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Chapter 360

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As soon as Shi Yao returned back into her room, she tore open the package . What she saw left her startled—the package was completely filled with clothes!

He Tiantian happened to come out of the washroom at this moment . Upon seeing the huge package of clothes before Shi Yao, she remarked in envy, "Waa, Yaoyao! Did you strike the lottery? You actually bought such a huge box of clothes!"

Shi Yao shook her head and replied, "It's not me . I didn't buy it . "

"Ah? If you weren't the one who bought it, who else could it be?" He Tiantian asked as she picked up one of the clothes and took a look at its tag . "These clothes aren't cheap, and they are all in your measurement . Yaoyao, tell me the truth . Are you being courted by a wealthy man?"

The utterly confused Shi Yao wasn't in a state to reply to He Tiantian's questions . Instead, she flipped through the clothes in the box, and finally, at the very bottom of the box, she found a card .

There was a line of words written with exquisite penmanship in the card: [I have bought clothes for you, Lin Jiage . ]

"Hm? There is actually a card in here . What does it say?" He Tiantian asked as she leaned over to take a peek .  

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However, before she could catch a clear glimpse of the words on the card, Shi Yao had already tossed the card aside, picked up her phone, and sent a message to Lin Jiage: [Why did you buy me clothes?]

Perhaps it was because Lin Jiage's phone was right next to him, Shi Yao swiftly received his response: [You asked me for it . ]

[When did I ask you for clothes?]



Shi Yao frowned . She was about to ask him when she had asked him yesterday, but before her fingers could even reach her phone screen, she suddenly remembered the words she had dumped furiously on Lin Jiage right after the French lesson: " . . . if you can't stand looking at my clothes, you can either avert your eyes or get me new ones!"

He couldn't possibly have taken those words she had spoken out of rage seriously, right?

Shi Yao hesitated for two seconds before replying: [During the French lesson yesterday?]

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Lin Jiage: [Un]

It was really just as what she had thought!

Shi Yao didn't know if she should laugh or cry at such a situation .  

[It was only a retort I made out of anger because you said my clothes were ugly . I didn't mean for you to really buy me clothes . ]

Lin Jiage: [I know . ]

Shi Yao: [!!!]

Shi Yao: [If you knew, why did you still buy me clothes?]

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Lin Jiage: [Apology]

Alright, he did go overboard with his words yesterday, so it's only right for him to apologize . But surely he doesn't have to apologize like this?

Shi Yao grumbled beneath her breath as she crafted out a message in response to Lin Jiage's words: [I'll accept your apology, but I can't take your clothes . I'll return them to you . ]

As if imitating Shi Yao's earlier triple exclamation mark, Lin Jiage replied with a [???] .

Lin Jiage: [Are you intending to have me wear those clothes?]

Shi Yao: [ . . . ]

Shi Yao: [You could refund those clothes . ]

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Lin Jiage: [Too troublesome]

Too troublesome? There was actually a person in the world who found it too troublesome to get back the money he had spent?

Shi Yao began typing on her phone, intending to tell Lin Jiage to pass the receipts to her and she would help him process the refund . However, barely after she had typed out a single word, she received another message from him .

Lin Jiage: [I don't have the habit of taking back spent money . You can either keep the clothes for yourself or throw them away into the rubbish bin . ]

Shi Yao was silent for a moment before typing a reply back: [Thank you]

Lin Jiage didn't respond anymore, so Shi Yao placed her phone down .

Seeing that Shi Yao was no longer busy, the gossipy He Tiantian leaned in and asked mysteriously, "Yaoyao, tell me the truth . There's new development between you and Senior Lin, right?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

Not thinking too much into it, Shi Yao thought that He Tiantian was just asking a casual question, so she quickly refuted her statement, "There isn't . "