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Chapter 27

Doctor Tang's place wasn't too far from his company --- only ten minutes drive . When he arrived there, a nurse quickly welcomed him and brought him to the VIP room for his sessions . Just like his promise, Doctor Tang already waited for him with a smile on his face .

Doctor Tang was a classmate of his and also a good friend . He was quite handsome with a reserved personality . Doctor Tang wore glasses and it added to his charming persona . His black hair was quite long, so he tied it back . He glanced at Lu Yi Feng and asked, "So . . . what's bring you here today? It's been quite some time after your last session . If nothing happened, I don't think you will grace me with your presence . "

Lu Yi Feng smirked at him and answered smugly, "Of course I have my reason! You should thank me for keep paying you, even though I rarely use your service . "

Tang Yi Jun -- Doctor Tang's real name -- rolled his eyes . This man is always so arrogant! "Yes . . . yes . . . Big Boss . . . You are really my gold mine!" He said jokingly . After that, he became serious and asked, "So . . . tell me what's bothering you . "

Lu Yi Feng sighed and he told everything to Tang Yi Jun . He already expected Tang Yi Jun' flabbergasted reaction . After all, he also realized that his behavior and decision just now was out of context .

"Are you sure you are Lu Yi Feng? Or you have a split personality now?" Tang Yi Jun looked at him like he saw an alien .

Lu Yi Feng scowled at Tang Yi Jun . "Huh? You still have the time to mock me?"

Tang Yi Jun saw Lu Yi Feng's serious face and knew that it was time to stop mocking him or he would become dead meat . "You already make the decision, so what do you want to ask me?"

"Am I making the right decision?" Lu Yi Feng started to doubt himself because he understood that he was out of character when he made the decision . He knew that Zi Hao was slightly pushing him to choose that decision, but if he didn't want that, he could easily refuse it . However, he also realized that he was slightly curious and wanted to give himself a chance to heal his sickness .

"Hmm . . . in my honest opinion, as your doctor, I will start from the basics first . This is called exposure therapy . You can change the way you respond to women by learning how to change your behavior . I should be gradually and repeatedly exposes you to things associated with woman, but you should have met a lot of women in your company, so this treatment should be possible," Tang Yi Jun answered him .

"Hmm . . . I don't really deal with the women in my company though -- at least not directly . That will be Lin San's jobs," Lu Yi Feng honestly explained .

"I know . . . incremental exposures can help you to cope with the thoughts, feelings, and sensations associated with your fear or allergy of women . Exposing yourself to a real woman in close contact will be good to you . " Tang Yi Jun agreed with his decision and he was very supportive about it .

Knowing that he got his doctor's approval, Lu Yi Feng felt slightly better . Feng Xiao Qing came into his life and she made the stability that he built slightly crumbling . "Ah . . . Yi Jun . . . I forgot to mention that she has a daughter . "

Tang Yi Jun chuckled after seeing Lu Yi Feng's dejected face . "You really make a big gamble and go all out, huh? You don't know whether you can handle the woman or not and now . . . you said that she will also bring her daughter in? I don't know whether to praise your bravery or your stupidity . "

Lu Yi Feng glared at him . "If you said stupid once more, I will take back my investment to your research!" Lu Yi Feng threatened Tang Yi Jun with his most beloved research, knowing that it was his weak spot .

Tang Yi Jun quickly sobered up and cleared his throat in his attempt to diffuse the awkwardness . "Stupid? Who said stupid? Big Boss, you must have heard the wrong thing . "

Lu Yi Feng rolled his eyes . Did he think he was deaf?! But Lu Yi Feng didn't ponder over it too much, after all, he still needed his advice . "How am I supposed to handle the little girl?"

"A little girl can casually touch you and even act spoiled . . . but Yi Feng . . . have you ever tried to touch a little girl before? Sometimes, there's a possibility that a little girl won't affect you . The main trigger of your allergy always women, right?" Tang Yi Jun asked .

"I never try . Well . . . I will probably find out about it soon," he said dejectedly .

"Why don't you tell me why do you scared of women?" Tang Yi Jun asked . He had taken care of Lu Yi Feng's illness since the beginning, but Lu Yi Feng never divulged the reason why and it made it harder for him to treat him!