The Blade Summoner - Chapter 38

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:50:36 PM
Chapter 38

During my fall, I had some time to talk with the fairy king . It was only a few seconds, but enough to trade with him . I would get the fairies a bigger spot in society, in exchange he allows me to use my full potential .

For a short time only, so my body won't get completely obliterated . Hastily I agree, I had no reason to deny fairies a good place . They helped us out for quite some time .

That thought apparently was a confirmation for the fairy king, because my wings, which have been invisible for months, now start appearing again . They get more and more solid, manifesting a beautiful two meter long symphony of feathers and muscles .

Out of pure reflex, they start to flap . My fall becomes slower, the pain the wings muscles feel make my mind go blank . The time I wake up I was already back on the ground, thef fairy king overtook me for the rest of the way . My wings already disappeared .

Crucible of pain was already waiting in my hand, the pain of my wings called it . I utter an exhausted laugh, then strike it into the wall of flesh on my right . Tremors come up, the entire basilisk is shaking . I quickly cut its side open to flee .

I leave it on time, the pure muscle construct collapsed . My leg got caught up by a falling tooth and got ripped apart . After a long time I scream again . The last five minutes were filled of several times I could die and the moment I feel safe again I get hit . I faint .

After quite a few good and long nights of sleeping the coma felt like unrefeshing . I wake up exhausted, I feel like even sleeping again would only make me more exhausted . Not like the gathering around my bed would allow me too .

Not only Rhage, Servve, Lyght and Christian were there, but also Laurin and a few of the higher rankeds . I greet them, my eyes still half closed .

Ce:" Hey guys, you are not yet free of me"

R:" God, you scared us and this is what you come up with to apologize?!" This is the first time I ever saw Rhage on the verge of tears . The first time he showed lots of emotion in general .

L:" Even rocks don't remain untouched little king, but don't try to move mountains alone"

Ce:" Yeah, I won't . Nearly dying is overrated, I tried" The language I only used towards Gus slipped out

The others were just silently smiling . No idea how long I was knocked out, but they seem exhausted aswell .

L:" Oh, talking of moving - the soldiers outside refused to leave before they knew of your recovery . You saved quite some lives there . "

Ce:" That was my intention, after all . "

I ask them to call them in, my energy was too low to shout or move . Just more sleep please .

Not yet, I thought as a few of the soldiers of the frontline entered . I recognize them, they were the ones dodging the attacks earlier . So they survived, huh?

" Thank you for saving us . We never really wanted to fight for a cause, but now we felt how important a fight can feel . Because of you we can think back to it, we owe you our lives"

Ce:" You don't owe me anything . You risked your lives, so did I . An army should be a big boulder of mutal support, just try to save someone else next time"

They nod, it was the last thing I saw . Last thing I heard was Rhage sending them out . Sleep overwhelmed me .

My dream was unusual . The fact I was having a dream for one itself was rare, but standing in the fairies castle was a bit far away . . .

A familiar voice started talking behind me . I turned around, but needed a few seconds to recognize how this was .

Fairy King:" Hey, little king . I chose the version of this castle you are familiar with, I hope you don't mind . If you'd follow me please"

I had the weird feeling of being unable to talk, so I didn't try and just followed him . He was leading me to the dining room, I already saw it a few times . It was a bit cleaner this time . The wooden table was smoother, the windows less overgrown by the trees .

FK:" There is not much I can do about that, sorry . This is the version I last saw, the version I built . "

So this was something he built? I guess he was the fairy king . . .

FK:" Not me . We . And not only we two, but also the ones before us . Every king chooses his descendant, they all enter this space . "

Was this some kind of elders hall then? Weren't the others supposed to be here then too?

FK:" Quite literally . This is a space between death and living, only available to us . And yes, the others are usually here too . You aren't succeeding our legacy yet, so they aren't showing themselves . There is a task for everyone of us to do . A name for everyone of us to be achieved . "

So my heritage was bound to a task . Apparently there is more than one task, or the kings before me would've shared the same name . Or did they?

FK:" Not really . Just naming the last two should suffice, mine was Athen, the one before was Ares . We have no idea how those names reach our minds, but they just appear, if we master a thing of our own . But not all things are elligible, more - I cannot say . "

So I had to go my own way after all . I doubt faking to master something doesn't suffice .

FK:" Truly, faking anything is of any use . But, it is time for you to find out yourself . Go back to your world now . "

He touches my forehead, my exhaustion leaves me and I leave this place . My mind was back to the bedroom again . Back to the ones that need me .