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Chapter 42

Xing Yan who heard Xiao Xi Xi's answer was flabbergasted . Daddy?! Lu Yi Feng? She felt like she was in the middle of a crazy dream . That cold man who hated woman wanted to get married or did he just want to adopt this girl? So many questions ran inside her mind and she couldn't hide her surprise . When did this happen? Why didn't Zi Hao tell her anything?! Her mind was full of this juicy gossip . If she didn't get the answer, she would definitely restless and wouldn't be able to sleep . Even if she had to choke Zi Hao, she didn't mind . The most important thing was that she got the whole details about this!!

"How come?" Xing Yan asked once again . She didn't realize that the aloof man that she thought about was already behind her . Lu Yi Feng wanted to seal Xing Yan's mouth . She was really idle and asked too many questions to the little girl!

"Mommy and I . . . " Xiao Xi Xi was going to answer her when her eyes found Lu Yi Feng . She forgot what she wanted to say and quickly hug Lu Yi Feng . She could only hug his leg, but she looked at the man happily . She nuzzled her head to his leg, making her look like a little kitty cat .

Lu Yi Feng was surprised by her sudden movement . His whole body stiffened because he never had a close body contact like this with anyone . If it wasn't Xiao Xi Xi, he would probably already fling the girl away from his leg . But he couldn't bear to do it to the little girl . He sighed to himself, he wondered why he kept seeing his little self when she was looking at the little girl . It was probably the reason why he quite tolerated this little one .

To Xiao Xi Xi's sudden behavior, Xing Yan had a different reaction! She closed her eyes in fear . She thought that Lu Yi Feng would totally fling the girl away . However, when Xing Yan didn't hear the sound of someone falling down, she took a peek by opening one of her eyes . Contrary to the expectation, she saw how tender the way Lu Yi Feng looked at the little girl, but that tenderness was gone in a flash, making Xing Yan feel like she was imagining the whole things!

"Uncle . . . can we choose the doll now?" Xiao Xi Xi asked full of excitement .

"Sure . . . go ahead! I will just wait for you here . You can ask for Auntie Xing Yan's help if you want!" Lu Yi Feng said . He didn't really like dolls, so she would let Xiao Xi Xi choose on her own . He sat down on the sofa while looking at Xiao Xi Xi's movement from the corner of his eyes . He couldn't believe how energetic Xiao Xi Xi was . She ran around the store and dragged Xing Yan along with her . Luckily, it wasn't him .

Xiao Xi Xi chose a rabbit doll once again . It's a male rabbit that wore a suit . Xing Yan looked at her curiously, "Xi Xi, why don't you choose cuter rabbit doll? For example . . . this one!" Xing Yan showed her a cute little rabbit that wore ballet outfit . The tutu made the doll look cuter and this was one of the best sellers in their store .

"No . . . I like this one . . . " Xiao Xi Xi insisted on choosing the gloomy Mr . Rabbit .

"But . . . isn't the expression on the male rabbit a bit gloomy?" Xing Yan asked . This doll wasn't really popular because the rabbit had an aloof expression and Xing Yang made this because she had a certain aloof CEO as the model . That was why she made only one .

Xiao Xi Xi smiled at what Xing Yan said . "Isn't it? I choose it especially because of the rabbit's expression . It reminds me of someone that will be able to protect Mommy and me! So . . . with this rabbit around . . . I don't feel scared anymore when I'm sleeping . " Xiao Xi Xi smiled happily . She hugged the rabbit doll tightly .

Xing Yan couldn't persuade her so she just let her be . Xiao Xi Xi ran to Uncle Yi Feng and showed him the rabbit that she chose . Lu Yi Feng was also surprised by her chosen doll . For him, it looked so ugly because of the rabbit's expression . He furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "Are you sure you want to choose this one?"

"Yes!" Xiao Xi Xi nodded happily .

"Why?" Lu Yi Feng asked . "Don't you feel his face is too gloomy?"

Xiao Xi Xi laughed when she heard what Lu Yi Feng had said . 'Uncle ah~ This doll looks exactly just like you!'