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Chapter 31

Lu Yi Feng wasn't an idiot . Judging from Feng Xiao Qing and Zi Hao's nervousness, it seemed like they talked about him behind his back . He glared at Zi Hao who pretended that he didn't see his glare . Zi Hao turned his head away, trying to dodge Lu Yi Feng's meaningful gaze .

Xiao Xi Xi looked at Feng Xiao Qing with a face full of grievance, not knowing why her mommy prevented her from asking the question . Feng Xiao Qing whispered softly in her ear, "Xiao Xi Xi, don't ask Uncle Yi Feng about it . You can make Mommy and Uncle Yi Feng shy . " That was the only possible explanation Feng Xiao Qing could think about .

'Ah . . . so that's the reason!' Xiao Xi Xi understood what her mommy meant, so she nodded her head in agreement . Feng Xiao Qing felt relieved and after having Xiao Xi Xi's understanding, she let go of her hands because she knew Xiao Xi Xi wouldn't ask the question .

Lu Yi Feng shivered when he saw the meaningful gaze and wide grin from Xiao Xi Xi . 'What is this little devil thinking about?' Lu Yi Feng thought inwardly, feeling suspicious . However, he already decided to build a good relationship with them, after all, they were going to work together for quite some times . He awkwardly smiled back with a twitched mouth .

Xiao Xi Xi, who saw the awkward smile on the scary uncle's face, lit up . It seemed like he wasn't pretty bad . At least, he was trying .

Before they could say anything more, Lin San came and told them that he had already prepared everything, but for the daily necessities and clothing, it would take two hours maximum .

Feng Xiao Qing was quite surprised by Lin San's efficient work . He prepared everything in such a short time . "Thank you," Feng Xiao Qing gratefully said, when she saw that Lu Yi Feng just nodded his head, acknowledging Lin San's hard work . She secretly rolled her eyes, thinking why this arrogant man didn't have the decency to thank Lin San .

"Mommy . . . why are we going to move to Uncle Yi Feng this soon?" Xiao Xi Xi was a bit surprised . "What about our house? I want to bring my little rabbit along with me . "

Feng Xiao Qing slightly paled . How could she forget about the little rabbit? It was Xiao Xi Xi's favorite doll and she couldn't sleep without it . What should she do? It must have been burned along with their house .

When Feng Xiao Qing didn't answer her right away, Xiao Xi Xi called her, "Mommy?"

Before Feng Xiao Qing answered Xiao Xi Xi, Lu Yi Feng asked her, "What little rabbit?"

Feng Xiao Qing quickly explained everything to him . Lu Yi Feng looked at the little girl and he saw how Xiao Xi Xi looked at Feng Xiao Qing expectantly, waiting for her answer . "Uhm . . . Honey . . . Xi Xi . . . Mommy has a piece of bad news . . . "

"What, Mommy?"

"Our . . . our house is burned to ashes and . . . little rabbit has gone to Heaven . . . " Feng Xiao Qing explained slowly .

"Heaven? Where is it, Mommy?" Xiao Xi Xi asked curiously . Then . . . her eyes widened . . . "Oh . . . is it the place where Daddy is?"

Feng Xiao Qing looked awkwardly at Lu Yi Feng . He must have known that she had lied to Xiao Xi Xi and she looked at him apologetically . After all, she practically said that his half-brother was dead . Lu Yi Feng just shrugged it off . For him, even if Lu Ming Cheng was dead, he would be just fine . That was how deep the grudge between them was .

Feng Xiao Qing saw the ruthless gaze in Lu Yi Feng's eyes and knew that he was okay with it . She sighed in relief and realized that the enmity between the two men was very serious . She wondered what the reason was .

Feng Xiao Qing answered Xiao Xi Xi, " Yes, Baby . "

Xiao Xi Xi's eyes started to become teary . "But Mommy . . . I want my little bunny . Didn't you say it was representating Daddy? I should hug Bunny when I miss Daddy? Then what should I hug after this?"

Xiao Xi Xi looked down sadly and she started to sob . After all, she had never gone to sleep without Bunny . Mommy was busy working for her sake and when she was afraid of the dark, what should she do? Only Bunny was there for her all the time .