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Chapter 361

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Unconvinced, He Tiantian cast Shi Yao a doubtful look and pressed on, "You're lying! Just by looking at the number of clothes Senior Lin has bought you, I will never in a million years believe that there is nothing going on between the two of you…" 

However, as doubts flourished in her mind, a realization suddenly hit her . Capitalizing on a short pause to work out her thoughts, He Tiantian shared her new findings, " . . . Yaoyao, if what you are saying is true, does that mean Senior Lin has a crush on you?"

"Definitely not!" Shi Yao refuted the claim even more firmly than before .

As though trying to further concretize her answer, Shi Yao added with even more firmness and determination in her tone, "There's no way he will ever fall in love with me!"

He Tiantian: "Why not?"

Shi Yao didn't say a word, but the cruel words which Lin Jiage had uttered into her face in her younger days swarmed into her mind . Pressing her lips slightly together, she climbed onto her bed wordlessly .  

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He Tiantian could vaguely sense the change in Shi Yao's mood, so she tactfully chose not to pursue the matter .  

Silence ensued in the room .

The silence lasted for approximately half a minute long before it was broken by Shi Yao . Adopting a much gentler tone this time around, she addressed He Tiantian, "Tiantian, are you busy right now?"

He Tiantian shook her head, "No . "

Shi Yao's reply did not come immediately . Confused by the lack of reply, He Tiantian looked at Shi Yao and saw that the latter had her gaze fixed on that box of clothes on the table . However, her eyes were vacant, as though deep in thoughts .

It was moments later before Shi Yao finally continued, "Can you help me figure out the total price of all the clothes in that box"

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"Hm?" The request puzzled He Tiantian initially . However, the mechanisms in her mind swiftly clicked into place, and she asked in astonishment, "You… By asking me to help you figure out the total price, are you intending to return the money for the clothes to Senior Lin?"

Shi Yao nodded her head weakly as a soft "Yes" escaped from her lips .

He Tiantian's lips quivered . The words "But why?" almost escaped from her mouth instinctively before she was reminded of Shi Yao's earlier reaction, and she quickly swallowed the words back in .

As friends, she should respect the personal boundaries of Shi Yao . If Shi Yao did not want to share her concerns, she should respect her decision… 

So, He Tiantian cheerfully agreed to her request, "Sure! I will total it for you right now . "

"Thank you . " Shi Yao smiled at He Tiantian before turning toward the window .

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In the past, the snacks that Lin Jiage gave her were always gifts from his admirers . If she had turned them away, he would have just binned them .  

However, the significance of these clothes was different . He had got them specially for her as a form of apology .

Even though Lin Jiage and her could be considered friends now, it was still inappropriate for her to receive such an expensive gift from him . Based on her preliminary evaluation, that box of clothes should worth at the very least a five-figure sum… This was similar to how she had never touched the expensive presents and pocket money she had received from Grandpa Lin . She never thought that those truly belonged to her, and she felt that she should return everything back to the Lin Family when the engagement between her and Lin Jiage was officially canceled .

From the text exchanges she had with him just now, she was convinced Lin Jiage would never take the clothes back . Therefore, the only thing left that she could do was to return the money he had spent on the box of clothes to him when the time came… 

As her thoughts straightened themselves out, another doubt popped up in her mind . Shi Yao blinked her eyes lightly .

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What was wrong with He Tiantian? How did she come to the conclusion that Lin Jiage had a crush on her?

How was that even possible . . .

The feelings Lin Jiage had towards her now could at most be considered as non-hostile… As for love… 

Based on what she had heard from Liang Mumu in the past, the ladies who were said to have any relationship with Lin Jiage were all beautiful and rich, coming from backgrounds that were compatible with the social status of the Lin Family… 

No matter how she thought about it, it was impossible for Lin Jiage to fall in love with her .

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