The CEO and his WIFE - Chapter 36

Published at 5th of July 2019 10:07:09 PM
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Chapter 36

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Both the Lee and Yan family were sitting and waiting for Ruyu and his friend to come . As Joe was looking at the time, the door opened and came in Ruyu

Reo was getting up to greet when he saw the person coming behind Ruyu and he just stood there . Seeing as he just stood there, both Ruyu and Yumi walked past him to their seat . They greeted grandma and grandpa before taking their seat .

The waiter came to Yumi and Ruyu asking what they for drinks . Yumi looked up and answered him . "The usual" . He saw Ruyu was pouring himself some of the red wine on the table so he didn't ask .

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Joe smirked . "I didn't know a lady as you would go to hotels and bars so often" . He's been eating to find something bad to say about her as he saw she was very loved by his parents .

Ruyu shot him a glare . "Father get to the point, what's with this meeting" . ? Joe clearer his voice . "The lady over there is Aika, she is Akane's and Reo's niece" . Ruyu couldn't care less who she was . "And why does this information have to do with anything" . Reo's eyes twitched seeing Ruyu's reaction .

Joe continued speaking . "Well me and Reo have come to a conclusion to have an arranged marriage between you too" . Both Yumi and Ruyu looked at each other raising their eyebrows, Ruyu then turned his head and looked at Aika . She met his eyes for less then a second before looking down that her hands .

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Ruyu then looked back at his father . "F*ch no" . All of them were shocked well expect Yumi the his grandparents . "I told you he wouldn't agree Joe" . Joe looked at his father in anger but calmed down when he looked at his face . "Why won't he agree, we have to have a heir for the Lee family" .

What his father took Ruyu back, he stared deep into his eyes . "Father let me make this clear, my child will not be the heir to Lee's Company what's so ever, my child will only be the heir to Empire's Corp" . Joe was getting angry . "You…"

Ruyu took a sip of his red wine and spoke again . "Father why don't you ask your eldest son to give you a heir" . Off course it was obvious why, every man born with red eyes to the Lee family, he was bound to be successful . But neither Joe or his son Roe was born with red eyes .

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At this moment only Ruyu and his grandpa had red eyes .

Joe knew where Ruyu was going so he just kept his composure . After looking at his father, Ruyu took his last sip of his red wine . As soon as he put down his empty glass Aika stood up . "W-Would you like me to pour some more for you" . Holding the wine bottle up to Ruyu .

"See she would be such a great housewife" . Joe was laughing with Reo as he told Ruyu . "I don't need a house wife who only knows how to spend my money" . That sentence silenced the whole room .

"O-Off course not, I would nicer I can handle working to help you in the company" . Aika answered while stuttering through most of it . Reo put a smile on his face . "Yes she does a good job working in our company" . He thought this would absolutely convince Ruyu .

Ruyu looked straight at Aika . "Then Ms . Aika can you handle running many multi-billion dollar company's, or even better can you handle a gun" . Hearing his question the room went quite, all that could be heard was Yumi laughing .

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