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Chapter 68

Feng Xiao Qing knew that she had no other choice, so she changed her clothes and Xiao Xi Xi's clothes into the clothes that had been prepared --- Lin San was even kind enough to prepare different cute patterns of masks, so she would be able to look stylish even though she covered up the lower part of her face . She was surprised at first but felt grateful after that .

She chose a cute pink princess style dress for Xiao Xi Xi and she had her hair done in braids just like Elsa --- Xiao Xi Xi's favorite character, then she added a pretty pink bow hairclip that complemented Xiao Xi Xi's cute dress . Feng Xiao Qing had never dressed Xiao Xi Xi up like this and she could see how beautiful her daughter was .

Feng Xiao Qing wanted to appear low key just like usual, so she chose an off-shoulder white top with a pink flowy midi skirt and of course, a pink mask with floral pattern . They both looked so cute together . When they went out of their room, coincidentally Lu Yi Feng wore a white shirt with a pink tie and even with the same shade of pink with the girls .

The three of them froze altogether, only Xiao Xi Xi chirped happily, "Aw . . . we look like real family!" Both of the adults were too shy to look at each other . They left the house in a weird mood, but when Ah De took a look at them, he doubled checked . The three of them looked like a family of three .

The three of them were handsome and beautiful . Everyone who saw them at the lobby praised their look inwardly . Feng Xiao Qing only wore the mask after they almost arrived at the front door . Ah De quickly went outside and opened the car's door for them .

"Ah De . . . we will go to Xiao Xi Xi's new school first . Did Lin San already send you the address?" Lu Yi Feng asked .

"Yes, Boss . . . "

The whole ride, they were entertained by Xiao Xi Xi's endless chatter and how excited she was . She asked, "Uncle . . . what's the school name?"

"You'll see there . It's a surprise," Lu Yi Feng said . In reality, he forgot to ask Lin San which school that he had arranged for the little girl .

Lin San chose a school near the apartment and it took only ten to fifteen minutes drive for them to arrive . Feng Xiao Qing's jaw dropped when she saw the school . "Boss . . . is . . . is this the school?" She stuttered .

Lu Yi Feng furrowed his eyebrows because he also didn't know . "I think so . " He checked his message and read the school's name, Maple Leaf School . "Yes, it's correct!" Lu Yi Feng said for sure .

The school was quite big and it was only for preschool and kindergarten, judging from the big nameplate . They went with the classical Chinese theme in which the building looked like an old building out of the historical drama movie . Even with a glance, Feng Xiao Qing knew that going to this kind of school, the school fee must have been very expensive! She wanted her daughter to get a good education and trusted Lu Yi Feng's judgment, but was there a need to go to such an elite school?!

'Boss . . . I don't think I will be able to pay you back in this life . ' Feng Xiao Qing cried inwardly . Damn! Unless she went back to her old wife in which . . . she hadn't confirmed it to Qin and Lang . She avoided them as much as she could for now . After she had a new apartment, it would be easier to keep in touch with them .

Xiao Xi Xi was also stupefied when she looked at the big school . All of a sudden she felt intimidated . The bigger the school, the children who were the first time go to school would sometimes feel scared . Xiao Xi Xi almost cried and asked, "Uncle, Mommy, will you accompany me inside? I'm scared!"

This time, Xiao Xi Xi didn't try to become a matchmaker, she only wanted them to stay with her --- at least by accompanying her to the class . Lu Yi Feng wanted to refuse and let only Feng Xiao Qing came inside, but he saw her hands trembling and the child seemed to be really scared .

Lu Yi Feng patted Xiao Xi Xi's back and said calmly, "Don't worry! You'll be fine . "

His strong and confident voice somehow made Xiao Xi Xi feel assured . Feng Xiao Qing gripped Xiao Xi Xi's right hand tightly, "Don't worry! Mommy will go with you!" Feng Xiao Qing's words calmed her further .

The three of them went inside the school and greeted directly by the principal then taken to the principal office . "Young Master Lu, it's nice to meet you . Everything is ready and I will introduce you to Little Miss' homeroom teacher . "

Feng Xiao Qing quickly intercepted the principal, "Please don't give special treatment for Xiao Xi Xi! I want her to have a normal school experience . "

"This . . . " The principal took a peek at Lu Yi Feng's face while sweating . 'Young Miss . . . you really put me in a hard position . How could I do that?! What if I offend this Young Master?!'

Lu Yi Feng calmly said, "This is her mother . You can do as she wishes, but one thing . . . don't let anyone bully her!" Despite that, Lu Yi Feng was still threatening the principal to take care of Xiao Xi Xi kindly .

"Yes . . . Yes . . . of course, Young Master!" The principal grinned widely .

Someone knocked on the door and a woman came in . She's beautiful with peach blossom eyes which hidden by a pair of glasses . Her hair was tied in a bun neatly and she wore a formal suit .

The principal introduced her as Teacher Xiang who would become Xiao Xi Xi's teacher . She curtly nodded at Lu Yi Feng and Feng Xiao Qing . She looked like the strict and nerdy type, so Feng Xiao Qing was a bit worried . Wasn't for a preschool level the teacher should be the one who was good with little children? How come the principal said that this woman was the best teacher in their school?