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Chapter 245: 245

Gu Jingze suddenly called everyone back to work in the early morning on the first day of the New Year . He even called them straight to his office . They fell in one by one, looking extremely dull and downcast .

"This bridge's case has been going on for five months, and it has only progressed this much . Team Leader Chen, I think your degree from California University is a waste . Your school must also be feeling ashamed of you . "

As he spoke, he flung the file onto the table .

"Manager Liu, the structure of the world economy is changing so fast, but your old brain is still so slow . Should I consider bringing in some fresh blood into your department? Otherwise, it's hard to believe that you'll be able to do this . "

He flung another file onto the table .

"Director Zhang, I'd like to ask you . Did I give you a 30 million annual salary for you to do this kind of project? If this is the case, I might as well spend a few hundred thousands to hire a contractor and I think even he wouldn't be so slow . "

Yet another file flung onto the table .

The group of them lowered their heads and stared at their own files . They dared not look up at the brooding Gu Jingze sitting in his chair .

"Why are you still sitting here? You know your progress is slow, aren't you going to do something about it?" Gu Jingze's final scolding made everyone quickly get up, take their things and scramble out without saying anything .

Qin Hao stood there and dared not utter a word . He stole a glance at Gu Jingze and saw that he continued burying himself in the company's documents . He cried internally .

It looked like he was still going to call people in and scold them . Looking through so many documents in the morning, handling so many things, why did Gu Jingze suddenly come back to office? It was the first day of the New Year and he had originally went home . The company's CEO who was just on his leave also quickly came back and hastily handled matters .

Gu Jingze sat there and looked through documents for the entire day . Finally, he asked for black coffee to be brought up to him .

The warm black coffee was placed on the table . Its bitter aroma filled the air .

He walked over, took the cup in his hand and looked out the window .

In one moment, his hand suddenly tightened up and the thick walls of the cup cracked noisily .

After that, the warm coffee trickled through the cup .

The coffee and the cracked pieces fell on the floor . Gu Jingze frowned and flung his hand .

The staff outside stared innocently at him with fear in her eyes . There was only coldness in his voice, "Get out of my office . I don't want to ever see you again . "

"President Gu… President Gu, it's my fault . I… Please give me a chance," she frantically pleaded but it made Gu Jingze even more dissatisfied .

Qin Hao quickly pulled her up and dragged her out .

Gu Jingze remained standing there as he looked out into the cold winter day, "My people here need to be capable, while luck… is also a kind of capability . "

After everybody outside tried to shirk the task, how did it end up being her who served the coffee? It meant that she knew it was a dangerous situation but her ability to avoid and shirk was not as strong as others' . So, getting fired today also meant that she was not capable enough .

When she was brought out, the entire office fell quiet again . His hand hurt and it made him wake up a little . He took a deep breath and thought to himself .

Since she wanted to draw such a clear line with him, he might as well concede .

What she said was also right . Getting closer blurred the lines .

At night, Lin Che saw that Gu Jingze was still not back and was not alarmed . She didn't know if she should continue staying here or go back to the Gu residence .

Gu Jingze didn't tell her anything when he left .

Lin Che was still hesitating when she heard her phone ring . She picked it up and saw that it was an unknown number .

"Hello, who are you?" Lin Che asked .

"Little Che?"

"That's me…" An unfamiliar voice made her feel strange, especially when that person called her Little Che .

"Little Che, I'm your grandmother . Don't you remember me? You gave me this number in your letter . "

"What? Granny?"

Lin Che was surprised and immediately jumped off her bed .

Lin Che's mother came from a small place to enter university in B district . If she didn't meet Lin Che's father, she probably would have had a rather good life too . But she met Lin Youcai .

Lin Youcai cheated her mother into having Lin Che and she cut off ties with her family . All the way until before she passed away, she finally said that her parents were still in that little village .

Lin Che was still young at that time, so she could only write a letter to her grandmother every year . But she didn't know if her grandmother would be able to read it, or if she was still alive .

However, she never had the chance to go to such a far place to find her grandmother . So, this matter was always delayed too .

Last year, she just sent a letter to her grandmother, saying that she was living well . She didn't know if her grandmother could read the letter or if she knew of her existence, but she followed her mother's request to send a letter every year .

She even wrote her address on it for her grandmother .

Who would have thought that her grandmother would suddenly appear today and even called her up? This really surprised Lin Che .

"Granny, you… you finally called me . I thought you never received my letters . "

"I received them, but you're doing so well and I'm just an old village woman . I was afraid of burdening you, so I thought it would be better not to let you know . "

Lin Che's heart paused with sourness . She didn't tell Granny that all those were lies .

She only said that the Lin family was doing well . In the letter, she described everything so perfectly, but her life was actually so terrible that she was too ashamed to let anyone know .

"Granny, how can that be? You're not a burden to me . Mum also hoped that you would be well . "

"In your letter, you said that the Lin family is in the B district . What about you, Little Che? Are you also in B district?"

"Of course I am," Lin Che quickly said . "Why, do you want to come?"

"I… I'm now in B district, but I'm not familiar with this place and got cheated of all my money . I don't know what to do now, so I can only call you . "


Lin Che speedily informed Mu Wanqing that she needed to tend to something . She also didn't wait for Gu Jingze and simply left the Gu house .

Thinking about it, she didn't know where Gu Jingze was either .

Who knew, maybe he went back to be with Mo Huiling? So, she decided not to call Gu Jingze . Instead, she told Yu Minmin about it and let her send a car over .

Lin Che quickly rushed to where Granny said she was and Yu Minmin also soon arrived . When she saw that Yu Minmin brought Yang Lingxin along, she asked in confusion, "You're working instead of spending time with your family this New Year?"