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Chapter 362: 362

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"Yaoyao? Yaoyao?"

He Tiantian had to call Shi Yao a few times before the latter came to her senses . Shi Yao looked at He Tiantian blankly for a few moments before she remembered the favor she had asked of her, "You're done?"

"Un . I have written down all of the prices clearly on this paper…"

Shi Yao thanked He Tiantian before taking the piece of paper . She quickly glanced through the recorded figures before folding the paper in half and placing it under her pillow .

It was only then did Shi Yao finally recall that Mister Numbers was still waiting for her in the game . She hastily picked up her phone and sent Mister Numbers a text: [Are you still in the game?]

: [I am . ]

Seeing 's reply, Shi Yao hurriedly logged back onto the game .

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As soon as she entered the room, 's voice immediately flowed into her ears through her earpiece, "Did you receive a package from someone?"

How did Mister Numbers know someone had sent her a package?

Thinking that it was just a random guess, Shi Yao was inwardly impressed by his keen intuition as she answered, "Yeah . "

"From a guy?" Mister Numbers continued on with the conversation as he started the game . "Could it be from that handsome and rich fiancé of yours?"

Amazing! He had guessed it right again!

Feeling incredulous, Shi Yao asked, "How did you know?"

: "It was a blind guess . "

Shi Yao: "Oh . "

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After a short pause, continued on with the topic, "Your fiancé actually treats you pretty well…"

Pretty well? I guess he's still not too bad sometimes . . .  

Shi Yao replied slightly perfunctorily, "It's alright . "

. . .

Alright? That's such a careless answer!

As his own wingman, Lin Jiage diligently promoted himself, "There are many rich men in the world, but many of them aren't willing to spend it on the girls they like . I think it's not bad that your fiancé is willing to go this far for you .

"You should know, there are some guys who cheat even when they already have someone .

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"That's why, when you meet a good man, you should really cherish him…"

Silence ensued for quite a while after Lin Jiage finished his piece . He waited for a while, but Shi Yao's voice didn't sound in his earpiece .

Did that mean his advertising failed?

It was known that over-advertising could sometimes lead to feelings of repulsion instead . . .

Lin Jiage pondered for a moment before decisively changing the topic, "May I ask you a question?"

Shi Yao finally replied to him, "Sure . "

Lin Jiage: "What kind of flowers do you like? It can't be that, just like what's popular on the net, you are actually fond of receiving bouquets of money?"

Shi Yao, "Of course not! I like snack bouquets!"

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"Oh…" Lin Jiage replied absentmindedly . He carefully aimed at the player in the opposite building and took a shot before continuing with the conversation, "If you have a day in life to let loose completely, what are the top 3 things you would like to do?"

Thinking about how she should reply the question, Shi Yao let out a long, contemplative "Hmmm…" before finally answering, "Eat more, eat fuller, eat better!"

" . . . " Lin Jiage was speechless . Moments later, he asked, "Is there anything else you are capable of other than eating?" 

"Of course…", Shi Yao's exceptionally cheerful and light-hearted voice flooded his ears, " . . . I know how to feel hungry . "

He should have kept his mouth shut… 

Lin Jiage shook his head helplessly . Leading the conversation back on track, he asked, "Is there anything you wished to have ever since you were young?"

Without the slightest hint of hesitation, Shi Yao shared, "I want to own a gigantic house . It would have biscuit walls, cotton candy beds, chocolate floor, sweet closets, and ice cream refrigerator . Strawberries and pineapples would be hanging off the walls as ornaments, and there would be a cake sofa which I can lie and nibble on . I would have yogurt flowing out of the tap, and the road leading up to the house would be made out of nuts…"

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