The Blade Summoner - Chapter -7

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:51:46 PM
Chapter -7

I awake as it was going dark . Unable to sleep again, I wander around the roon thinking about what to do . The decision I get to is to take a run through the castle . I couldn't really leave the castle, so why not take the big interior we have to train .

The castle looked different in the torchlights, the walls looked warmer, as the gray was being overwhelmed by the orange light . It made the castle feel warmer than usual, the few carpets did their job in this aswell . In contrary the air was quite cold, but everytime I pass torches it gets warmer a bit .

Compared to the castle I was used to, there were way less people . I pass maids a few times, the kitchen, the dining room and some carpets are being cleaned . They look up as I pass, but don't really seem to care . Or rather like they were used to it .

After my first round, I see Christian at my starting point . He was stretching, additionally he was wearing sport clothes . It seems he was the reasons the maids were used to seeing people run through the halls at night . . .

I don't stop running, but wave to him as I pass . He seems a little surprised, but starts to run a few seconds later . Catching up to me didn't seem much of a problem for him, so we jogged together for a few rounds . Every round, Christian one upped his speed, so I couldn't keep up in round seven .

My goal is set to ten rounds, so I keep the pace and finish them . I didn't really notice in the time I jogged with my brother, but after Christian joined me, the maids started cheering for us . My smile gets a bit bigger, but I finish my rounds . I copy the stretches my brother did, then go up to our bedroom again . Wiping my sweat of with a towel, I see Christopher still sleeping in his bed .

This time, my attempt to sleep works and I wake up around morning this time . My muscles ached, but it didn't really stop me from doing anything . I take down the stairs, then walk fastly towards the dining room, finding my brothers already starting breakfast . A few slices of bread, a bit of soup and milk will do it, I sit down and hurry with eating, spilling quite a bit of milk . I gain laughter, then hurry to change my clothes .

My clothing was chosen by random, so it might not be suitable for formal occasions, but training isn't considered formal, is it?

I call out my departure to a maid, then hurry down the street to the smithery . There were less people then yesterday, probably because they are already working today . The smitheries door is open, so I knock at the doorframe then enter . Klaus wasn't anywhere to be found, but I hear him shouting from above .

K:" Hey Cecil! Your weights are laying on the anvil, just take them . You can also put them on for now"

Putting those things on was pretty easy . They were curvy metal thingys, atached to a kind of leather belt . The only question not as simple was which part was supposed to be on what part of my body . After a few tries, I figure out the most . Ten parts in general, there were four on my legs, two on thighs and two on my shin . Also, four on my arms, covering them, but with a gap around my elbow to allow me to move . I had no idea where the other two belonged, so I tried every part that was still open .

Success was found at my chest and my back . It was a full metal armor, rather than weights . . . As I had this thought, Klaus came down .

K:" Ah, perfect . You are already finished . "

Ce:" Are you sure this is right? This is more of an armor . . . "

K:" Sure, it is similar . But there is two things about this . First, there is still two parts missing . Secondly, the materials I used make this weights way easier to bend . It is unsuitable for fights this way, but easier to adapt if your muscles grow . "

So this has a practical reason . True, I felt the weight on my entire body so I am training it as a whole in the first place . But what parts are missing?

Ce:" And what are the missing parts?"

K:" Well, right now you simulate wearing armor, but what about weapons?"

Ce:" . . . . "

K:" Here, take this . " He hands me a leathery band and points to my bracers .

I look at them closely, then attach the leather he gave me to a hook on it .

K:" Right, now take these, put them into the leatherbelt, then take them into your hands . " He hands me two long metal pieces . Their weight was a little lower than the swords .

Ce:" I suppose the edges are unsharp?"

K:" No, why would they? You have to control your arms in a fight!"

Well, I was carrying two fully functioning swords with me, additionally to the weights on my body .

Ce:" And what am I supposed to do with this on?"

K:" Live! Train! And try not to hurt anyone . "

Wait, I was supposed to keep these on for the entire time?