The Black Card - Chapter 74

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Chapter 74

Chapter 74 - The Frog at the Bottom of the Well

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Shi Lei was blank and thought, what is this script? How did Sun Yiyi know Wu Haoyuan?

Wu Haoyuan also pretended to be surprised and said: "Sun Yiyi, is that you? I just bumped into Shi Lei on the street and gave him a ride back to school . He said he was going to eat dinner with his girlfriend, I said I just happened to be hungry, so I had a few drinks with him first and leave after you come . I didn't expect that you are his girlfriend . Oh, right, you said your mother's health isn't very good some time ago, how is she now?"

Shi Lei heard this knew something was wrong . His glance became worried as he looked at Wu Haoyuan, then at Sun Yiyi .

Sun Yiyi bit her lips and her expression was worried . Her petite body even began to shake .

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Shi Lei reached out and wrapped his arms around Sun Yiyi's shoulders to help her stabilise her emotions . He asked: "How do you know each other?"

Obviously, Sun Yiyi wouldn't answer, but Wu Haoyuan replied with guilty expressions: "This is definitely a surprise . I knew her for about half a year now . After getting know her, I thought she was quite a good person and wanted her to become my girlfriend . But Shi Lei, don't misunderstand me, nothing happened between us, she didn't accept me . I was puzzled before . I waited for her after school every day and she never even reacted to it . So she's your girlfriend!"

Shi Lei's expressions also became cold as he realised that Wu Haoyuan was the person who tried to buy Sun Yiyi as his girlfriend for one year .

Plus, he could hear the viciousness in Wu Haoyuan's words . What's 'don't misunderstand'? If he didn't want others to misunderstand, the best way was to say nothing . But he said so much and specifically mentioned it to Shi Lei, he purposely wanted to lead Shi Lei onto the wrong side . He wanted Shi Lei to misunderstand!

Sun Yiyi still didn't say anything, but her face was bright red and her bottom lips were almost purple from how hard she was biting it .

Sun Yiyi told Shi Lei clearly about Wu Haoyuan, and theoretically, Shi Lei should also know that nothing happened between Wu Haoyuan and her .

Originally, this event should be over already as Sun Yiyi blocked Wu Haoyuan's number . She planned to never contact him again . She even thought that if she met Wu Haoyuan again, she would not say a single word to him .

But she never thought Wu Haoyuan and Shi Lei were classmates and they seemed to have a good relationship .

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Sun Yiyi was very worried that Shi Lei wouldn't believe her . Especially how malicious Wu Haoyuan's words were, she was worried that Shi Lei would really think that something happened with Wu Haoyuan and her .

This girl's personality was very timid and she didn't know what to say at all in this situation .

Obviously, Shi Lei wouldn't misunderstand her as he grew with her and clearly knew what kind of person she was . If it wasn't for her mother's medical fees, this naive girl would still have expectations towards the human nature . If she didn't think that Wu Haoyuan perhaps really liked her, she wouldn't have sold herself for 60,000 yuan .

But after Shi Lei talked it out with Sun Yiyi, she regretted it very much and Shi Lei saw her regret . How could Shi Lei possibly believe Wu Haoyuan?

Earlier when they ran into each other, Shi Lei was sure that this Wu Haoyuan never meant any good . Maybe he actually did ran into Shi Lei because Wu Haoyuan wouldn't go as far as following him around, but telling Shi Lei to get on his car was definitely plotted .

"I have nothing to misunderstand . I grew up with Yiyi and if she had a boyfriend before, she would've told me about it . " Looking at Sun Yiyi, Shi Lei knew exactly what she was thinking . The top priority was to let Sun Yiyi know his thoughts .

Then, Shi lei said to Wu Haoyuan: "Since Yiyi's here, we won't disturb you . I like it better if we are on our own . Although you know each other, but it's awkward to have someone here when we are on a date . Keep eating, we'll go to another restaurant . " Shi Lei held Sun Yiyi's hand and left the restaurant calmly .

Watching Shi Lei and Sun Yiyi's back, Wu Haoyuan's expressions changed drastically .

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"And I was wondering how you suddenly didn't need the money for your mother's illness anyway . So, Shi Lei gave to you! Maybe Shi Lei really made a small fortune recently, but he can't even afford a car . Sun Yiyi, think carefully!" Wu Haoyuan also knew that even if Shi Lei didn't know about this just then, but he would now . Plus, from Shi Lei's reactions, he felt like Shi Lei already knew about it and the only person who didn't know about it was Wu Haoyuan himself .

Wu Haoyuan wasn't scared to make a bigger fuss about it as they all knew about it now, and the words were even meaner .

Shi Lei and Sun Yiyi heard Wu Haoyuan' words when they walked to the door .

Shi Lei let go of Sun Yiyi's hands and walked slowly towards Wu Haoyuan .

Seeing that Shi Lei was closer and closer, Wu Haoyuan felt slightly nervous . It wasn't wrong that he had money and authority, but if they were to fight, even if he could exact revenge for himself later, it could not make up for the beating . From Wu Haoyuan's perspective, he was jade and Shi Lei was a broken tile . A broken tile could break ten times and it would still be broken, but if jade shattered, it would disgrace him for the rest of his life .

He took two steps back and kicked the chair behind him . He asked nervously: "Shi Lei, what do you want?"

Shi Lei shook his head in contempt and laughed: "Do you think I'll hit you? I actually really don't want to dirty my hands . A useless thing like you, other than you being lucky with your reincarnation, what else do you have? My money isn't even worth as much as your car? Do you have anything to do with the money that was paid for that car?"

Wu Haoyuan also laughed: "I was lucky, so what? People like you, you say that you don't want to lose on the starting line ever since you were born, going to all sorts of tutoring classes, and you really think you turned into a phoenix from a sparrow after you made it into Wu Dong university? But, you will never know what it's like to be actually rich . Do you think that eating lobsters and abalones for a few times is the life of a wealthy person? I'll tell you what a wealthy person is like: a wealthy person is that when you say you don't want to lose on the starting point, we are already waiting for you at the finish line!"

Wu Haoyuan originally thought that Shi Lei would be agitated by what he said, he was prepared that if Shi Lei made a move, he would run away immediately .

But unexpectedly, Shi Lei simply smiled calmly: "Standing at the finish line? So ignorant . Oh, I forgot to ask, is your father Jack Ma or Ma Huateng? Or perhaps Wang Jianlin or Wang Shi? Oh, I almost forgot, your surname is Wu . I don't know how much money your family has, but definitely not as much as Forbes? The assets your family have, finish line? You are making me laugh . You are a frog at the bottom of the well . You see that much sky and you think you own the entire universe . "

Wu Haoyuan never thought that in the battle between Shi Lei and him, he would be first one to become agitated .

"I'm a frog at the bottom of the well? Then what are you? You are a fucking rotten bug next to me!" 

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