The Blade Summoner - Chapter -4

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:51:43 PM

Chapter -4

As my pause day was over, I got out of bed quickly . To my own surprise, I get to much speed and almost fall over . Hm weird, this didn't happen before . . .

Well, I put on my weigths once again, this time they feel lighter than last week . This was probably because I rested, so my energy to carry it simply increased . Not bothering with any of those thoughts any further, I jog down the stairs to begin my run .

My brother was already running, but he only left a few minutes earlier than I did, so he has to be finished with his first round now . He waves before I join him . With loud clonks I keep up with my brother for five rounds, the only thing remembering me to the weights was the sounds .

After finishing the sixth round, I slowly begin to feel the weight, falling behind in the course of the next rounds . Two rounds later my brother passes me, so he is now two rounds above me .

I keep on running for five more rounds, whilst Christian passes me once more, then stops . The score was eleven to thirteen . Compared to the results last week, I catched up to him quite a bit . The weights are speeding my process up by far it seems .

We bump our fists, then go grab some food and rest for two hours . In the time we talked to the maids that cooked our food . Our findings conclude several interesting points . She is actually from a rather rich family, so she wouldn't have to work if she didn't want to . Instead, she chose to work here to train her cooking skills and to cook for as many people as she could .

After listening to her quite some while, her tone suggests that she really loves people eating her cookings - just as much as she detests her father for criticizing her dream to be a cook . No matter what, the food she cooked was delicious, so I might even tell my father to get her teachers . . .

Ce:" I don't think I can recall your name . . . "

Trudy:" I haven't told you, my little lord!"

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Ce:" So to get the point fast, you love cooking right?"

T:" Yes! The happy faces after people eat it are wonderful to see!"

Her face brightened up, she talked about her favourite activity after all .

Ce:" Do you want me to ask my father to help you get even better?"

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T:" Of course! Better food means happier faces!"

Trudys candidness was pretty amazing, even though we all treat others fairly, many people don't dare to speak openly around us .

Ce:" He might also employ you afterwards, while I can not promise anything, I'm sure he will consider it . "

Christian looks at me with raised eyebrows . He is probably wondering why I did that, because I didn't really tend to speak much around . . . well, strangers . Her enthusiasm might've catched me off guard, but I really feel like it would be worth to support her .

We thank her for the food and leave, the weigths I put down in the corner are waiting to be put on again . I hurry, then burst out the door first, starting our second run .

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My stamina wasn't fully refilled, neither was Christians . Our scores were eight to ten this time, it seems I'm closing the gap!

There was only one run left to do today, it was the 'uncharged run' as we called it . Right after the second run, we stretch a bit, then go and run again . As good as the idea sounded, the time we spent running was . . . disappointingly low . Four to seven . We decide to leave it at that for today, aswell as we decide to change the 'uncharged run' to a 'one hour charge run' .

A bath was the next thing we had on our list . Warm bathes are supposed to help with muscle aches and they certainly help you to relax . We sink in the bath, take deep breathes, we simply wait for the time to pass in the warm water .

Washing ourselves and going to bed went rather quick, as we didn't want to lose the warmth of the bath before we reached our bed . It was a successul plan, so under warm covers, cozy and soft I fall asleep .