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Published at 23rd of May 2020 01:30:05 AM

Chapter 1011: 1011

Gu Jingze smiled . Lin Che looked at him triumphantly and said, “Looks like there are benefits to knowing someone at the top . ”

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 “Yes . And the one you know is no ordinary person . ”

 “Yes . He’s the best of the best . They’ll definitely be scared out of their wits if they knew . ”

 “But this indeed needs fixing . I’ll call Big Brother later . It may be a small town, but these snakeheads are difficult to control . Now that we’ve met one, I can’t just sit and watch . I’ll take the chance to nip the problem in the bud . ”

 Lin Che said, “Really? That’ll be great! I must see how a person like this ends up . ”

 “Big Brother has been dealing with matters that are too complicated . He wants to handle these trivial issues but doesn’t really know how to do so . Furthermore, he hasn’t been here personally, and he wouldn’t know . That is why this has continued for many years . ”

 Lin Che said, “I only wonder how he can treat my family, my mom, Granny, and Grandpa like this . How can they be bullied by him for so many years? He is still so greedy now and wants Granny’s property . We bought it for Granny . We’re not going to give it up to someone like him . ”

 “Don’t worry . The house will not go to him . We’ll deal with him slowly . ”

 “Yes . Now, the important thing is to carry out Granny’s funeral properly . ”

 Actually, it was pointless to do anything after a person’s death . They just wanted to give Granny a proper send-off, so that they could remember that her life was ultimately complete and fulfilled .

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 Su Cen was unwell . She was too upset and had been recuperating at home .

 Lin Che also could not move around too much due to her pregnancy . It would not be good if she had problems too .

 Thus, everything was left to Gu Jingze .

 Gu Jingze was meticulous and did not need the two ladies to worry .

 Su Cen witnessed Gu Jingze scurry around busily . She felt very happy for her daughter .

 She looked at Lin Che and said, “Jingze is great to you . ”

 Lin Che replied, “Yes, he’s very good to me . ”

 Su Cen sighed . “In all my years, I have never met such a good man like him . You are very fortunate, Little Che . ”

 Lin Che nodded in agreement . She stared outside, deep in thought . “Yes, I’m really very lucky to have everything I have now . ”

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 Su Cen held her hand . “A person’s luck also depends on the person themselves . You are very lucky because you are a good person, alright?”

 Lin Che leaned into Su Cen’s arms . “You’re a mother . Of course, you think your child is good . ”

 Su Cen caressed her head . “Yes, you are my daughter . In my eyes, you’re the best . ”

 Su Cen laughed and said, “But I’m truly envious of you, Little Che . You’ve done all the things I never got to do . You made a name for yourself, you’re independent, and you have a man completely devoted to you . I’m truly very happy . ”

 Su Cen was really pleased with Gu Jingze . She knew it must not be easy for him to be so accomplished . She was more at ease with Lin Che now . In the future, Lin Che would definitely live a better life than she did .

 Gu Jingze prepared the funeral according to the etiquette here . It was organized and not too grand . It was just heartwarming and decent . It allowed everyone to pay their respects to this devoted old lady .

 The villagers were already aware that Lin Che was her granddaughter . They envied her for having such a successful granddaughter who gave her a big house and even had a nanny to take care of her .

 Seeing Lin Che and the rest return to send the old lady off one last time, they could not help but be amazed . She was lucky . In the end, she led a good life .

 In the past, they were poor and people mocked them . Later, her daughter left and did not return . When their only daughter left, the house no longer felt like home and people pitied her . Thinking about it now, they realized that everything was destined . Things would come full circle .

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 That day, everything was prepared . The hall was also made for people to pay their last respects .

 She laid in a crystal coffin with a peaceful smile on her face .

The people who came saw that the funeral was done differently from their village ones . It looked extravagant and although it was not lively, it made people feel solemn . They felt more respect towards the family .

 Someone said, “Others make it so lively and noisy, trying to make it look grand, but instead, it’s quite meaningless . It’s better to be quiet like this . People can think about the person who passed on more . ”

 “Exactly . People these days are getting terrible and planning funerals . They make it like it’s a celebratory event . So messy . ”

 “Right? Look at how the city people do it . See how they did this funeral . ”

 All the flowers used in the funeral were fresh . White chrysanthemum was placed in all corners, filling the hall with its aroma . It was fresh and elegant . It made people feel that the old lady was gone but still graceful .

 “Sigh . You have endured hardship your entire life . At least you don’t have to suffer anymore . ”

 Some familiar relatives looked at her tearfully . Knowing that they were similar in age, they were emotional . They spoke tenderly to her like a sister .

 Lin Che and Su Cen stood at the side, bowing to the guests . Su Cen could not stop crying . She looked at the place and couldn’t take it . She tried to be strong, but she was very upset .

 This was the last time everyone was here to see her . She was not going to have a mother anymore . This was the last time seeing her mother’s face . In the future, they’ll be separated forever . She would probably forget how her mother looked when she got old herself .

 The people who came looked at Su Cen and were amazed .

 This Su Cen was the belle of the village . Standing here now, she still appeared elegant . Needless to say, for Lin Che, who was equally gorgeous, they looked like a painting as they stood there .

 Guests came and comforted Su Cen, “Don’t cry anymore, lass . Your mother lived comfortably in her remaining years . She has gone happily . ”

 Su Cen smiled through her tears . “It was all thanks to Lin Che . I didn’t do my part as a daughter . ”

 “Not at all . I heard you escaped from death too . This is all fate . Sigh . Back in the day, I knew you weren’t an ordinary person . You wouldn’t do ordinary things . See? You really are successful . Your family is the most successful in the village now . ”

 The people who came were really envious . In their eyes, anyone who could leave the village was considered successful . However, Su Cen was the only one who left the village throughout these years . Thus, everyone naturally admired her .

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