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Chapter 1088: 1088

Lin Che smiled . “Of course not . Our company’s annual revenue is very high . You will definitely die from shock if I told you . ”

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 Because the company had always been very united, they had good social connections in the industry as well . Thus, people would look after celebrities from the company too .

 Xue Yang looked at himself . “But I still hope to be able to resume work soon . Lying down like this is too boring . ”

 Abby said, “Even so, you can only resume work once your leg has recovered . Rest up for the next few days . Have a good sleep . I’ll let you know again if there’s any work you can do lying down . ”

 Xue Yang had a disbelieving expression on his face . “How can there possibly be work that can be done lying down?”

 Lin Che and Abby walked out together . Some of the doctors and nurses were outside . They wanted to take pictures since Xue Yang was inside . Thus, all of them agreed on the sole condition that they would not release the photos .

 The doctors and nurses had professional integrity too . Usually, they would not dare to spread the photos . Otherwise, they would be reprimanded by the hospital if they uploaded so many photos .

 Outside, Lin Che asked Abby, “How is his condition now? You’re sure that he’s fine, right?”

 Abby said, “Don’t worry . He has been in a very good mood lately . Nothing bad will happen . I’ll watch over him here . Hey, who was that with you just now?”

 Lin Che said, “One of the trainees we’re planning to recruit . ”

 Lin Che did not specify what his previous job had been . Anyway, the past was just the past . She was not planning to talk about it again .

 Abby said, “He looks quite handsome . ”

 “Hopefully, he will have a chance to debut,” Lin Che said .

 Abby said, “You’ve always had a pretty good eye . He will debut . He will become famous . ”

 “Really?” Lin Che expressed her doubts .

 Abby said, “Look at Xue Yang . You were the first to discover him . ”

 In reality, any celebrity of the company who could debut was generating profit . They did not have many celebrities, but all of them were doing pretty well .

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 They did not know if it was because they had good luck or whether, as Abby had said, they really did have good eyes .

 Abby said, “You can just go back first . There have been many reporters nearby recently . It won’t be good if someone takes photographs of you . ”

 Lin Che nodded . She remembered that she still had something to do . She was planning to go and take a look at how preparations were going for Mu Feiran .

 Abby watched Lin Che leave . She stood there and gazed at Xue Yang .

 Xue Yang said, “I merely fell, but I troubled Sister Che to come here . ”

 Abby said, “Rest well if you genuinely feel bad about it . It’s fine as long as you don’t make anyone worry . ”

 Abby saw that her phone had started ringing .

 Her face went rigid when she glanced at the number . Then, she said, “I’ll go out and take a call first . ”

 Xue Yang nodded his head as he lay there .

 The nurses and doctors came in to look at Xue Yang . Their faces were all red and their hearts were pounding .

 Although there had been some negative news about Xue Yang before this, everyone had forgotten about it after such a long time .

 After the news had been proven wrong, a group of people nevertheless turned into anti-fans . But since there was so much news, they slowly targeted other celebrities . As a result, Xue Yang’s popularity proceeded to rise slowly . Now, no one really thought about the negative news about him . Anyway, which celebrity had never done anything bad? No one mentioned the news again after the matter had passed .

 Xue Yang was lying here and reading the news on his phone .

 Suddenly, he heard some noise outside .

 Abby was shouting .

 “Move aside . Move aside . Don’t touch me . ”

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 Xue Yang froze .

 There was evidently anger and pain in Abby’s voice .

 Xue Yang immediately jumped off the bed .

 The nurses and doctors frantically said, “Hey, you’re still not allowed to move . ”

 But Xue Yang ignored them and continued running straight in the direction of her voice .

 He ran out with a limp . The moment he left the room, he saw several people standing outside and facing Abby .

 They were all speaking in English, so some of the nurses and doctors around them did not really know what to do .

 Abby kept saying, “Move aside . I’ve already told you guys to move aside . ”

 Xue Yang quickly walked over to her .

 “Abby, what happened?”

 Abby turned around . Slight uneasiness flashed in her eyes .

 “It’s nothing…”

 This was obviously something . How could it be nothing?

 At this moment, the hospital’s security guards had also rushed here .

 They surrounded these people and ushered them out .

 “Where are you from? Get out, quick . Get out . People are not allowed to come casually into our wards . ”

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 There were security measures here . Otherwise, they would not admit Xue Yang into this hospital . Usually, visitors would only be allowed to come upstairs with the patient’s approval .

 Thus, the security guards were immediately dispatched when these people came upstairs .

 However, they did not care about the warnings given by the security guards . They even pushed the guards aside directly when they approached them .

 “Hey, who are these people?” The security guards approached them angrily . “What are you trying to do to this girl?”

 As they were aware that the entertainment industry was a little messy and that she was the manager of a celebrity, the security guards were even wondering if they were here to cause trouble .

 “Quickly leave the hospital . This is the hospital . If you continue to cause trouble, we’re going to call the police . ”

 However, just then, they did not expect a man behind them to suddenly say calmly, “Abby . ”

 Abby’s entire body jolted .

 Behind them, a foreign man with brown hair stood there tall .

 He was slender, tall, and looked to be in his fifties . But he still looked very charismatic .

 As he had a very strong presence just standing there, he naturally caught everyone’s attention .

 They were surprised . Who was this man?

 However, the moment Xue Yang looked at him, he suddenly remembered something .

 His eyes paused as he muttered to himself internally, Mr . Wesley…

 Abby’s father .

 Abby looked down . She looked at the security guards who were frozen on the spot . She bit her lip and said, “Father . ”

 As expected…

 Everyone was even more dumbfounded . They saw the man wave his hand, gesturing for them to move aside . He walked towards Abby and looked at her . Then, he lowered his head and said, “Abby, you must listen to me . Come home with me first . ”

 Abby’s eyes grew misty . She looked up at Wesley . “Father, I want to stay in C Nation . I don’t want to go home . ”

 At that moment, everyone suddenly came to a realization .

 Although many people did not understand much English, they, nevertheless, understood a bit of what had been said .

 They thought of the previous news reports about Abby . It was not difficult for them to guess that this person was Mr . Wesley, the famous person from the Wesley family who was on the Forbes richest list .

 Abigail Wesley’s father .

 Xue Yang was still standing at the side and looking at Abby’s father . He was in no position to speak and could only look at the man .

 It was obvious that Abby had expected his arrival . She was not surprised either but merely said stubbornly, “I’m not going back . ”

 The man’s gaze immediately landed on Xue Yang behind her .

 He looked Xue Yang up and down coldly before saying to Abby, “Are you staying here just to wait upon this man? The daughter of the Wesley family doesn’t need to stay here and be someone’s nanny . ”

 “No, Father . We’re friends . This is my job,” Abby said .

 “You don’t have to go out and do such a taxing job . ”

 “But this is what I like!”

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