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Published at 28th of December 2018 09:44:22 AM

Chapter 31

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Raven left Jordan in her room still sleeping .

It was past 7:00 PM already when she heard her father's laughter . He was dropping funny jokes to Nanny Rong in the living room .

"How can Santa deliver presents during a thunderstorm?" Senior Choi asked .

Nanny Rong grinned and answered, "That was too easy Old Master, Santa's sleigh is flown by RAINdeer!"

"How about this one, I'm sure you don't know this one . " Senior Choi asked now grinning .

"Hmm, what do you get when you combine a Christmas tree with an iPad?" Senior Choi was suppressing his laughter . He was just so sure that Nanny Rong won't be able to get this one .

Nanny Rong complained, "Old Master let's stop already my stomach is aching now and let us eat first!"

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Senior Choi laughed, "No dinner if you won't give me the right answer . "

Raven smiled seeing her father this enthusiastic .

Then she creased her forehead . 'Father seemed to be doing well and there's nothing to worry about him . ' She thought while she contently looked at her father' who had the same happy-go-lucky aura of his .

So she wondered what was bothering Jordan that made him looked so depress like that .

When she saw Nanny Rong was having a hard time to answer her father, Raven interrupted at their bantering and said, "That one was so easy, you will get a pineAPPLE!"

"My Big Raven is here . Come here . Is that really you? How come you've grown so much in that span of months? Prettier than before," Senior Choi said continuously . Then he opened his arms wide to catch her embrace .

"Stop it already father . You are overdoing it!" She said as she ran towards him and hugged him .

"I missed you!" Raven said then she kissed her father on his cheek .

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I missed you more my big Raven . " Senior Choi replied and hugged Raven tight .

"Oh thank goodness you are back . I will have the dinner ready," Nanny Rong interrupted .

Senior Choi just nodded at Nanny Rong in agreement then held Raven's hand . He led her to sit on the couch . They've talked mostly about her school experiences . She also mentioned her part time job in one of the biggest film studio .

"Is Jordan doing okay with the company?" Raven suddenly asked changing the topic .

Senior Choi frowned and answered, "Yeah he was actually doing quite well . You know how that brat loves to kill himself at work . Why? Is there something wrong?"

Raven just shrugged her shoulders and smiled before she replied, "Oh nothing . I just ask, I'm just getting curious on how is he right now . You know we don't talk that much . "

Nanny Rong already called them for dinner .

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"Ask Jordan where he is now?" Senior Choi instructed to Nanny Rong .

Then he added looking at Raven, "That brat always comes home early these days and never miss a dinner with us . How come he was late now?"

Raven suddenly blushed and she stopped Nanny Rong, "He arrived already and sleeping now . He was probably tired at work"

She did not mention that Jordan was sleeping in her room .

After dinner, she played chess with her father at the library room . It's been a while since they played like this .

"Checkmate!" Raven declared .

Senior Choi frowned and pouted his lips, "How come I can no longer defeat you on this . "

"Well, I'm probably smarter since I am maturing already," Raven jested .

"Yeah, you can be married by now don't you think?" Senior Choi's eyes sparkled while he stared at Raven .

She laughed seeing how his father look right now, "Haha, Why? Do you want me to get married already? Don't you think I need a boyfriend first?"

"Yes, go get a boyfriend now . That's okay," Senior Choi answered with a smile .

Then, Raven's face became serious, "But I don't want to yet . You know how I loved to finish studies first and achieved something on my own so later on you can be proud of me . I hate being compared to a leech just sucking out bloods from its prey . "

Raven sighed and added, "I don't want to be seen as someone who was good for nothing . Or someone who always hide under the protection of Choi family . "

Then Raven winked at Senior Choi, "Don't worry, I will make sure to accomplish all in a shorter time then you will definitely see me with a boyfriend . "

She followed the words with a laugh . Senior Choi smiled at her and sighed deeply . "It seems that my dream was too far to reach . ' He thought to himself .

Jordan from the outside heard their conversation .

'I must plan and act faster . ' He thought to himself before he walked back to Raven's room .

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