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Published at 28th of December 2018 09:45:06 AM

Chapter 6

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"Oops sorry . . . " Raven said and do not even bother to look at Jordan as she sat on the beach chair .

She grabbed a snack instead and turned to her father who was sitting on a beach chair at her side . She failed to see how gloomy Jordan looked right now .

"Father, aren't you going to swim?" Raven asked totally ignoring Jordan who sat on a beach chair beside her .

"Later I will . " Senior Choi answered while he rose up and checked his mobile phone . He noticed his son was holding a towel .

"Is that for Raven? Brat you are so logy, go on and give her that . " Raven looked at Jordan who handed her the towel .

"Thanks . " She said while still not in the mood and continued to eat .

Senior Choi shook his head . 'So slow!' He thought as he looked towards his son who was still uneasy .

Senior Choi took various photos of the group and mostly of her daughter Raven . He was saving this for future use .

A wide wicked grin can be seen on his face while he looked at his phone . His mind was busy thinking on what favors he can asks his son with each photos .

Raven once again backed into the water and now together with Chad .

'Son you should enjoy . What's with your unpainted face?" Senior Choi can't help but comment .

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"What's up with you? Why would you let her wear so little like that? She's almost nude!" Jordan asked Senior Choi back instead . Then he heard Jordan called his assistant on the phone .

In just ten minutes Lou arrived with paper bags in his hands containing various rash guards .

"I will call Raven here and you give this to her! Can you at least be stricter?" Jordan scolded his father before leaving him and went towards to Raven .

Senior Choi was left with his mouth opened in dazed . He saw Nanny Rong approaching .

"Nanny Rong, how dare that brat order me around? Is he the father or I am?"

Nanny Rong: " . . . . . . "

"Raven, father asked for you . " said Jordan as he went into the water and joined Chad .

Raven wrinkled her eyebrows but followed .

Chad was talking to Jordan when they saw Raven jumped back into the water wearing a rash guard instead . Senior Choi joined them also .

"Hey, why did you change?" Sheena asked .

"Father said this one was better for skin protection . " Raven answered as she shrugged her shoulder .

Jordan on the side smiled widely and commented . "That one was definitely better . It suits you well . "

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Raven gave him a half smile because she can't tell if that was a compliment or he was trying to say that her body doesn't look good on her first swim wear .

"There's also one for you girls . There's so many to choose from . " Senior Choi added while he looked intensely at Jordan .

'Look at how happy and satisfied that brat is . He didn't even bother to thank his Old Man for the favor he had asked me . '

Everyone enjoyed the crystal beach even Nanny Rong .

The next day, all of them prepared for the island hopping . Chad's family had a yacht arranged they can use .

They first arrived at Vigu Island . Its clear blue waters are teeming with marine life . It is home to dugongs, turtles, manta rays, species of fishes and coral reefs .

The group prepare for a dive . Chad was assisting Raven when he was interrupted by Jordan .

"Dude, can you help me with this one?"

Senior Choi who joined the island hopping can no longer looked at his shameless son . . .

The group's last stopped was a small island surrounded by clear waters, rock formations and a scene of towering mountains . It was a good place as a lunch area .

Jordan never left Chad alone . He chatted with the boy most of the time while drinking beers .

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The girls noticed that too and misinterpreted everything .

"What's wrong with your big bro? Does he like Chad?" Sheena asked meaningfully to Raven while observing Jordan .

"You mentioned before that he doesn't have a girlfriend up to now right or never heard him courted any girls before right?" Sheena still continued .

"So what are you trying to say? That my Jordan is somewhat gay?" Yan can't believe what Sheena's been insinuating .

"How old is he anyway? He should be married by now you know . " Sheena added .

"That can't be . Maybe he was just fond of Chad . You know how friendly Chad is . Anyone can like him in an instant . Besides Jordan was just busy with the company . " Raven can't help but opposed the idea .

At the back of her mind, she was convinced that Jordan was a straight person . Yes, he's maybe aloof to girls but somehow she does understand the guy . He grew up without a mother so most probably that's why he's like that .

Or perhaps he's just choosing wisely for a partner, someone who can meet his probably high standards and criteria .

She was also curious who might that person will be . She just hopes that is someone she can get along with easily to avoid any mishaps in the future .

Nanny Rong excitedly shouted to the group . "Come here and let's play charades!"

They formed two groups . Raven with Sheena and Nanny Rong while Chad with Jordan and Yan . Senior Choi will give the word or phrase each group need to guess .

The score now was 2-2 so Raven's group need to guess this one correctly for them to win . Sheena will be the one to act and she with Nanny Rong will guess .

Sheena frowned in protest when Senior Choi whispered the words but left no choice as the old man still did not change it .

Sheena began to act . She frowned then acted annoyed then somewhat she imitated Jordan's posture and cold face . Raven's still not convinced then Sheena acted gay still looking intently at her .

Without hesitating at all she blurted out . "Jordan Choi . " Sheena shouted . "Woooaaww we won . "

Chad, Senior Choi including Captain Jim looked at Jordan with inquiring eyes .

The latter just shrugged his shoulders . But at the back of his head there's a shout out .

'I will prove you soon enough how manly I am then!'

The next morning, they went to the airport for their flight back . All of them enjoyed their vacation and still loud inside the plane during the travel .

Raven, Senior Choi and Nanny Rong were picked up by their family driver while Jordan and Lou went directly to the company .

Inside the car, Jordan immediately instructed Lou .

"Oh yeah right Lou . Look for an Island and purchase one for me . I want the whole Island and have someone to prepare plans for a house and landscaping . Have them on my desk by tomorrow . "

"Noted Sir . " Lou answered .

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