The Blade Summoner - Chapter 46

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:50:26 PM
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Chapter 46

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Well, this was awkward . I grabbed her hand without thinking, had no idea why I did it even after .

Cia:" Umm . . . Good Morning?"

Ce:" Ah, Sorry - I was having a weird dream . "

Cia:" No problem, I was just a bit surprised!"

Ce:" My leg is working now, so I can dress myself again . "

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She raises one eyebrow, then blushes a bit and leaves . I dress up again, with sportclothing, my pants were surprisingly easy to put on, considering my new leg . After moving around a bit, just a few kicks and punches, I leave the tent . Right outside the tent I found Cecilia keeping Servve out .

Servve:" Come on, at least wake him up! I want to fight!"

Cia:" I repeat this for the sixth time now, he is putting on clothes!"

S:" Then make it go faster!"

Ce:" How is she supposed to do that, Servve?"

S:" You are ready! Come on come on, lets go and fight!"

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I roll my eyes, then go ahead to the training grounds . Servve is walking from side to side behind me, keeping a low distance . He kind of resembles a dog, the tail is missing though . I laugh at the picture in my mind with Servve with dog ears and a tail - it fits rather well! Sadly enough, he still looks good .

The training ground wasn't far, so we were able to see it early . Rhage, Laurin and Lyght were already there, Christopher was still busy with managing the smiths and both Cecilia and Servve are behind me . Everyone was gathered, so I just enjoyed the faces of the surprised people around . Wait, neither Servve nor Cecilia seemed surprised . All the others were though . . .

Servve has to have seen me try my leg too, or he would be surprised too . Or his enthusiasm to fight overwhelmed the surprise . Either way, we have to start sometime now .

Ce:" Go ahead, you attack first"

S:" Sure!"

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As this was a unweaponed fight, his first attack was a head high kick . I could easily have hit him, but I decided to counter his kick with my own . Obviously I used my new leg, forced my magic in it midway and accelerated it very fast that way . The sudden change in pace catched him off guard and he slipped a bit . Easily enough, I adjusted my kick to still hit him . Apparently my strength was even higher than anticipated, because Servve got only hit lightly - and still flew away a few meters .

S:" Woah! That leg is nice, I think I broke a few ribs!"

Ce:" You seem rather calm about that . Just go and see a doctor . "

R:" I think we have proof now, his strength is in no way lower than before . "

Lyght:" Can you walk silently with it?"

To proof it, I jump a few meters and land on the metal leg - to find it making no sound at all . Nice!

Ce:" Does this suffice for everyone? If yes, please go back to preparing things . "

Cia:" Hey Cecil, good job! Are you free now?"

Ce:" Yes, I have nothing to help with right now . They didn't really want to integrate me that much, due to the injury"

Cia:" Could you help me in the kitchen then?"

Ce:" Sure!"

I wasn't really good at cooking or anything, but I still could help cut things . . . . Was what I thought, but it seems I wasn't supposed to cook, but rather to taste-check it . I never expected Cecilia to be the one cooking here, but I have to say: It has a nice feeling to it, sitting here and watching her cook . This might seem chauvinistic, but she denied me every opportunity I had to help . And she is smiling so it was fine, right?

The food she brought was nothing extraordinary, just the same rations the soldiers had - but it looked so much better! And it tasted better too . It was a bit unfamiliar having her look at me this intensely while eating, but it only got me to eat slowlier . We talked a bit, if I stopped eating for a second . About the food, the soldiers, the future plans and about what we could do the rest of the day . We decided on walking around our armies place a bit, exploring it a bit for once . The only thing we saw recently was the medic tent and the training place, after all .

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