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Chapter 577

The three became closer after the affair of Apprentice Brother He .
Jiang Chen learned the two women were from Yunlan School, one of the top
ten schools . Furthermore, they were also of the direct line of descent of the
Four Great Aristocratic Families .
Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er were surprised to know Jiang Chen was from the
Realm of Nine Heavens .
In their eyes, the Realm of Nine Heavens was so remote and so poor that
someone like Jiang Chen couldn't be from there .
However, he was from there indeed . They had to believe it .
Two more days passed . The three finally arrived at the Holy Martial Arts City .
This was absolutely a metropolitan . And it was one of the most special cities
Jiang Chen had ever seen .
Buildings of different styles were situated on the same street, as if there was
an architecture contest, but it wasn't easy to pick out the most beautiful one .
At the moment, the whole city was talking about the Great Competition of
Three Realms . Young Venerables were everywhere .
A sweet voice came from overhead as soon as the three entered the city .
"The Great Competition of Three Realms won't use a round-based
competition system . Young Venerables who are gonna take part in the
competition need to register first and follow our instructions . "
The voice came repeatedly every a few seconds . It could be heard in any part
of the city .
"Jiang Chen, go ahead to register . I'm gonna exchange for the upper-grade
yuan stones first to settle the account . "
Tang Shiya said, "Or you can go with me together . "
"That's not necessary . I trust you," Jiang Chen said . He actually didn't want
the change, but since she insisted, he couldn't say no .

"Okay . "
The two sisters nodded at him and then left .
Following the road signs, Jiang Chen came to a registration center in the city .
There were several registration centers in the Holy Martial Arts City . The one
closest to Jiang Chen was in a large house with a big yard .

The door was open . Jiang Chen walked in and saw many young Venerables
in there, bustling around .
Precisely speaking, 80 percent of the people in the yard were Venerables .
This is the Realm of True Force .
Jiang Chen thought to himself .
He somehow felt eager to fight . Since he had become Venerable, he hadn't
had any good fight yet .
He walked up to a long table, about to say something to the man there .
"You must register with your real name and real origin . No falsification is
allowed . Otherwise, if any information found to be false, even if you've got the
first place, you'll be disqualified and receive a severe punishment!"
The middle-aged man sitting behind the table was only in the Reaching
Heaven State, but he didn't show Jiang Chen any respect .
Maybe it was because he had dealt with too many Martial Venerables, or
maybe he had a great background .
Or maybe both .
"Jiang Chen, from the Realm of Nine Heavens," Jiang Chen said .
"Realm of Nine Heavens?"
The middle-aged man looked up in surprise, staring at Jiang Chen with his
small eyes .
"Such a young Venerable is from the Realm of Nine Heavens?"
He sounded puzzled . Then he said in a cold voice, "Although rules will be

bent for people from the Realm of Nine Heavens, if you're not from there but
tell us you are, you'll be punished as what I told you just now . Are you clear of
"Li Yun, why did you even bother to ask him? If he wants to cheat, just let him
cheat . Besides, we're having a Martial Venerable from the Realm of Nine
Heavens in the limelight, aren't we? What's his name?"
Before Jiang Chen could respond, the guy sitting next to the middle-aged man
said .
"Ning Haotian . He defeated An Hu with only one spear attack, but he's even
younger," the man called Li Yun said with hesitation .
Jiang Chen smiled upon hearing this name .
Then, giving a knock on his own head, he asked, "Any problem?"

As he spoke, his look turned sharp .
"No, no problem . "
Looking into his eyes, Li Yun was shocked . He turned pale and hurried to
shake his head .
He hadn't come back to normal until Jiang Chen had finished his registration .
"Li Yun, how lame you are . "
The guy next to him said unhappily, "Why are you afraid of a guy from the
Realm of Nine Heavens? We're from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute . "
"You don't know . "
Li Yun swallowed his saliva . Gazing at where Jiang Chen had left, he said
with fright, "His look was really dreadful . I felt like his eyes had turned red . "
However, no one believed him . They even laughed at him .
Jiang Chen's killing intent was gone as he left, and he was smiling .
He recalled what Fang Zixiong had said in the Water Dragon City .
In the Realm of True Force, even Reaching Heaven States had the nerve to
challenge Martial Venerables without any background .
Then he followed the instructions and came to another big house in the city .
Young Venerables would live here after the registration so that the organizer
could make arrangements and manage everything .
By then this house had drawn the most attention in the center area .
Many people were gathering on the street where the house was . Most of them
were youngsters .
They reacted plainly when Jiang Chen walked over . Not until they saw him
walking towards the gate of the house did they feel surprised .
"Is he also a participant? At such a young age?"
They had thought him just a bystander instead of a young Venerable .
"Not only young, but also good-looking . "
"Yeah, and he is so elegant . "
"I'm curious how good he is . "
Jiang Chen's clothing was always simple and average . Many people had
despised him because of that .

But this was the latest trend in fashion in the Realm of True Force . Only
inexperienced people would dress battle suits .
Most people would make simple clothes with fabrics that could be used to
make battle suits .
That was why many girls were attracted to Jiang Chen . They were all
guessing who he was and where he was from .
"He must be a swordsman . "
A girl about 15 or 16 years old found Jiang Chen very attractive . She put her
hands on her chest when she had seen him, feeling dizzy .
Jiang Chen walked onto the steps, about to walk into the gate .
"Your Sacred Martial Arts Token . "
Two serious-looking muscular men in the peak of the Reaching Heaven State
were standing at the gate . They frowned when they had seen Jiang Chen .
Especially when they had heard those women's shrieks coming from the
street, they frowned more .
So they sounded extremely cold .
Muscular men usually didn't like good-looking thin men, because they didn't
think them manly enough .
In their opinion, real men should be as strong and as serious as them .
Jiang Chen got the Sacred Martial Arts Token when he had registered
successfully . It represented the entry of the Great Competition of Three
Realms .
He didn't bother to make a fuss about their tones . He just showed them his
Sacred Martial Arts Token .
It was a wooden token endowed with a mysterious power, carved with his
name . And they could see his origin on the back of it .
"Realm of Nine Heavens?"
The man on the left saw that immediately . He showed an odd smile .
Throwing the token back to Jiang Chen in a casual way, he said, "Go through
the back door . "
Jiang Chen intentionally didn't catch the token, letting it fall onto the ground .
"Back door?" He looked emotionless . His voice was cold .

"Yeah . Didn't you hear him? We don't open doors for those from the Realm of
Nine Heavens," the other man shouted .
"Realm of Nine Heavens?"
The bystanders also heard . They were all surprised .
Hahaha .
After an awkward silence, an arrogant laugh came .
"He turns out . . . he turns out to come from the Realm of Nine Heavens . "

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