man . I'm just trying to help you by giving you an advice . . . well, to be exact, a great idea! You can get closer to her and you can also help me training her . It's a win-win solution, right? So . . . Why don't you use this opportunity to get closer to her ah~?" An Ran teased him by wiggling her eyebrows at the last part, before she was back to her serious expression once more .

Lu Yi Feng almost choked when he heard the words ah~! This . . . This An Ran! Since when she became this brave, huh?! "What do you mean?! I don't understand a thing that you said . . . " Lu Yi Feng pretended .

An Ran scoffed . "Oh please! I know you from a long time ago! Look! You are even blushing . " After saying that, An Ran smiled evilly, "See? I know that you like her!"

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Lu Yi Feng touched his cheek and said coldly, "I'm not blushing! And who said that I like her? You are just talking nonsense!"

An Ran rolled her eyes . "Whatever suits you best, Boss!"

She knew that the big boss was just being shy . "I don't have anything to report anymore . . . so . . . I will leave for now and manage your beloved Feng Xiao Qing . Just think about what I said!"

The woman said the last part coolly and it was like she was being serious --- instead of teasing Lu Yi Feng . Lu Yi Feng could only grit his teeth when looking at An Ran's receding back . If a glare could kill, An Ran would already die a few thousand times ah~!

After going out the big boss' room, An Ran's lips were slightly curling up . It was actually really fun for teasing the big boss . She used to feel scared of him, but just like Feng Xiao Qing, she could see through his facade . The only difference was she didn't have a special feeling for the boss --- she just thought of him as a great big boss that she had ever known .

An Ran knew that she should pay more attention to Feng Xiao Qing, thus, she always talked about her lessons and progress every day with Feng Xiao Qing's coaches . It was more than how she treated Yun Yi even at their best times back then .

She just hoped that Feng Xiao Qing wouldn't betray their company --- just like Yun Yi . Once was enough! If she put all of her efforts to a betrayer once again, it would be better if she stopped working as a golden manager!

Back at Lu Yi Feng who sat solemnly inside his office . . .

His mind was full of the so-called 'bed exercise' . . . His face was getting hotter and he decided to take a look at the mirror . . . His face was beet red and this was a first!

What the heck?

He blamed all of this to the stupid An Ran! It made him imagine so many naughty things!