The Black Card - Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

Chapter 68 - How to Make Money

Translator: Lav

Editor: Levs


City .  

Café 'Tree' .

This was a small café . Wu Haoyuan always went there with different girls, which made the waitresses and waiters look at him in disdain every time he came .

Once, Wu Haoyuan tried to hook up with a waitress there, except they all knew what kind of person he was, hence he failed . But, it didn't stop him from showing up here with different girls .

If he talked about the Café's atmosphere by itself, he really liked it .

Today was no exception . A pretty and coquettish girl sat next to Wu Haoyuan . When Wu Haoyuan went to the bathroom, a waitress went over and whispered to her: "Hey, is that guy pursuing you right now?"

That coquettish girl nodded in surprise .

"He's a frequent customer here and he has our VIP card . I mean I shouldn't be talking bad about him behind his back, but he brings a different girl every time . He came the day before and the girl he brought wasn't you, so……"

Before the waitress could finish her sentence, that girl cut off her sentence: "So you want to warn me not to be tricked?"

The waitress nodded . But the girl said: "You shouldn't think too much about this . I know how Haoyuan treats me . Even if you make me leave him, he won't like you . "

The waitress' jaw dropped, thinking that she mistook her and left in embarrassment .

The girl snorted in disdain as soon as the waitress turned around and spoke in the voice only herself could hear: "Who doesn't know Wu Haoyuan is a playboy? But he's handsome and rich . If he will buy the Chanel bag for me, who cares which girl she brings tomorrow?"

If the kind-hearted waitress heard this, she would probably be astonished .

Wu Haoyuan came back and that coquettish girl greeted him with a smile . But Wu Haoyuan sat down and said: "Sorry, someone just came up and I can't treat you today . I'll treat you dinner tomorrow, and after that……Hehe……You know……"

The girl glanced at Wu Haoyuan flirtatiously and blew air seductively in his ears .

She whispered: "The bag I want……"

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"It depends how well you do after dinner . " Wu Haoyuan touched her chest smoothly .

The girl pouted playfully and left after picking up her bag . Wu Haoyuan watched her back, swallowed down his saliva but mumble: "What a bitch . I don't even know how many have fucked her already . Chanel? You are not even worthy of getting Burberry . "

Wu Haoyuan didn't leave, but asked the waitress to take away the glass on the table . After a while, a boy about the same age as him walked in .

"Hey bro!"

Wu Haoyuan pointed to the seat opposite him and said: "Sir, what do you want to drink?"

"I'll get the signature coffee here . "

Wu Haoyuan called the waitress and said: "Two cups" . After the waitress served them coffee, Wu Haoyuan lowered his voice and asked: "You followed him for a day, how was it?"

"That guy left in the middle of the day, went to get a laptop about 20,000 yuan . I asked the employee afterward about this . Looks like he has a lot of money recently, buying a 20,000 yuan laptop so casually . "

Wu Haoyuan laughed in disdain: "Only 20,000 . If you do things for me properly, don't mention a 20,000 laptop, I can even buy you a car in a year or two . "

"Of course, how can he compare to you?"

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Wu Haoyuan's expressions were filled with arrogance and satisfaction . He asked again: "And then?"

"Afterwards, he had lunch at the mall . After lunch, he went to a stock exchange place and he didn't come out till it closed . He threw this in the bin after he came out……" As he spoke, he took out the notebook Shi Lei threw in the bin .

Wu Haoyuan heard 'bin' and wouldn't touch it . And that boy opened the notebook for him and flipped through it .

There were all codes for stocks and there were marks on the name of the stocks . Although Wu Haoyuan didn't invest in stocks himself, but he heard it from his father before . He couldn't remember all fifty of those on the notebook .

But it was enough and Wu Haoyuan felt like he knew how Shi Lei became rich so quickly .

"He went to invest in stocks? That's a proper way of earning an income . But he can earn this much just from gathering information in the stock exchange hall? If what Bao Dating said was real, then this could really treat his roommates to lobsters and abalones as the start-up price for those would be 3,500 per meal . Plus his new laptop, Armani, and 60,000 yuan to Sun Yiyi, it would be no less than 200,000 yuan! Did he do it with someone else? Even if he did, where did he get his start-up funds from?"

Although he felt like he found out how Shi Lei earned money, but he wondered about where Shi Lei received his start-up fund from . Stock investment was not gambling and it was unrealistic to exchange big with small . If he wanted to have the return of 200,000 yuan in such a short time, his start-up fund would at least be 80,000 or 100,000 . From what he heard, it was impossible that Shi Lei's family could provide him with that much money .

As Wu Haoyuan pondered, he took his phone and called his father .


Before Wu Haoyuan could even finish the word, the other side of the phone sounded rather impatient and unpleasant: "Why are you calling again? Are you out of money again? Can you learn anything good? I didn't send you to Wu Dong University to hook up with girls . "

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Wu Haoyuan felt ashamed as the voice was rather loud, and the boy opposite him probably heard him .

"Dad, I'm not asking money from you . I just want to ask you something . "

"Spit it out!" The tone of the voice in the phone became slightly better . Most likely, Wu Haoyuan's father couldn't do anything about him .

Wu Haoyuan shook his head helplessly and said: "Dad, is there any super good stocks recently? I have a friend who had a fiddle with the stock market with 20,000 yuan, and earned 2,000,000 or 3,000,000 . "

The other side fell silent . His father sighed and said: "You, mister, if you have half your friend's brain, I'd be happy . The one you are talking about, there are only four . Before, it closed down for a few months . Afterwards, they reconstructed the assets and got more than 20 raising limits after they were on again . He started with 20,000 yuan and earned the return of 2,000,000, looks like he didn't stay till the last but left first . You, I don't expect you to earn money either, but if you had the brain to do this……"

Wu Haoyuan didn't wait for his father to finish and said quickly: "Dad, stop scolding me . So there's really something like this, I thought that brat was lying to me! More than 20 raising limits, even if there were more than 20, it's hard to increase by ten times, right? He earned 2,000,000 yuan, how can you say that he didn't stay till the last?"

"What do you understand? How would it work if you have invested with all of your money? This is called leverage stocks . If that's your friend, he would have family connections and it's easy for him to have three times the leverage stocks . If I, your dad, do it myself, I can have at least five times . "

"I get it now . You mean with 20,000 yuan invested, you can actually earn 60,000 . He only earned 2,000,000 yuan, which is about four times only……"

"What else can you do other than calculate this? That's enough, I have a meeting now . " With that, Wu Haoyuan's father hung up .

TL note: *the numbers are actually right, i thought it was weird too but thats what the author wrote…… i don't even know where he got that from .