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Chapter 21

Lu Yi Feng accepted Zi Hao's idea and said, "Effective immediately . "

Feng Xiao Qing nodded in agreement . "Boss, you are a busy person and I also have to start my training . Where can we find the time to bond with each other?"

Lu Yi Feng pondered over it . "We'll find a way . I'll try to adjust my schedule with yours . I'll let Lin San arrange it with your trainers . It should be easy . "

Although Zi Hao was busy typing on the keyboard, he still paid attention to what the two lovebirds said . It seemed they progressed pretty well . Lu Yi Feng started to talk more relaxed in her presence . He hoped that this arrangement would end well for his best friend . Who knew that he would also able to cure his allergy this way?

"Ah . . . I almost forget to ask . . . What's the penalty if one of you broke the agreement? For example, if Feng Xiao Qing divulges Yi Feng's secret to the public? Or if Yi Feng doesn't provide a house and daily necessities for Feng Xiao Qing?"

"One hundred million dollars compensation?" Lu Yi Feng asked Feng Xiao Qing whether she agreed or not . He didn't feel afraid to lose that much money, because his part of the agreement was quite easy to fulfill .

Feng Xiao Qing gulped at the big amount, but it made sense . Lu Yi Feng had to fulfill his part of the bargain first and this breach of contract compensation was more directed at her . After all, Lu Yi Feng is a public figure and has a high position . As long as she didn't divulge his secret and did her job as a fake-girlfriend nicely, then she should be fine . So . . . she agreed to that .

"How long will this contract apply?" Zi Hao asked, wanting to make sure that everything was perfect .

"Hmmm . . . " Lu Yi Feng was thinking . After all, they didn't know how long the rumor would last and after they dispelled the rumor, they still needed to maintain the appearance to make the public believe it .

Feng Xiao Qing looked at Lu Yi Feng in expectation . What would his answer be?

"Until everything is finished," Lu Yi Feng finally answered .

"Oh . . . " Feng Xiao Qing nodded in agreement . She thought that it meant after the rumor was gone .

Zi Hao wanted to laugh at Yi Feng's craftiness . Until everything is finished . . . It meant indefinite times, right? He wondered if Lu Yi Feng wanted to bound Feng Xiao Qing to himself, but he wasn't going to correct Lu Yi Feng . 'Feng Xiao Qing ah~ you come into the wolf's den willingly!' He thought to himself .

Because the content of the agreement was only a few, Zi Hao was able to finish it quickly . He printed the agreement twice and gave each one to Lu Yi Feng and Feng Xiao Qing . Both of them quickly reviewed the content . Basically, it was the same as what they had talked about before, so both of them agreed and quickly signed on it .

Zi Hao quickly clapped his hands once . "Okay! The deal is done . Both of you can proceed to the next step . "

Lu Yi Feng and Feng Xiao Qing looked at each other awkwardly and then coughed, trying to dispense the tense atmosphere .

Zi Hao felt a headache coming toward him . Does he need to stay with this couple everywhere and become their guide? So far . . . without him, there would be no conclusion between the two of them! He was the one who gave them a pointer about the contract, the body contact thingy, and what else should he do for them? Become their preacher to bless their marriage?

"What's the next step?" Lu Yi Feng asked Zi Hao awkwardly .

Zi Hao massaged his temple after listening to Zi Hao's question . 'Dude?! Can't you think for yourself?' He wanted to yell at him, but he didn't want his friend to lose a face in front of his future fake-girlfriend . He's an overbearing CEO, but when it's about the opposite sex, it seems like he couldn't think at all!

Feng Xiao Qing tried to summon her courage and said, "Er . . . bonding time?"

Zi Hao praised Feng Xiao Qing, "Yes! That's the next step that I had in mind . "

"Now?" Lu Yi Feng asked while furrowing his eyebrows .

"No! Next year!" Zi Hao sarcastically said . "If you don't start bonding now, you can't dispel the rumor in a short time . When the damage is done, no one will believe that your relationship is real! They will only think that you only find a fake-girlfriend just to dispel the rumor!"

Feng Xiao Qing wanted to say something but she swallowed it down . 'Er . . . Mister Zi Hao . . . have you forgotten that this is indeed only a fake relationship?' She didn't dare to say it out loud because she saw how agitated Senior Zi Hao was .