The Blade Summoner - Chapter 32

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:50:46 PM
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Chapter 32

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My fight was started by trying to end it at fast as possible . I already saw Servve getting blocked for the entire fight, so I try to gain control before he puts his guard up .

I fail entirely, not only does my strike get blocked, but I get forced to jump to dodge his one . His guard is up now . I don't see a single opening . Brute foce was an option, so I tried to overwhelm him with my strength .

Tohrin does go down a bit, but his shield is still up . After going down all the way he could, he rushed up and bumped my sword away . I now was now left without a weapon, so Tohrin started going offensive . His hits were slow, but I knew that one hit would crush me .

After around seven dodged hits, I slide to his side and kick his ankle, but once again - my plan got interrupted . I did get him to stumble, but it only got me enough time to get my weapon back . I look at it with despair then throw it away . There is no way I hit him with that .

I run for a bit, then take an unused hammer . Deriving my new tactic from his, I try to dodge and then hit him . I throw the hammer up a bit for a few times to get a feeling for it .

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Tohrin was still on guard, so I have to go first . I feign a strike to his left, then as he lifts his shield up, I let go of the hammer and hit his other side . The first hit was mine . That I got hit with his shield right after was . . . Unlucky .

I stumble forward, get my grip back slidingly then look at him again . Basically untouched . The fight went on like this for longer than I imagined . The other fights all stopped and they gathered around us . Every time I try to get a hit off, the crowd cheered, every time I got blocked they cheered .

The crowd had no favourite in this fight . Only two friends fighting to their best .

Hitting his shield for estimatedly infinite times, I get really pissed off . Dude, stop . This is not ending .

I refuse to lose after such a long fight . Absolutely refuse!

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Tohrin had the same thought, as he looked angrier aswell . This has to end soon .

At that moment, after such a long time, my summoning magic is being activated again . A very heavy greatsword appears . The upper end was bigger than the lower, the handle was big enough for both hands . The specialty? It's cutting edges were not sharp at all . I remember to read it's title .

'Battering ram of the stubborn' .

Hell yes . This would somehow give me a chance to open his defenses, even if not for long . I pick up my normal sword aswell, in a feeling that it will be useful .

The crowd gasped as they saw the sword appear . That had to be the leprechaun half, the others already knew about it . Laurin looked really interested in the weapon .

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I decided on showing him its features . Walking up to Tohrin, dragging it along with me on the ground . I didn't want to waste any strength . As I got into range, I swing the sword up, aiming for Tohrins side and his shield instead of his body . His shield would interrupt me, so the further away his shield got from his body, the less strength he could use .

I swing the ram . . . ram sword? And hit his shield . The sword breaks and I feel a lot of strength leaving my body . Favourable that I picked up the other sword, especially since the shield is flying off to somewhere . I can't even see it at this time . Wait, it got dark again? How long were we fighting for?!

This had to be the end, I draw my sword and use the widest slash I ever learned . Tohrin uses his hammer to block, but he flinches . His hammer gets dragged with my sword, so the side is open again . I turn and use the back of my foot to kick his head .

I used more strength than I wanted to, so Tohrin ends up flying into a bench . His armor protected him, so he stood up, taps the dirt off and bows in my direction .

T:" Very well fought, warrior . I admit my defeat . "

I lift my arms up in victory . Cheers get loud and Laurin gets onto the arena . He picks me up and throws me towards the leprechaun crowd . They catch me, luckily since I had quite the momentum, then proceed to throw me up and cheering even louder .

Was this some kind of victory celebration? I suppose so, I did beat their best fighter just now after all .

I just lay back, relax and let the exhaustion hit me . Oh god, no way to do anything but sleep and eat anymore . I just don't have the strength .

The leprechaun army proved even stronger than I thought . If they used enchanted equipment, I would have to use all of summoned swords to beat Tohrin, maybe I would get another one before falling unconcsious . The rest of the human army would simply get obliterated, the elven army would only take a few out aswell .

This is one hell of an ally .

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