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The Blade Summoner - Chapter 44

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:50:28 PM

Chapter 44

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Unable to use my leg it's really hard to go looking for them, so I decide to wait for someone to pass by that could help me . Luckily it was only a short while after, that Cecilia decided to come looking if I woke up already . Or she knew, accounting that she already brought breakfast .

Cia:" So I was right, you were awake . I brought food, so stay here and eat . Maybe that will keep you from talking to yourself"

Ce:" Was I talking out loud that whole time? Can you get the others for me? I don't have to repeat what I want to say that way . "

Cia:" As long as you stay here and eat, I'll go fetch them . "

Somehow the view of Cecilia's hair calmed me down, but if I pay closer attention - my heart doesn't seem to be calm at all . For gods sake, am I ill? STOP LAUGHING FAIRY KING! If you know something spit it out! "Ah, nothing . I'll leave that mattter for her to solve . . . "

Screw it, I'll just eat my bread then .

The bread was still warm, I suppose it was freshly made . But it was not morning for sure, training was going on outside already . How was the food warm then? Apparently I started to get sunk in my own thoughts about it, because I didn't notice any of the others enter the tent . Laurin, Servve, Lyght, Rhage, Christian and lastly Cecilia were all gathered around .

L:" So, little ironhead what is it that you wanted to talk about?"

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Ironhead? F-K:" It is similar to stubborn in some way, just accept it for now"

Ce:" You all see my leg here . Even if you didn't, you all knew about the plan for it . And there is an unexpected advantage for it . "

R:" Unexpected, huh? I don't think you can surprise us more than you already did . . . "

Cia:" If I remember what he said earlier, it is more surprising than you think . "

I cough, I thought she just heard me talking . It never crossed my mind that she could understand what I said aswell . The urge to hit myself for the stupidity grew, but I restrained myself .

Ce:" Indeed, it probably is . "

Wait, was it okay to tell them about the way I am able to control my leg? Maybe later, just the bare fact should suffice for now .

Ce:" I discovered that my leg was easier to use than I thought . With a little mental preparation, I am easily able to use my leg . But isn't the strength a bit too much, Laurin?"

L:" Sorry, the engineers got excited . . . "

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Ce:" Well, to get to my main point: Four days . In four days my strength wil be recovered, we will attack that day, please start the neccessary preparations . "

S:" Cecil, even though I appreciate battle - aren't you pushing it?"

Lyght:" Judging from his flow of mana his leg is unusable, I suggest waiting aswell . "

F-K:" Cecilia probably knows about me in some way, try to convince her and she is able to help you win this argument"

Ce:" Fine . Cecilia, you already saw what happened to the bed due to my experiments, right?"

Cia:" Yes, but that doesn't really show control . . . "

Ce:" I was testing my limits, you also heard me talking this morning did I sound inconfident?"

Cia:" No . . . "

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Ce:" See? Start preparing for today, I will show you tomorrow . Put some trust in me . "

L:" If we start preparing now and stop the preparations midway, it will affect the soldiers moral deeply . "

They were hard to convince . I clenched my teeth, thinking about ways to convince them . Quietly Cecilia comes closer and whispers to me:" If you explain me who you talked to earlier I'll help you"

Fairy King, can I . . . . F-K:" If she is willing to swears not to tell anyone, aswell as accept my guidance aswell . Yes . " Wait . I need her help, putting up conditions in my situation is out of my limits!

F-K:" Trust me, she wants to know more than you think . "

Everytime I listened to the king the results were positive . Just let me try . I signal her to sit down next to me, then whisper back to her - telling her about the conditions . She answered very fast and determined . "Sure, my part first then . Make sure to keep yours too . "

Instead of answering with words I raise a thumb, as she turned to the others again .

Cia:" I didn't intend to tell anyone, but I saw his experiments rather well . He was able to move his leg normally, sideways - upwards, even bend it . The broken bed was just the result of a test of strength, I promise he will be able to fight any of you two tomorrow . "

Her confidence in me is nice, but I was not sure if I was able to follow up . I'll just have to try .

R:" Are you sure Cecil? You are our leader, our trust rests on you . "

S:" Since when is he our leader?!"

R:" God, we will talk about this later . Your answer, Cecil?"

After gulping down the responsibility layed upon me I brought out one word .

Ce:" Go . "

Rhage nods, then signals the others to go out with him .

F-K:" You'll grow with the trust they give you . That is what a real king is, good job . "

My tightened chest and lungs, drowning me in pressure was getting extreme, until Cecilia ripped me out .

Cia:" So? My explanation now please!"

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