The Blade Summoner - Chapter 52

Published at 19th of March 2019 10:37:52 PM

Chapter 52

With Gus, Laurin and Tohrin it was really easy to coordinate our troups to mine the ores, the smeltery was easily managed aswell - every leprechaun knew how to use it . I don't know why they taught every one of them, but it comes in handy now, so I'm not complaining .

Our considerably highest issue was how to proceed from this point . We know that several demons will come back here in a few days, and we know their exact data aswell . The fight shouldn't be much of a problem, as most of them relied on their magic incanations and we had Cecilia . . . What bothers me is their secondary leader . His skills are vastly unknown, so I had no chance to adjust the fighters we needed . Was he a melee brute forcer? A projectile fighter? A mage? Dragon gods, he might even be an alchemist!

My plan was to reduce any risks - which meant: Gus magic might be really useful, if we are able to combine it with other spells . With that plan in mind, I instruct a few human mages and Gus to follow me . I could've chosen elves or leprechauns, but those two are better off dealing with the mining .

Our first step was to create an empty trap, or at least only filled with instructions . For that purpose I used up my energy to retract Arcana from my leg, this time I manage to stay awake for one hour after I did . Arcana's comment was:" Its kind of like a path through the woods, the more you walk it, the less obstacles lay in your way"

The next dialogue happened in my head . I can't really go ahead and talk to myself with all these people here .

Ce:" Arcana, did you hear what we were talking about?"

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A:" Yes I did, and before you bother to ask: No . I have not seen that kind of magic before . But I DID see a similar kind, I might be able to guide you through the methods of controlling it . Don't expect it to work, though"

Ce:" Sure"

Cia:" Didn't everything you two ever worked on together go well? Sounds good to me"

Ce:" Oh right, the ritual . I forgot!"

Now that I had the Fairy King guiding me, I tried on leading Gus and the mages .

Ce:" Gus, do you have some kind of progress in making these traps? Like a certain rythm, a train of thought or anything?"

G:" I have to do several hand movements, why?"

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Ce:" Do the circles appear before you are finished?"

G:" No, I always have to set all required information before they appear"

Ce:" Okay, now . . . Do the handsigns differ depending on what you choose to input?"

G:" For activation requirement, yes . For the spell that gets activated it doesn't, I have to chant it while doing the signs"

Ce:" Perfect . Next up . . . You . . . Ummm, Joel if I recall correctly . Try casting a fireball spell into the circle when Gus tells you to, okay?"

J:" O-Okay"

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Gus worried look didn't bother me . I've seen some things work before, that should work even less than this one does . I signal Gus to start . His hands moved rather fast on the ground, leaving small traces of mana in a star shape and then circling it . At the end, he puts his hand right in the middle and says:" Now"

Joel hastily casts a . . . semi effective fireball at best - which was actually a good thing in this situation . He . . . Well, he missed the circle, so at least the damage he dealt was low . Guess I'll have to try this myself, it seems the others are too scared from the big friendly demon .

Ce:" Go ahead, I won't miss . "

Like I thought, his circle absorbed the sword that I just summoned . I also added a movement: to go straight into the ground . We won't need more casualties than the two burned magicians we already had . The requirement set was a timer of ten seconds . After waiting that time, it activated and my sword reappeared, right in the ground . Mission success .

Ce:" What other kinds of activations do you know? We might even escape to fight at all, if we plan it right!"

G:" Nearby movement, usage of mana and on command . "

Ce:" If we place nearby movement on the entrance and then fill several circles with stronger swords, with faster movements embedded, even demons would suffer harshly"

G:" I don't know if you have fought fighting oriented demons before, but normal swords-"

Ce:" I know, I know . Quit bragging! My swords have killed seven demons so far, some of them battle mages . My magic didn't get worse, so I think they should be able to . "

G:" . . . Do you have healing magic in your army?"

Ce:" Yes, but I don't like where this is going"

Gus raised his shoulders then asked me to go and get one of the healers . Yup . He wanted to try the effect of my swords on himself . I guess if it harmed him, it would have an easy time with lower grade demons . . .

As soon as the healer arrived, I told him to stay ready to heal Gus . Right after we started to make the circle we wanted to try . The swords I summoned where many lean and long ones, embued with really fast and straight forward movements . I also added a portion of my mana, so I could stop them from casting magic . I heard of this strategy once and thought it was interesting, so why shouldn't I try out on half dead enemies?

Our experiment was a full-on success . The swords pierced the arm Gus held over the circle easily, some even managed to fly through . I asked him to cast magic, with the sudden idea to use it on him . After he cast his ice nova, I flooded my little portion of mana into the spot he gathered his and crushed his spell before it even left his body . Wait . If I sent enough mana and concentrated it strongly, won't I be able to crush their core aswell? A demons core was their main source of energy, if I was able to destroy it, it was an easy fight!

Welp, right as the healer started to cast his spells, the exhaustions of retracting Arcana hit me . Lights out . Wait, I forgot to tell Gus about it - at least thats what his scream tells me . . . With my last strenght I send a message to Cecilia, asking her to explain it to him . Without leaving any details out .