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The Best Male God - Chapter 1

Published at 15th of April 2019 08:55:11 AM

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Hello, everyone . I’ll be starting a new series, this time, it’s really from the beginning, haha . Anyway, this is another male Quick Transmigration story wherein MC is a task-taker commissioned by all sorts of people, from different walks in life . I’ve read quite a lot of novels in this genre but I can say that this series, ‘though quite lengthy, is really one of the best male QT novels out there . This is why, please give this a chance and read this . Of course, I know my capabilities are limited and all I could bring to you all are MTLed updates, but even so, I’m hoping for this novel to get some more appreciation . Alright, I’ve said enough . For synopsis and raws, click HERE . And, without further ado, here’s chapter 1 . Enjoy!

Entertainment Reality Show (1)

In Ming’an Village, Yunjin County .

The morning sun shone upon the small village that has already been standing for around hundred years .

If it was still the past, the villagers by now should have already gone out to work . However, none of them went to the field today as they were all were secretly watching those that came from the big cities . This group of people had some black device on them which seemed to be called a camera . They told the villagers that they, who were taking photos and videos in the mountains all day, could make the village rich .

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This was what made the local villagers very enthusiastic about these foreigners .

Zhou Zeyi woke feeling sore due to the hard bed . There was an unspeakable smell from the quilt which later made him frown .

“Zeyi, Get up now~ Sister is waiting for us to eat together!”

A child’s well-behaved voice rang out, waking Zhou Zeyi from his stupor . He then looked at the little boy that appeared at the door . The clothes on the child’s body were already worn out . The face and complexion were dark . About his footwear, it seems the shoes on his feet had not been washed for several couple of years .

“Well, okay . I’ll be there right away . ”

By this time, Zhou Zeyi had already confirmed the identity of the other party, and so he nodded and responded .

Zhou Zeyi then couldn’t help but take a look at the camera installed in the upper right corner of the room…

Oh yes, this is actually a venue for a TV show, a reality show featuring rural teenagers and urban teenagers . The title of the program is ‘Interchange of Life’, and Zhou Zeyi, only 14 years old this year, is a son of a rich family who was interchanged from the city .

As he sat on the bed with his clothes on, Zhou Zeyi thought about his current wisher . Zhou Zeyi, by now, knew quite a lot about the wisher, Tang Bingyu .

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As a lonely soul travelling through space and time, Zhou Zeyi doesn’t know when and how he was born . But ever since his birth, he’s been accepting tasks and fulfilling the wishes of every wisher . Only, he could not be easily freed from the experiences he had . But even so, all the lives he had experienced always made him feel like he was really living .

This time, the name of Zhou Zeyi’s wisher is Tang Bingyu, exactly the same person Zhou Zeyi had to accompany in this reality show . The girl is also 14 years old and she grew up like a little princess at home .

Unlike Zhou Zeyi, the grumpy kid in his rebellious period, Tang Bingyu participated in this exchange life program to gain enough exposure for her ambition . She’s harboring a dream that normally cannot be said . She wants to be a star .

When the two joined the show, they had been conveniently arranged to this place called Ming’an Village located in Yunjin County . Both of them are now staying with the best family in the village . Within the Yang family’s house, Tang Bingyu is arranged to the same room as Yang Fangfang, while Zhou Zeyi is with Yang Le .

Last night, these two kids made a lot of noise about not wanting to sleep with the Yang family’s two soil buns . It was because of this that the program crews had to spend much effort to convince them to sleep with the Yangs, in the end, they even had to reluctantly let the two kids use their mobile phones in a limited span of time .

In short… Both are really mischievous children .

Tang Bingyu and Zhou Zeyi were both from the city . Naturally, they easily had something to talk about . Just as they came to know each other, Zhou Zeyi already learned that Tang Bingyu wanted to be a star, while he, too, also joined the fun to become a celebrity . The two easily became comfortable with each other and together, they eagerly waited for the start of the reality show .

When the program started to air, the road map to the entertainment circle was finally just around the corner . Unfortunately, some accidents happened midway . Due to Tang Bingyu’s carelessness, the two’s performance in the show became very annoying to the eyes of the viewers . Then through a staff, Tang Bingyu saw everyone’s evaluation of her which made her embarrassed and feel like her dreams of becoming a star was already broken, thus prompting her to rush out of the small village .

Ming’an Village was surrounded by mountains and trees . Despite this, Zhou Zeyi still promptly and quickly ventured out to look for her . He didn’t notice the photographers behind him didn’t manage to keep up . When Zhou Zeyi caught up with Tang Bingyu, the two exchanged a few words with each other, and none of them ever thought that something bad would come about while they’re at it .

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Everything happened in an instant . In order to protect Tang Bingyu, Zhou Zeyi was buried in the mountain landslide . Tang Bingyu tried her hardest to save Zhou Zeyi, but her efforts proved futile . She then could only wait for the program group to come to their rescue . Unfortunately, when the Zhou Zeyi’s body was dug up, it was already too late .

This lively boy had already passed away in this mountain .

The program’s crew saw what happened and knew that the filming could no longer continue . Before they entered the mountain and village, they signed a security agreement . It was just that they never thought a life would be lost . Left with no choice, they quickly asked Zhou Zeyi and Tang Bingyu’s family to come over .

When the Zhou couple arrived and learned what took place, they immediately fainted . Tang Bingyu was feeling guilty so she directly knelt and confessed to them that it was her fault that Zhou Zeyi died . Sadly, everything was already meaningless as nothing would be able to bring back Zhou Zeyi’s life .

As for the show ‘Interchange of Life’, since it had experienced such a thing, it could no longer be broadcasted . They even had to pay the funeral compensation to Zhou family which was more than three million . But Zhou family only had one child and they were also rich . Why would they care for a mere three million?

As for Tang Bingyu, she knew that Zhou Zeyi’s death was due to him saving her . This greatly stimulated her, causing her to be afflicted with depression which tortured her for more than five years .

After her depression gradually eased up, Tang Bingyu no longer pursued her dream of becoming a star . After all, were it not for this dream, Zhou Zeyi would not have died .

Tang Bingyu then studied hard while also visiting the Zhou family every week . She recognized Zhou Zeyi’s parents as her godparents and after growing up, as if she was their biological daughter, she took care of them until they were old .

She thought, she owed her life to Zhou Zeyi . If she did not see the netizen’s evaluation and let herself become agitated, she would not have gone up the mountains . Zhou Zeyi would not have looked for her . Even if a mountain landslide occurred, with them in the village, nothing would have happened…

So Tang Bingyu wished . If possible, she hopes that Zhou Zeyi could live, and live as well as she did .

Zhou Zeyi, who just learned all future developments, felt that the temper of this little girl is not bad . In fact, she is very affectionate . This time, he came to this world and became a person this little girl wants to protect . This feeling is very wonderful .

After getting dressed, Zhou Zeyi got up and crouched down the bed to fetch his blue sneakers . Suddenly, he thought of Yang Le’s dirty shoes that were unbearable to look at and understood why the previous ‘self’ was so disdainful of it .

After putting on the shoes, he went out and enjoyed the soft and comfortable rays of sun shining upon his face .

“Zhou Zeyi!”

A girl’s crisp and bright voice resounded . Zhou Zeyi turned to the direction of the voice and saw Tang Bingyu in her pink sportswear . Her face was not looking that good .

It seems like the other party did not manage to have a good night of sleep .

Ignoring the lenses focusing on him, Zhou Zeyi walked over and asked .

“How’s your sleep last night?”

………… .

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