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Chapter 35: The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?- Chapter 35

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Kamyu easily broke the spider webs that were binding him, and then he stood up.

He spread out his arms as he rushed towards me.

“Damn it!! Haines, we must stop him!”


As Ashton and Haines were nearby, they quickly reached for their scimitars.

But Kamyu was already right in front of me.

“Aah! Lord Heal!”

He said as he closed his eyes and pursed his lips.

Uh? Was he…going to grab onto me and kiss me?

Sensing the danger, I moved back.



Shiel had stretched to create a barrier in front of me, and so Kamyu was blocked.

And while his face looked like it was smashed against the glass, his eyes were still fixed on me, which was quite scary.

“Now! Let’s get him!! Haines!”


And so Kamyu was immediately grabbed by Ashton and Haines.

“Hey! No need to be so rough! I don’t know what I shall do if…”

Kamyu looked quite red as they pushed him to the ground.

But in spite of his words, he seemed to be enjoying the situation…

In fact, he had been able to break his bonds as if it were the easiest thing in the world. If he wanted to, he could have freed himself from Ashton and Haines as well.

And so it was not too surprising when Ashton turned to me with a rather pale face.

“Lo-lord Heal. I hate to seem indecisive, but perhaps there is no need to allow this one to stay here…”

“Hey, Ashton. Surely that is going too far… Kamyu, listen to me. Everyone who lives on this island must agree to be tamed…”

Kamyu’s eyes welled up with tears.

“So you are not only going to help us, but keep us!? Well, for a man like you, it would be very welcome! Ah! It is too much!”

He said as he brushed Ashton and Haines off.

And then he got to his feet and…


A voice suddenly thundered.

‘Mmm…’ Kamyu crumbled to the ground and slept soundly.

The person who had unleashed the magic…


“I’m terribly sorry, Lord Heal… But it seemed that his fatigue was causing him to get excited. I thought it best that he get some rest.”

Rienna said calmly.

However, I had seen the flash of rage in her eyes…

“I-I see… Well, I suppose I could start taming the other orcs then.”

And like that, Sheorl welcomed its new residents.

While I thought of new names for each one, Kamyu alone insisted on keeping his old name.

This was because the Korbas chiefs had passed down this name for generations.

And he did not want it to die with his.

Though, Kamyu didn’t have any children.

In spite of the tragedy that befell them, he seemed to get rather excited at the sight of men. Maybe it was due to a desire for an heir.

But…Kamyu was a man…right?

Well, regardless of that, it seemed like the orcs would be able to contribute much to the island.

They were very strong, especially with their arms, which meant they could do all kinds of jobs.

Furthermore, the Korbas were veteran sailors, so once we had a proper boat, they might be able to get us supplies from other places.

There was the one ship that Ashton and the kobolds came in, but according to Kamyu, this was more of a fishing vessel and was not fit for navigating through the treacherous seas.

In any case, it seemed unlikely that anyone was in a rush to get out there again…

The orcs had been very frightened when I tamed them.

At first, I thought that they were afraid of me, but apparently, they were afraid that the Leviathan would start moving again.

A fleet of a hundred ships had been sunk, and nearly 4,000 of their comrades had died. So it was no wonder that they were afraid.

However, Mappa led a team that started to work on taking the Leviathan apart. And so the fear of the monster began to lessen.

Mappa used a knife to take off the scales one by one.

Once that was finished, there was a pile of scales that was the same size as a house.

They were thick and durable, but also clear as glass.

The blue skin that was underneath the scales was also very strong.

However, there was one thing that made it different from the cow leather that was so often used in armor. The Leviathan skin was able to stretch.

And it also had a very smooth texture that made it comfortable to touch.

As for the meat, Mappa started to shove it down his throat while it was still raw. And so everyone else started to copy him.

Mappa insisted that I try it out as well. And though I did not want to at first, it ended up being quite delicious.

It had just the right amount of fat so that it melted in your mouth… I had never thought that meat could be eaten raw before, so it was quite the discovery.

