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Chapter 4

Back in the office, the three people were still doing the same thing . Lu Yi Feng couldn't stand it anymore . 'How long does the girl want to stay sleeping? Does she think of my office as her own bedroom?' He thought to himself .

He tried to find a way to wake her up without having to get past Xiao Xi Xi . He looked around his room and he had an idea . A woman with children was usually a light sleeper . Maybe he could turn on the TV and pretended to accidentally turn up the volume?

He took the remote from his drawer and turned on the TV . The voice of news presenter was softly reverberating inside his office . He pretended to watch the news while looking at Xiao Xi Xi's expression .

Maybe Xiao Xi Xi felt that she had won, so she was relaxing her vigilance . She paid no more attention to Lu Yi Feng and looked at her mommy tenderly .

'Ha! So this little girl can be cute too . ' Lu Yi Feng thought to himself . The softened look on Xiao Xi XI's face looked like a carbon copy of Feng Xiao Qing and it made the little girl look cuter .

Although he was thinking about the girl's cuteness, he didn't feel sympathetic toward them and he still seized the opportunity to try to wake her up . He turned the volume up until it reached maximum and it was super loud!

The loud volume made Xiao Xi Xi jolted in surprise, while Feng Xiao Qing jumped up from the sofa and looked around in astonishment . She yelled, "What . . . what? What happened?" Her eyes darted around the whole room until it finally landed to Lu Yi Feng .

Lu Yi Feng looked at her in disdain and his mouth twitched for a little bit, "Oh . . . my bad . " He said it without a change of expression and calmly turning down the volume .

" . . . "

Both Feng Xiao Qing and Xiao Xi Xi was speechless, but both of them had a different thought . Xiao Xi Xi looked at the shameless uncle in front of him with disdain . She wasn't stupid . . . she definitely knew that the shameless uncle did it deliberately! She didn't think that her mommy would have an easy time working to this uncle! Maybe she would persuade her mommy not to work here .

Feng Xiao Qing's thought was full of embarrassment . How could she sleep in front of the almighty CEO?! She felt like banging her head on the wall for being so stupid . 'There goes her first impression,' she thought to herself . 'Will he still sign her up after this?' She started to feel anxious .

"I . . . I'm sorry," Feng Xiao Qing asked for forgiveness in a small voice . "I wasn't doing it on purpose . "

"I know," Lu Yi Feng answered shortly . "Your daughter already told me the reason . "

Feng Xiao Qing glanced at Xiao Xi Xi gratefully . She looked back at Lu Yi Feng and thought that this CEO was quite nice even though he appeared to be aloof . However, his next word made her retracted her previous thought .

"Don't do it again! Look at how your drool ruins my sofa!" Lu Yi Feng coldly said .

Feng Xiao Qing quickly looked at the sofa and indeed . . . her drool was there . She quickly wiped her mouth and cleaned the sofa with her sleeve . "I'm so sorry!" Feng Xiao Qing bowed down, trying to apologize .

"Mommy . . you don't have to . . . " Xiao Xi Xi was going to say that she shouldn't lower herself toward this shameless uncle, but her mommy's glare stopped her from talking . Xiao Xi Xi bit her lips indignantly but she knew that she had to obey her mommy .

Feng Xiao Qing smiled at Lu Yi Feng fawningly . "Boss . . . I already wiped it clean!"

Lu Yi Feng saw the interaction between the mother-daughter and he accidentally saw her glare . 'The soft kitten also has claws, huh?' What he meant was the seemingly soft and gentle woman could actually be strict with her daughter and her glare was quite sharp . Good! She had a backbone and it meant she could survive in this harsh industry .

Lu Yi Feng answered her, "It's not clean . You actually spread your germ to a bigger area of my sofa by wiping it with your sleeves . "

" . . . "

What the fuck?! Feng Xiao Qing cursed inwardly . It was just a sofa! She wanted to throttle this annoying man, but she needed the money and the man was her soon-to-be boss . The only thing she could do was gritting her teeth and pretended to be smiling .

"I'm sorry, Boss . I will go to the cleaning service personnel and borrow their things to clean my drool up," she said dejectedly .