The Blade Summoner - Chapter -2

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:51:36 PM
Chapter -2

A few years have passed since I began training, my strength surpassed my brothers by far . The last score we got was forty-seven to twenty, so it didn't really make sense to keep training with Christian . Gus was still able to keep up, which is why we trained together really often . Every day for at least three hours we trained .

If it was running, Gus was several rounds behind me, but in terms of swordplay he beat me up . Countless of times my attack got blocked and his sword reached my throat right after, I learned much about ways to evade counters this way . It was a bit frustrating, so I planned to learn to lure him into a trap - a faint . If he raises his sword without blocking mine I would be the one coming out on top .

The plan worked perfectly, the chances for either of us shifted to a fifty fifty slowly . At the end of the day, we were always tired, but he had the advantage with Marina taking care of him . She unknowingly became part of our group, joking around with us and sometimes joining us for a fight . She managed to keep up, but always lost .

This was the one thing we didn't make fun about . No one blames someone for trying and failing . But if someone refuses to try, we bring him to do it .

Days end with a repetitive pattern . I go home, as Gus and Marina go into his house . They became rather close lately . . .

This was how things were going for quite some time, on Gus birthday it had the first change for quite some time . Gus' fourteenth birthday was also the day he announced his engagement to Marina, to me the change was little . She was still watching us train, she still made us snacks and Gus still trained with me .

Differences were only noticeable on the pause days, because she started to come along . I didn't mind, she fit great with Gus . Which is probably why I grew to like her too . As a friend of course .

Our last day together was soon to come, even though there was no sign of change yet . Looking back, it got more and more rare to see my father - my mother was nowhere to be found at all . And the way Christopher behaved changed a bit awell . His enthusiastic and happy nature transformed to a rough, sarcastic and aggressive one .

Puberty was the way we called it, but deep in our hearts we knew something was wrong .

But for now it continues at it was . Waking up in the morning glow, going to get breakfast then leave to meet Gus and train . Eat at their home, then come back to train a little more, then washing myself and sleeping . At my sixteenth birthday the changes began to hit me one after another .

Mother not leaving her room, father looking more grim and Christopher mistreating commoners and servants . From my little podium for my speech, I saw Christopher hitting a plate out of a servants hand, then requesting her to clean it up . This wasn't all, he spread the food with his feet and laughed .

What happened to him?