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Chapter 5

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"I got this Nanny Rong . You can leave . "

Jordan said after Nanny Rong opened Raven's room . The latter nodded and left .

Raven wearily opened her eyes and saw Jordan who was gently putting her down on the bed . Feeling dizzy and sleepy she once again closed her heavy eyelids .

Jordan stared at Raven who was sound asleep .

The girl was indeed very pretty, with her long curly eyelashes, prominent eyebrows, pointed nose and pouty red lips .

Her cheeks were glowing and reddish due to being drunk . Jordan touched her cheek as he slowly bowed down to kiss it . Then he shifted his gaze to her inviting lips .

Just looking at it seemed to be not enough . He no longer controls his self and kissed her .

At first, he only intended to give Raven a peck on the lips, a goodnight kiss . However, Raven opened her sealed lips which drove him crazy . He deepened the kiss which was full of intense emotion and passion .

Jordan was stopped when he heard a screeching sound at the door . It's opened a little . 'Crap! haven't I completely closed it?'

Jordan who was now about to get-up once again looked at Raven but suddenly froze .

Raven's eyes opened . She raised both her hands and held his face to look intently at it . Then she pinched and stretched Jordan's cheeks left and right and smirked crazily .

"Huh? Woahhh . What a nice dream! I should add a slap instead . Hehe" She said unconsciously before shutting her eyes one more time and fell in a deep sleep .

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Jordan released a deep sighed before getting up . "Goodnight little Raven . "

The next morning, Raven's head was aching .

'How come my tolerance was not that good? I practically finished just two bottles . '

She heard a knock at the door . "Yeah, come in . " It was Nanny Rong with a cup of hangover tea .

"My child, drink this to help with your headache . Breakfast was ready . " Nanny Rong said as she placed the cup in her bedside table .

"Okay, I'll get down shortly . Thanks . " She smiled and winked at the old lady .

Raven hurriedly took a shower and dressed up for her swim wear already putting just a top of a tube summer dress she can easily take off at any time .

She was too excited for a dip into the crystal beach just at the front of the villa .

"Hey girl how's your head?" Sheena asked . The two girls were sitting at the dine-in area ready for breakfast . Chad and his father were also there chatting .

"Morning father . Chad . " She greeted smilingly and kissed Senior Choi's cheek before sitting . "Nanny Rong tea's done an amazing job . Let's go swim after this . "

"Oh yeah father, will Jordan arrive today?" Raven asked after remembering that Jordan's flight was today morning .

Senior Choi raised an eyebrow . "Don't you remember what happened last night?"

How come his little Raven was so ignorant on something so obvious?

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Senior Choi shook his head and justified things since Raven was just seventeen . . .

Raven was about to ask again but stopped when she saw Jordan walking towards them in a casual outfit of just loose shirt paired with a beach short .

"So hot!" She heard Yan beside her whispered . The two girls giggled . Raven remained silent as she can't beg to disagree to Yan .

"Shhh, you two behaved okay you know how prim and proper that one is . " Raven recalled that one time when they were watching a movie of their favorite male group at their house, they often screamed whenever the scenes will be focused on the faces of their crushes .

They did not notice Jordan was around also and heard him annoyingly spoke before leaving . "How come girls these days are too bold and loud?"

Yan and Sheena looked at each other almost forgot that incident, chose to stay quiet instantly and eat instead .

The girls rushed at the beachfront after breakfast .

Raven took off her top . "Wow so sexy!!!" Yan was wide eyed as she searched her body . "How dare you possess a body like that at seventeen? Do you want to make us look like a backdrop?" Sheena jokingly said .

Raven just laughed and struck a pose while Yan took various shots . She wore a yellow swimsuit in a sizzling lace-up one-piece in the front and a bikini in the back .

Inside the villa, Jordan was examining Chad who was busy instructing the helper to bring fruits, snacks and beverages to the girls outside .

The boy was definitely good looking and although still young, at eighteen he was well built .

"So did he pass???" Senior Choi on the other hand was also observing his son who was still busy scrutinizing Chad .

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Jacob was startled and just ignored Senior Choi . Instead, he followed Chad who helped in bringing the foods outside .

The boy took off his shirt before leaving and just retained his beach short .

Jordan did the same as he walked behind Chad .

'What the hell is wrong with this brat? Competing with a teenager?' Senior Choi thought while he did the same thing like his son, just the following and walking behind .

--- Nanny Rong somewhat disappointed: " . . . "

'I thought Old Master will take off his shirt too . ' ---

The three girls are currently playing beach ball when Sheena suddenly paused .

"Holy cow!!! When did Chad obtained that abs?" Sheena in wide eyes .

"Yeah right . But I'm willing to be stranded in an island just having Jordan to accompany me . So yummy!!!" Yan was drooling while staring at Jordan who was behind Chad .

Raven laughed so hard at her two friends .

"Well, the best looking guy for me and most macho among all is definitely that last one walking . " Raven declared as she saw Senior Choi behind Jordan .

The girls laughed in unison .

"Oh right Raven, I guess you are really right that Jordan doesn't like you . " Sheena blurted out changing the topic .

Raven looked at her with inquiring eyes .

"Chad introduced himself last night to Jordan as something like this . - Hi, I'm Chad and you must be Raven's brother . . . -"

Yan interrupted copying Jordan's voice and gloomy face .

"Oh right . I heard that too . Jordan answered like this . -Who told you I'm her brother? She's not my sister and we're not related at all!-"

The two told what exactly happened last night from the time she was drunk .

Raven frowned and felt bitter .

"Why would I care or even bother with him . Hate me as much as he wants . So what? I've done nothing wrong . "

It's good that she'll be leaving soon and will not see that sour face of Jordan for years!

Raven went out of the beach and walked to Chad . "Hey what's wrong? Are you okay?" She said seeing Chad just stared at her without blinking .

"Oh yeah, I thought I saw a Goddess . You need anything?" Chad smiled .

This guy loved to banter around and she's used to it . She just slapped his shoulder and laughed .

"Stop that, Mr . Hunk and give me one bottle of soda!" She's still laughing when she moved to sit on a beach chair but suddenly bumped into Jordan .