Obviously, it was not an amount that could be eaten in a single day, so the cave refrigerator had to be expanded in order to accommodate it.

And lastly, the bones… This too had a use, according to Mappa.

There was currently a great mountain of the bones next to the smithy.

Baris said that while most bones were brittle, these were hard like metal.

They would not break if you hit the ground with them.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-


In any case, the result was that the island had an immense amount of food and materials now.

As for the orcs, there were about 140 of them, including those who were saved from the battleship.


That night, we had a feast that included fruits and Killer Bird meat.

We avoided serving the Leviathan, as it would likely bring back memories of the deaths of their friends…


However, the goblins, kobolds, and Cave Spiders had no such issue, and gladly gobbled down the Leviathan meat.

The slimes did not eat meat, but they joined in the feast by drinking water.


Perhaps because they had worked together on the Leviathan and on the rescue mission, but there were now a few who seemed to be getting along with each other, in spite of their race.


I stood by the entrance of the cave with Shiel and watched this scene.


I had been all alone when I first arrived on the island.

Well, in a way, I had been alone even when I lived at the royal palace.


…However, I now had so many comrades.


“There are so many people here now… To think that it used to be just us two.”


Shiel did not answer.

However, the way that it moved its body just a little bit made me think that it was nodding.

Every day, Shiel seemed to learn a new way to express itself.

Maybe we would be able to have a conversation eventually…


I looked back at the others.


Baris had gathered the children and was teaching them how to read.

Ashton and Haines had given Erevan a large fish, which he gave to Fule, so she could throw it.

As for Rienna, she was making something in the kitchen.


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Kamyu? He was snoring behind me.


We still had problems to deal with. But things were so lively now.


As I basked in these sentiments, I heard something fall on the ground right next to me.


When I turned to look, I saw that the baby kobold was panting as it stood in front of a pickaxe.


Apparently, it had tried to pick it up, but dropped it immediately.


It was no wonder.

Just the handle was three times longer than the baby.

And it was also many times heavier.


However, the baby would not give up. And it tried to pick it up again.


And so I picked the baby up and let it grasp the pickaxe as I held it.


“What’s the matter? Are you curious about this?”


But it seemed to be more than curiosity. It was as if it had a specific motive.


It had been with me recently as I mined in the tunnels. So perhaps it was trying to copy me.

Maybe it would be a good rival one day…


Just then, Rienna appeared carrying a tray with steaming bowls.


It smelled nice… I believe it was leaves from the World Tree.


She said that she was sorry to keep me waiting, and sat down next to me.

Then she handed me and Shiel our tea.


“Hehe. Lord Heal, you seem very happy.”

“Oh, it’s just that this little guy. It suddenly has a strong interest in this pickaxe.”


I said as I patted the baby on the head.

I had put the pickaxe on the ground in order to drink the tea, but the baby started to reach for it again.


“Oh, you’re right. At this rate, it will not be long until its just as obsessed with mining as you are!”

“I hope so. …Oh, right. About a name, Ashton says he wants me to think of something. Do you have any ideas, Rienna?”

“Indeed… As it is a girl, a cute name would be good…”


I had not really thought about its gender. But Rienna often took care of it, so she must be right. This baby was a girl.


“I see. Since you spend so much time with her, I was thinking about something that starts with ‘Ri.’”

“My-my name?”


She asked with a hint of embarrassment.


“Would that bother you?”

“No! Not at all! In that case, we can take the rest from your name… How about Ril?”

“Ril…hmm. I guess that’s cute? …Ril. Okay, from today on, your name is Ril!”


I said, and Ril laughed happily.

Apparently, she liked it.


Rienna smiled as well.


“Hehe. I look forward to seeing her grow.”

“…Oh, right…”


How she would grow…

And at the same time, what would become of this once empty island.


In any case, it would surely be a bright future.

I had nothing to base this on, but I would work hard with everyone in order to make that happen.


And so as everyone feasted happily, I thought about what Sheorl would become.

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