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Chapter 8

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"Old Master, let us try and go inside the Village of the Dead!" Nanny Rong excitedly blurted out seeing the entrance of the so called horror village .

"Okay let us all go in . I will buy the tickets and you guys wait here . " Jordan immediately walked at the ticket booth .

Raven and Senior Choi looked at each other . She raised an eyebrow while Senior Choi shrugged his shoulder . Jordan's seemed to be in the good mood for today .

"Let's go . " Said Jordan then suddenly held Raven's hand .

Jordan's wicked smile did not escape Senior Choi's sharp eyes .

Although caught off guard, Raven did not mind Jordan's action and did not resist his hand either . She just went with the flow .

It's already spooky at the entrance where it's slightly dark . She can feel Jordan's palm gripping hers tightly .

The attraction started with a bus that takes you to the condemned area, which is said to be closed after inhumane torture of the people was made public .

There's a chilling background music which will make the hairs of your skin stood up .

Raven suddenly grabbed Jordan's arms and moved her body closer to him .

The actors in their scariest make-ups will grab at you and block your path throughout the maze .

"Ahhhhh . . . "

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Raven started to scream as she buried her face on Jordan's arm .

"Ahhhh . . . "

Every time Raven will scream Jordan flinches . It's not because of the actors who were scaring them . It's because he can feel Raven's chest brushing on his arm for several times .

Her bra was definitely not padded at all because his arms could feel the softness and fullness of her bosoms .

The entire horror maze was tortured for him .

Raven unknowingly would brush her chest to Jordan very hard every now and then . Her gripped was so tight on his arm because of the surprised she felt in every maze .

Jordan's torment lasted for almost an hour .

Sweat can be seen on his forehead .

Nanny Rong on the other hand spent the entire time in with her eyes closed and praying it would end while Senior Choi laughed so hard hearing Nanny Rong screamed all sorts of names .

"Nanny Rong, let's go and do one more round . My treat . " Senior Choi was still still laughing hard while Nanny Rong tapped his shoulder .

"Old Master, stop teasing me . I will not dare to go on a horror booth again . Thank God I don't have a heart ailment or else I'll be dead on the spot like those zombie faces . " Nanny Rong commented still having those traumatic expressions on her face .

"Why? What's wrong? Aren't you too excited to try and see it earlier?" Senior Choi continued to tease the poor old lady .

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Raven laughed at the bantering of the two oldies . She looked at Jordan and noticed his little sweats on the face .

"Are you okay? Here, use this . " She handed him her handkerchief .

"Father I think Jordan is not feeling well . I'll just buy some water . Would you also like some drinks?" Raven asked .

Senior Choi just nodded while Nanny Rong went with Raven .

"Hey son what's wrong? Don't tell me you got too scared with that horror village? I've never heard any sound or scream from you . " Senior Choi asked his son while grinning .

"Why don't we all cool down and try the wheel of fate next?" Senior Choi continued to spoke with a meaningful look .

'Hahaha . This is so much fun!' Senior Choi laughed at the idea that crossed his mind .

His son needs to experience his own doze of medicine for ignoring his little Raven because of work . He knew little Raven had a fear of heights . 'You should thank me for this later!'

After sitting and resting for five minutes . Senior Choi now led the way to their next ride .

Raven's looked darkened . There's no way she's going to try that ride just seeing how high the Ferris wheel will reach .

'No way!' She thought .

"Little Raven, you are a big girl now as you always says . It's about time . You should face and conquer you fears . It will help you move forward and become stronger later on . Trust me" Her father encouraged her .

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Raven still shook her head in disagreement .

"You all go and I will just wait here . I'll just take your snapshots instead . " She said to her father with a begging smile .

She's really afraid of heights . However at the back of her mind she does wanted to try it also and check if she can win over that fear .

"Common let's do this . I know you can do it . I promise I will no longer call you 'little Raven' after this . " Senior Choi said trying to convince her once again .

Raven remained quiet and still hesitating .

Senior Choi pouted his lips and acted like a puppy begging for a bone from his Master .

Jordan can no longer take it .

"Stop that dad! You are giving me goose bumps . You and Nanny Rong go if you want . I will stay here with Raven . Don't force her if she doesn't want it . " Jordan irritatingly scolded his father .

Dismay crossed Raven's eye, hearing Jordan's words . She doesn't want to become a killjoy . They were here to have fun and it's the first time that she felt Jordan was getting closer to her .

Not spoiling the good atmosphere, she suddenly agreed .

'How should I know if I can overcome this fear if I don't even try? ' raven thought before finally answered .

"Okay, let's do it . "

"That's our little Raven!" Senior Choi said happily .

Raven looked back at his father with intensity . "Remember not to call me little Raven again after this . "

"You and Jordan go to another cabin, I don't want extra weight . " Senior Choi hurriedly walked inside the passenger cabin with Nanny Rong .

Raven was left dumbfounded but followed . The cabin can actually accommodate six persons inside .

She sat opposite Jordan . Then the Ferris wheel started to move very slowly . At first, Raven was okay but when she accidentally looked at her side and saw how high they were already, she suddenly looked pale .

Jordan sensed the nervousness on Raven's face and automatically shifted his position beside her .

"Are you alright?" He asked her with concerning eyes .

Raven did not answer but instead shut her eyes . She feels terrified and paralyzed .

Jordan felt Raven's body tensed up so he moved closer and held her in his arms and whispered .

"Relax your breathing then open your eyes . I am holding you so you won't fall . It's all in the mind . " Jordan motivated her .

"Father was right . You have to face that fear . "Jordan said .

Raven followed Jordan's guidance and started to relax her breathing and body then she opened her eyes . She saw Jordan staring at her and she just noticed that they were so closed at this moment .