The Blade Summoner - Chapter 59

Published at 10th of January 2019 10:20:06 PM
Chapter 59: 59

Just a few seconds later, the phoenix jumped off of Cecilia and tried to flap his wings in order to reach me . Luckily, I react in time and catch it in mid-fall and then put it on my shoulder . Apparently it wasn't able to fly yet, which is to be expected - considering that this bird was practically immortal and just entered it's life . I wonder how fast it will grow up . . .

Ce:" Awwww, little one . Stop crawling around this much or you'll fall!"

Cia:" Little one, huh?"

Ce:" Now that you say it, we don't have a name for him"

Cia:" Him?"

Ce:" This one doesn't have a horn, nor does he have a white stripe on his back . So yeah . It's a boy"

Cia:" What about . . . Opal then?"

Ce:" His egg did look like one, but it sounds weird to call out . We can call him Diamond, it isn't too far away and we can shorten it to dime for call-outs"

Cia:" Dime . Dime . Diiiiiiiime~"

The little creature on my shoulder looked at my face with his face slightly angled . I whisper to him:" I don't know what she is doing either . Do you like that name?"

It shook it's head . What else could I propose . . . Wait . I mixed up the species details! Males carried the younger ones on their white spot, males used their horn to scrap trees in order to make a nest . So this one was female, dime sounds a bit too masculine . True .

Ce:" Okay, I correct myself and formerly apologize for being wrong . Especially to her though . As she is female, what about . . . Saphira?

Cia:" Where does that name come from?"

Ce:" From Sapphires of course"

Cia:" What is that?"

Honestly a bit shocked that it wasn't traditional to use sapphires for wedding rings where she came from, I think about ways to explain it .

Ce:" Well . . . It's similar to diamonds, opals, rubies, emeralds and so on . It looks like frozen mana to some exte- Wait! I still have my family ring somewhere . There is one in it, we might want to get out of here anyway . The cave is getting uncomfortable"

A little excited to show the ring to her, I fidget even when climbing up the stairs . Well, I still reach the upper floors without harm and Cecilia didn't seem to have noticed either . Honestly, I have no idea where I put it after entering Götterfels . Did I even bring it in the first place? Wait, maybe Christian knows .

Ce:" Ah, I forgot where I left it - I'll just go and ask Christian . You can take her to our room in the meantime"

Cia:" Okay . "

After hurrying around a bit I spot Christian right at the entrance - stretching .

Ce:" Hey, do you have a second?"

Ch:" I just wanted to take a run, actually"

Ce:" A short question! Do you know where my family ring went?"

Ch:" Yes, I do . It surprises me that you don't know though . How about we make a bet . If you outrun me, I'll tell you where it is . If I win, you tell me about a soldier I'm interested in"

In my mind I send a message to Cecilia, asking her to bring me running clothes . After I noticed that it seemed weird to ask for clothes while just looking for a ring, I send an explanation right after . Our apartment was quite far from the entrance, so I came into her direction a bit . Just to see a flying pant and shirt in front of me .

Ce:" You can levitate things with your Sonic Magic now? I never saw you training! You have to show me later"

My answer was the picture of a floating apple . Right, you can send pictures with your thoughts aswell - I forgot . Now I return to Christian and walk outside a bit before changing . While I change Christian warms up a bit, then comments a bit on my appearance-

Ch:" Were did that scrawny guy go? I swear I saw Cecil just a few seconds ago!"

Ce:" Right back at you . Don't feel ashamed, at some points all elders are outrunned . "

Ch:" We'll see"

With that we start running . At first it felt a bit weird to do something I stopped doing a long time ago: running with a companion . Not for long, because it felt like a switch kicked in and reset the mood right to the time I still trained with Christian in the castle . My desire to win grew immensely, so I start to use a bit of my strength instead of relying on auto-pilot . As I step up my speed, Christian follows . A cycle of topping each other of started, leaving us at a speed and ground contact that moreof resembled flying than running . Our jumps got longer and longer, the track we took around Götterfels bigger and bigger . I didn't even notice, but sweat started touching my open lips . Open from laughing . It took forever until we started slowing down, even longer to make us stop jumping . I could've used my artificial leg of course, but no . I want to win this .

A matter of a few more rounds were due, before we saw the extreme we went to . A trail of our sweat was marking our track . This was also the end of our 'short' run, since I couldn't stop myself laughing after Christian slipped on his own sweat . While still laughing I help him back up and we take the trip inside together .

Ce:" So? Where is the ring?"

Ch:" You gave it to Laurin to smith some magic onto it quite a while ago, every time he wanted to tell you he finished you were back at the nursery . "

Ce:"Oh, I'll just go and get it then"

Ch:" He is actually coming right now"

A small conversation about metallurgy process and rings started, until I excused myself to take a shower . I was honestly exerted for the day . Once back in our apartment, I take out the ring Laurin gave me and hand it to Cecilia . Slightly out of breath, I tell her:" That's a sapphire, try to remember it . Might be yours in a bit of time" I mumbled the last part and prayed that she didn't hear . I was just starting to shower as I heard whispers and gasps from outside . I admit, the ring was nicely made - but this was too loud for Cecilia . I hurry a bit with the cleaning and cover myself with a towel before entering our main room again .

Ce:" Ah . "

In the time I went to shower, Christian appears to have gotten every of my generals to come here and look at how I gave Cecilia the ring . Too bad it was just about the crystal this time! Wait, why did I say this time?!