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Chapter 82: The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?- Chapter 82

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“…In any case, I think we should at least look like a country from the outside.”

I said to the important members of the island, as we talked under the World Tree.

Berfalt and the other former slaves would leave the island, and the captives will be sent back to the Dragon Kingdom… Not only that, but this island was also seen by another ship. And we didn’t know when someone would arrive from the outside again.

This meant that we could no longer postpone figuring out how we would deal with visitors.

And so we had to come up with methods for not just fighting back with force, but also how we wanted to appear to peaceful visitors.

“Showing everything truthfully…is too dangerous, in my opinion.”

Said Haines the kobold. Erevan nodded in agreement.

“I think so too. More idiots will be lured here by all of the gold and precious stones.”

Everyone else at the table was nodding.

Then Baris added,

“There will also be problems if we sell it. Not only will it take jobs away from other miners on the continent, but some towns will be ruined economically as well. Besides, we are sure to be invaded by countries if they knew how much treasure we have.”

“So, to put it simply, we do not allow our precious stones and metals to leave… Either that, or we only sell small amounts at regular prices… Is everyone alright with that?”

As they all nodded, Rienna opened her mouth.

“While I do think it’s important to hide all of that, it’s also important to hide the cave itself. Whether it’s stones that extend your life or crystals that raise your magic, it is filled with things that are in a way, much more valuable than any precious stone.”

“Yes. I can see people risking their own lives for a Resurrection Stone…”

Fule said with a chuckle and the others nodded.

“It is with all of this considered that…hmm..”

Baris started to draw something with a paper and pen that was on the table.

It was the map of the town he had shown me in the morning.

Now that I thought of it, we had been talking about building shops for visitors…

It was a bird’s eye view of the island, and Baris was writing in it furiously.

Then he pointed at an area that was half of the reclaimed ground with the wharf, and opened his mouth.

“First, since this is where ships will dock…why not make a commercial district?”

“Commercial district?”

Erevan asked with a puzzled expression.

Apparently, it was not something that some of the monsters were familiar with.

And so Baris explained it to them in simple terms.

“A commercial district is a place for trading, that exists in most human towns. There will be shops, inns and workplaces for people who come from outside.”

“I see…”

Baris saw that Erevan understood him, and so he continued.

“Furthermore, we can make a town square in the center, near the wharf. This will show visitors that we are at least somewhat prosperous. We could then separate the commercial district and the cave with a wall… Everything behind it is strictly land for Sheorl citizens.”

Baris drew a wall around the other area.

“As for the area in front of the entrance to the cave…This will be our administrative district. And in its center, will stand Lord Heal’s palace.”

“Oh, so like the mansion of a king! I like that idea! Let’s make something amazing!”

Erevan stood up and flexed his arms. The others replied enthusiastically.

Rienna then made a suggestion.

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“Speaking of palaces…there should also be a garden!”

“Oh, and what about a fountain? There should be ducks too.”

Fule said with a nod. to her, Mappa was carving a piece of iron with a knife. He was making a small statue.

“Is that a statue of Lord Heal? …I see. Mappa, you’re making a statue for the king!”

Ashton said, and Mappa nodded.

They were getting a little carried away, and I felt frantic.

“Wa-wait-wait! An administrative district is fine, but why do we need a palace? It’s not like this country will be a kingdom…”

Everyone turned to me and said, ‘what?’

“…? But Lord Heal, you are our king. If you are ruling a country, wouldn’t that country be a kingdom?”

Ashton asked me with a puzzled expression.

“N-no. While I am the lord of this island… I think of myself as a representative for all of you. I think ‘king’ is pushing it a little far…”

I would protect them all as the lord of this land…I felt that much responsibility.

However, when it came to being king…

That was something I wanted to avoid.

My father would never forgive me if he knew I was calling myself a king.

And he would be furious if he knew that I was living here with monsters.

However, if there was just a little chance…a little hope…that he would accept us, I didn’t want to ruin it.

All I wanted was for him to accept me as the lord here and that I was living with monsters. That was it. I had no ambitions for revenge against him or to invade other countries.

“Hmm… I see. Considering that relationship, it would be bad if Lord Heal called himself ‘king.’”

Baris seemed to understand my meaning, and he nodded.

Ashton and Rienna also seemed to realize as their expression changed.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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