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Published at 23rd of May 2020 08:25:06 AM

Chapter 1500: 1500

Chapter 1500: Her First Kiss!

Wen Shan stared at Nalan Chunbo with wide eyes . She could feel his long eyelashes brushing her eyelids and his warm lips against hers .

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A kiss…

Her first kiss!

Nalan Chunbo had surprised himself by kissing her, but his body had moved instinctively when she said she hadn’t had her first kiss yet .

He wanted to do this more often . In fact, he should have done it earlier .

Her lips were softer than he had imagined, making him want to deepen the kiss .

However, Nalan Chunbo paused when his lips reached her neck . There was a clear scar on her neck . It could still be seen up close even though it had been covered up with foundation .

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That was the remnant of his bite .

His heart clenched painfully .

“I’m sorry,” Nalan Chunbo rasped remorsefully, burying his head in her neck .

Wen Shan knew why he was apologizing but she couldn’t stop her tears from flowing when she heard him .

She did not cry when she was bullied or driven away by Nalan Chunbo . She had also remained strong when she decided to give up on him, but she could not hold it in right now . She started sobbing, holding Nalan Chunbo’s neck and letting him embrace her .

It was as if she had been waiting so long for an apology from him, and him saying it so suddenly threw her off guard .

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Therefore, she did not have to hold back anymore . She did not have to pretend to be strong .

Nalan Chunbo was initially frightened by her reaction, but immediately felt sorry for her after that . He hugged the person who was crying and trembling in his arms . He wanted to find the words to comfort her but all he could say was sorry .

“You always ignored me,” Wen Shan whimpered . She had visited him in the hotel many times but he always ignored her .

“I’m sorry,” Nalan Chunbo murmured sincerely . At that time, he did not want to have too much communication with women .

“You even drove me away,” Wen Shan continued, sounding aggrieved . “I had been following you around like a crazy person . Do you think I enjoy losing face?”

“I’m sorry . I’m sorry . ” Nalan Chunbo hugged Wen Shan who was struggling in his arms tightly . He gently stroked her head to comfort her .

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“You even scolded me and asked me to let go of your hand . You…you…”

“I’m sorry . I’m sorry . I’m truly sorry,” Nalan Chunbo said softly, then kissed her lips gently . He could taste the salt of her tears on her lips .

Wen Shan was suddenly kissed by Nalan Chunbo when she was crying badly . She gasped for air and shoved him back . “I couldn’t breathe!” She screamed at him as he blinked at her with wide eyes .

She hiccupped, tears still flowing down her cheeks . Nalan Chunbo found it endearing, especially the voice she made when she was being bullied . It made people want to…

Nalan Chunbo coughed softly, cheeks reddening . He got up silently and went straight to the bathroom . He then soaked a towel in warm water and came back to help Wen Shan wipe her face . He took care of her like she was a child .

After Wen Shan’s face was clean, Nalan Chunbo slowly ran his thumb over her lips . His movement was so gentle that it made her hold her breath, wondering if he was going to kiss her .

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