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Published at 27th of March 2019 10:49:31 PM

Chapter 2

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Lu Yi Feng took a deep breath, trying to calm himself . Even if he had a bad temper, he knew how to behave himself in front of a little kid .

"Is she really your mother?" Lu Yi Feng asked the girl, trying to convince himself . Even without asking and just judging from her little face, he already knew this little girl told him the truth .

Xiao Xi Xi smiled widely, "Yes, she is . She is the most beautiful mommy in the whole world!"

Lu Yi Feng facepalmed himself . What did he get himself into? He thought he found a gem, but… but… . This gem had already duplicating herself with a little gem . As an idol, generally, fans loved their idol to be pure and single . They wanted to have the idol for themselves . And yet… this Feng Xiao Qing… . She already had a kid, even before she became an idol!

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He gritted his teeth in anger .

Xiao Xi Xi looked at this scary uncle in front of him, blinking a few times . "Uncle… won't you lose all of your teeth if you keep gritting it like that?"

Lu Yi Feng blinked back at the little girl . Didn't this little girl scared of me? Why was she being so friendly? In his eyes, all kids were annoying human beings . "How old are you?"

"I'm four . " Xiao Xi Xi answered him proudly while showing up her four fingers . "I'm a big girl now . "

Lu Yi Feng didn't reply to her and try to count in his head . He looked at the problematic young talent that he just recruited and slept like she owned the agency . If this little girl weren't here, maybe he would already shake Feng Xiao Qing's body to wake her up .

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This Feng Xiao Qing looked like she's in her twenty . Xiao Xi Xi was four . Huh? Did she get pregnant at sixteen? What kind of girl she was?

Lu Yi Feng massaged the lines between his eyebrows . He felt a headache, thinking about how to deal with these whole things . He stood up and decided to wake Feng Xiao Qing up . He needed to know the truth .

However, before he got to the sofa, the little cheeky girl stopped him by blocking his way . "Don't wake mommy up, you bad uncle!"

Lu Yi Feng wanted to curse but held himself back . Suddenly… he became the bad uncle? I am the employer! This Feng Xiao Qing hadn't started working and yet she dared to fall asleep on his sofa . What kind of behavior is this?

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This aloof CEO's childish side showed up and asked the little girl, "Why can't I? This is my office and she sleeps without my permission . "

Xiao Xi Xi frowned . "Uncle, why are you so petty?"

Hearing the little girl called him petty, he felt like he wanted to vomit blood . Now, he becomes petty? If this kid were his daughter, he would strangle her to death . His bad mood was getting worse .

Xiao Xi Xi continued talking, "My mommy is too tired . Last night, I got a bit fever and she stayed up the whole night taking care of me . When the morning came, my fever was gone . My nanny didn't come so she had to bring me here . After that, there were a lot of contestants and we had to wait for mommy's time for the audition . Of course, she's feeling so tired that she can't open her eyes . "

Lu Yi Feng frowned . This was one of the problems for an aspiring idol to have a kid . They wouldn't have their concentration one hundred percents on her career; she still had to take care of the kid . However, he's really in dire need of a great talent like Feng Xiao Qing . To solve this problem, he needed to talk with Feng Xiao Qing .

The problem was this little guard in front of him . It was impossible for him to get past her without her nagging . Lu Yi Feng decided to turn around and sat down behind his desk again . Just let the little girl do whatever she wants! He didn't have to deal with her .

Xiao Xi Xi looked at the scary uncle smugly . Hah! No one can win from me! She had to protect her mommy . She didn't want her mommy to fall sick just like her last night .

If Lu Yi Feng knew the little devil thought, he probably would really vomit blood . What can't win from her? He just didn't want to worsen his mood . He didn't have the patience .

Just like that and the room went silent . Feng Xiao Qing was sleeping, Xiao Xi Xi was standing in front of the sofa and guarding her mommy, and Lu Yi Feng did his work . The tense atmosphere actually looked pretty funny .

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