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Chapter 52

Feng Xiao Qing scowled behind his back and murdered him with her piercing gaze . "I'm not going to jump on you! I'm not a wolf!" Feng Xiao Qing muttered to herself softly, but still . . . what she had said landed on Lu Yi Feng's ears .

Lu Yi Feng wanted to refute her, but he didn't know how to explain himself . It was better of her to think of him that way than telling her about his embarrassing allergy . So, he just let them go wild in her thinking . At least, he would be able to enjoy her massage now .

Feng Xiao Qing could feel that his body started to relax and somehow she could feel that the man was working himself to death . He didn't have the time to enjoy a massage, unlike other rich young masters . She had heard a lot about the fighting and scheming inside the Lu household, that's why she knew a little bit about her boss' predicament . She hoped that this massage would help him a little bit . Feng Xiao Qing thought of this as a kind of repayment .

When she heard the soft snoring sound from the man, she knew that he was falling asleep . Feng Xiao Qing looked at the time and knew that it was time to go . She didn't have the heart to wake him up and she also already got used to doing everything by herself . It wasn't a big deal and she could go by herself . Besides, she wanted to see her old house . She didn't think that it was a simple fire . She took a glance at Xiao Xi Xi and knew that she couldn't allow her to follow her .

Feng Xiao Qing could see that Xiao Xi Xi started to doze off . She sighed in relief, knowing that Xiao Xi Xi would fall asleep soon . It would be safer for her to stay here . When she felt that both of them were already in deep sleep, Feng Xiao Qing carefully tidied up Lu Yi Feng's blanket so it covered up his whole body . She took out a small blanket for Xiao Xi Xi that had been prepared by Lin San beforehand and tucked her into the sofa .

She did all of those things quietly and when she went out, Feng Xiao Qing didn't forget to take her windbreaker and mask . Feng Xiao Qing leisurely went down . Her fingerprints had been registered by Lin San -- under Lu Yi Feng's order, so she could come and go as she pleased .

Feng Xiao Qing took the bus and arrived at the supermarket in about twenty to thirty minutes . She was welcomed with a smile by the old man . "Uncle . . . " Feng Xiao Qing greeted him cheerfully . The old man smiled happily when he saw Feng Xiao Qing . He thought of her as his own daughter, so he always had a soft spot for the woman . Although the man was old, his eyes were still sharp and he could see that Feng Xiao Qing held a white envelope . He already took a guess what's in it .

"Do you finally find a good job?" The old man asked softly . Although he was happy for her, a part of him was still sad that she had to stop working here .

Feng Xiao Qing nodded and she hesitantly gave him the white envelope . "This is my resignation letter," she said in a soft voice .

"Why are you so formal with me? This is not a big company! There's no need for you to make a letter . You can just give me a call so you don't have to waste money on transportation," The old man scolded her lovingly .

Feng Xiao Qing felt like crying when she heard the old man's caring tone . After all, she also thought of him as her father . Though they weren't connected by blood, their bond was quite strong .

Feng Xiao Qing patted the old man's hand softly . "Uncle Su, Xiao Qing will never forget about Uncle Su's kindness . I will be back from time to time to check on you . So, Uncle . . . don't drink too much beer, okay? Also, pay attention to your sugar intake!" Feng Xiao Qing sternly reminded the old man to pay attention to his health . She tried to hold back her tears, after all, without Uncle Su's help . . . there would be no her today . She would always feel grateful for the old man's kindness .

Uncle Su knew that when there was a meeting, there would also be a parting time . The woman had been living a pitiful life for a long time . Finding a good job was also good and it would improve her state of living . "No need to worry about this old man . What about Xiao Xi Xi? Where is that little girl? I miss her!" The old man asked about his favorite little girl .

Feng Xiao Qing smiled . "I will bring her along when I visit you next time . She's already sleeping now . "

"Don't forget your promise!" The old man smiled, knowing that Feng Xiao Qing was never one who would break her promise . Feng Xiao Qing couldn't stay long because she needed to go to one more place .

After bidding her goodbye to Uncle Su, Feng Xiao Qing went out of the supermarket . Despite the coldness, she walked to where her previous house supposed to stand proudly before it was burnt down to the ground . Her gaze turned cold when she saw the state it was in --- just like she predicted it seemed like this was the result of that person's cruelty .