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Chapter 575

Azure Demon was set up, too . After his death, his soul was hiding in a hunting
lodge in the mountains, waiting for an appropriate man to appear so that he
could seize this man's body .
He didn't leave there until he met Jiang Chen . By then 1000 years had
passed . Things were still there, but men were not .
The whole Azure Gang was gone . His enemy could have died, too .
Although Azure Demon didn't show up, Jiang Chen could empathize with him .
For Azure Demon, it was 1000 years, while for him , it was 500 .
He was wondering whether he would have the same feeling when he went
back to the Sacred Zone again . By then the Over Cloud Palace would have
been gone . So would the people he was looking for .
The mere thought of that put him panicked . He looked pale .
As smart as Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er, they didn't disturb him .
Don't know how long had passed, the three felt a chilly wind coming
headlong . And they smelt blood in the air .
They put on guard immediately . Looking around, soon they saw a flock of
birds flying over from not far away . The dense mass of them froze their blood .
"Bloody crows! Sister Shiya, run!" Tang Ru'er shouted .
"Don't let the bloody crows surround you . "
Tang Shiya told Jiang Chen, looking for a place to hide in .
If they escaped through the air, they could choose any direction and any
altitude .
However, Tang Shiya looked like she was in a pickle . Tang Ru'er was even
more anxious .
Jiang Chen saw there were not only bloody crows ahead, but also in other two
directions . These birds seemed to intend to surround them, as if they knew
tactics .

The only direction free of the bloody crows led to a mountain forest . The
highest mountain there was only hundreds of meters high .
But Tang Shiya hesitated, because there was a dreadful holy-level fierce
beast in that forest .
If they flew over it, the fierce beast would definitely chase them .

"These bloody crows don't seem very formidable . Let's break out of the
encirclement," Jiang Chen proposed .
"There is something you don't know . These bloody crows are very dreadful .
They suck people's essence blood . Once you get entangled by them, you'll
die in one minute . "
Tang Shiya didn't agree . She said, "We should either fly very high or find a
cave on the ground . "
Jiang Chen didn't see why . Two of them were Martial Venerables . They
shouldn't have panicked like this .
And he really didn't think those bloody crows were strong .
The same size as normal crows, they had black feathers and small red eyes,
which looked ferocious .
The front end of their beaks, which looked like ebony, was extremely sharp .
"No practicers below Spiritual Venerable level can deal with such a great
amount of bloody crows, unless they're good at the conception of fire . "
Tang Ru'er explained . She knew he was puzzled .
"Well, I'm good at the conception of fire . Let me handle them," Jiang Chen
said .
"And you must achieve the great doctrine of fire!"
Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er reacted pretty much the same . They remembered
Jiang Chen hadn't used any fire in the fight against Xu Guan .

"Don't worry . "
Jiang Chen raised his right arm high . Palm up, he looked as if he was lifting
something . Soon, a hot wave started to whirl, with his hand as the center, and
started to spread fast .
Although the two sisters didn't see any flames, they felt it was getting hotter
and hotter .
The thousands of bloody crows were approaching . They kept hearing the
fluttering sound of the crows' wings and their chirps .
Tang Shiya made up her mind, if Jiang Chen didn't do anything, she would do
something .
Right at that moment, a small flame rose from Jiang Chen's palm .

A fire dragon rose in the hot wave . The orange flame was very dense, like a
wall .
It was formidable . As soon as the bloody crows made contact with it, they
disappeared immediately .
The sky full of the dense mass of crows cleared up instantly . The remaining
bloody crows fled away . They were too few to be threatening .
"Fortunately . "
Tang Ru'er patted her plump chest, feeling relieved .
"Thank you . "
Tang Shiya expressed her gratitude . She said, "You might not know how
strong those bloody crows are . Fire is almost the only effective way to get rid
of them . Once surrounded by these bastards, you'll be killed in only one
minute, just like how ants plod away at an elephant . "
"Do people run into them frequently?" Jiang Chen asked out of curious, not
very interested in what Tang Shiya had told him .
"No . Actually you don't run into them a lot . And usually you'll be able to run
away . "
Speaking of this, Tang Shiya felt puzzled, too . She said with hesitation, "I've
never heard about the situation like today, that they surrounded people from
three directions . "
At this moment, the three noticed a group of practicers were approaching
them from not far way . There were eight people, all Martial Venerables .
"What happened?"
The leader was a strong man . He had light brown skin and thick brows .
It seemed he had been attracted here by the disturbance of just now . He was
pleasantly surprised when he had seen Tang Shiya .
"Apprentice Sister Shiya, it's you! What a surprise to see you here," the man
said excitedly .
"Yeah, Apprentice Brother He . " Tang Shiya didn't seem very glad . She was
even a bit cold .
Apprentice Brother He seemed used to that . Still smiling, he laid his eyes on
Jiang Chen . He asked, "This is . . . ?"
"A friend . " Tang Shiya didn't tell him more .

"How did you know each other? I didn't know you had such a friend,"
Apprentice Brother He said .
His response was annoying . Tang Shiya apparently furrowed . She didn't want
to answer him at all .
"We knew this brother for business matters . We're traveling together because
the account hasn't been settled," Tang Ru'er said unconcernedly . She didn't
seem to have noticed those details, but a cunning look flashed across her
eyes .
"What a big deal . How much is that? Just tell me," Apprentice Brother He said
generously .
"About 200 million upper-grade yuan stones," Tang Shiya said unhappily .
Apprentice Brother He and those with him all turned pale . They were
obviously shocked .
"Apprentice Sister Shiya, what did you buy? Is he a conman?" Apprentice
Brother He threw Jiang Chen a skeptical look, and he didn't sound he was
afraid of anyone .
"No, it's not like that . He bought something from me and I don't have the
change for him," Tang Shiya said .
"This . . . "
Apprentice Brother He was embarrassed again, but he didn't blame Tang
Shiya . Instead, he was looking at Jiang Chen in a more and more unkind
manner .
"Apprentice Sister Shiya, this guy doesn't look like a good person . He looks
rich, but who knows where his money is from," Apprentice Brother He said in
a sarcastic tone .
"Haha . "
Jiang Chen burst out laughing instead of getting angry .
"What are you laughing at?!" Apprentice Brother He said in anger .
"You tried to be generous, but failed . Then you started to talk aimlessly . And
now you even said such a shameless thing . Do you think you can get a pretty
woman in this way? Aren't you crying for the moon?"
In Jiang Chen's eyes, this guy was like a clown .
"You!" Apprentice Brother He didn't expect him to have the nerve to refute .
Didn't he see so many people were standing behind him?

"Apprentice Brother He, we're leaving if everything is fine here . " Tang Shiya
didn't want to lose face in Jiang Chen's presence .
"Apprentice sister, I'm thinking for your sake . I don't want this Adonis to cheat
you . He doesn't look like a good man," Apprentice Brother He said nervously .
"What does a good man do? To send the bloody crows to attack and then
pretend to be the hero?"

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