The Blade Summoner - Chapter -3

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:51:41 PM
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Chapter -3

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I follow my usual morning routine again, I stand up, put on clothes then eat breakfast and wear my weights from there on forward . The weights on my hands are the only ones really noticeable at this point, they limited my arms movements quite a bit .

My first run of the day begins, but as my brother had classes today I had to run alone . If my brother wasn't there I had the ability to run through the city aswell - so I took another route today . The rounds are way longer, but the scenery is better and the ground changes . I run past the market, the pool and the streets behind the castle to return to the point I started .

On my third round the markets the people stopped looking at me, not like it bothered me anyway . Round four was the round Gus came out of his house, cladded in the same weights I had . I wave at him, and his sleepy face lightened up . He waved back and followed me .

We didn't speak, because it would disturb our training process, but running with someone else is definetely more enjoyable . It gives competition .

Seven rounds later, my tenth and Gus seventh we take a break . I could've done one or two more, but Gus was really tired . Didn't he train before?

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G:" Woah Cecil, how can you run so much?!"

Ce:" Why can't you?"

Gus rolled his eyes and stood up again . It seems we were going to start running again, but after two rounds Gus stopped again .

I hit him on the shoulder jokingly and kept running this time . The small pause was more refreshing than I thought, as I could run three rounds more - probably breaking my distance record from the castle by far . Half a round of walking later, I sit down at the fountain and relax a bit . From here I can see Gus talking to a girl, they seem to be rather close . . .

Unable to understand everything, I put the information together . It seems that they are classmates and talk to each other rather often . If I interpret Gus behavior correctly, he is rather fond of her . . . What a friend would I be if I let this situation pass without helping him out?!

Ce:" Hey Gus! So you waited after outrunning me completely!"

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G:" Oh, hey Cecil . . . . "

Ce:" Oh! Sorry I didn't notice you weren't alone, should I leave?"

G:" It's okay, just stay . This is Marina, a . . . classmate . "

M:" Don't I at least deserve 'friends'?"

Gus got really nervous as he said classmate . I think this was enough tease for him, I better leave .

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Ce:" Well, no matter what - I better get running again or I will never catch up to Gus"

With that I begin to run again, still hearing a bit of what they say .

M:" So this is the friend you were talking about . Were you training together?"

G:" Yeah, but he lied, he ran several more rounds than I did . . . "

The answer contained the words 'too honest' and 'like' but I didn't get the rest . Not having the rights to meddle with them further, I keep running .

Sometimes I really question my intelligence . This time, I took the same route again, ignoring the fact that I would run into them again . As I arrived at the fountain again I see them sitting on the fountains bench and eating together . At least friends, huh?

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I finish the round, then go to the dining room . Trudy was the one cooking again, so I try to ask her about Gus and Marina . My question was answered with a wild guess, striking me with realization .

" Aren't they just going out then" Was a sentence I did not expect to hear . At all .

Gulping down the rest of the food I leave to read a book . No reason to show my embarassment!

The book I choose was 'Fantasia of Species', one of the rare fantasy books there is around here . It contains many species that don't exist, from dwarves to leprechauns over to dragons . The world built in that book was amazing, I never had a book taking my breath with scenery before .

The protagonist resembles my father, treating his subordinates well - using technology and strength to protect them . Maybe this is why I like the book so much . . .

After finishing it half in one go, I notice that much time passed - I had to run again . I chose the castle this time, unwilling to risk meeting Gus and Marina again . Sunk in thoughts about the book, I don't count my rounds . Neither do I keep track of time, so it got dark before I noticed .

Time to get to bed then . . .

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