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Chapter 29

"Where is this . . . man?" - Lana breathed into the secretary's face, shaking the magazine before her . The secretary recoiled from shock, turning the surprised look from the photo in the press to the enraged face of the guest .

"Uh . . . I already said CEO at the meeting . "

"Where is this meeting?" - Lana hissed threateningly .

"Listen, lady, I can't tell you where the meeting is . Wait a bit . As soon as the director is free, I will immediately inform him of you . " - minting every word already with a visible dislike, the girl said .

" No, you listen to me if you don't tell me where the meeting is, I'll find it myself!" - Lana growled furiously .

"Lady, calm down . Otherwise, I'll call the security!" - Screamed this barby-girl, but Lana did not listen to her anymore, she walked along one of the corridors in search of a familiar smell . Yes, of course! The subtle scent of the wolf immediately caught his tart aroma . Like a hound she went on the trail, driven by her own anger and the scream of the secretary from the reception . And here it is! Wide transparent doors stood in her way, but on the other side she already saw a familiar silhouette, so without hesitation, she just kicked the door open and flew inside .

In the meeting room, everyone instantly became quiet . Course they did! Not every day an angry, disheveled woman bursts into the meeting . But Lana didn't care, she saw her goal, and she wanted some blood!

Greg sat at the head of the table when Lana appeared, he turned to the door with everyone and barely managed to hide a satisfied smile . But she noticed, and this enraged her even more .

"The f*ck is wrong with you?" - Were the first words that flew out of her mouth . Apparently, her neighbor had a bad influence on Lana's vocabulary, because now only swear words were spinning in her mind . Greg's eyes widened at this phrase, and he could hardly suppress a chuckle .

" MMM . . . Lana, could you please . . . "

"No, I won't!" - she snapped, interrupting Greg . - "What the hell does that mean? Is this your revenge? By kicking me out on the street with kids?"

"Lana, maybe . . . "

" No!" - Lana snarled, giving him no chance to speak . - "I can allow you to get back at me however you want, but don't touch my kids!"

" Lana, just listen . . . "

" No!" - She screeched already on edge and with force kicked the nearest empty chair to release the rage somehow . Instead, a sharp pain pierced through her leg, the chair was very heavy, and the side just fell on the little finger . Lana squatted to the floor sobbing, rubbing her bruised foot . Greg stood up and went to her .

"Don't come near me!" - growled the girl .

Not paying attention to Lana's intimidating glare, Greg naturally decided to do the same trick as in the club . Coming closer, he bent down and tried to grab Lana to pick her up . Only now he miscalculated . The girl at the last moment dodged and as if accidentally tripped him . Greg did not even realize how he stretched out on the floor .

"You are mistaken, Greg, if you think that as soon as you take the choice away from me, I will come running to you and start to beg for mercy . Touch my children again, and I will tear your head off . " - She hissed, standing over the man on the floor . Greg looked at the enraged Lana in perplexity, not even trying to get up .

"Bro, your methods of seduction are simply adorable!"- Came a strangely familiar voice from somewhere behind . Lana turned sharply and literally buried herself in someone's broad chest . Tilting her head up, she finally could see the speaker . The giant, at least in comparison with Lana, turned out to be a handsome blond with a short beard, kind blue eyes, and a broad smile . Lana took a few moments to recognize in him her old friend and Greg's best pal .

"Franky, is that you?" - She began uncertainly at first . But the big man did not hesitate to grab her in his bear hug .

"Oh, Lana, how I am glad to see you! You have not changed at all! Maybe even grown prettier . " - he said, pushing Lana away at arm's length, to see better .

"So what did Greg do this time?" - Frank whispered conspiratorially, winking .

"I did not . . . " - Came from somewhere behind . Seems like Greg decided to rise from the floor . But Lana again did not let him finish .

"Frank, I get it! Of course . He has the right to be angry at me . But why do this to the children? It's so cruel!" - Lana herself did not notice how she began to sob, and then tears of resentment rolled down her cheeks . Frank has always been very kind to her . In the past, she saw him as a big brother . And now she only had to look into his face, full of sympathy, the dam burst open, all the nerves and emotions that had accumulated since the morning splashed out .

" Oh, Lana . Please do not cry . Greg is a moron . " - Frank sounded soothingly again, pulling the girl into his arms and slightly rocking like a child . This gesture, his kindness, and understanding pierced the wall, which she so diligently built and Lana burst into tears in full, now grieving for everything at once .

"Frank, let her go!" - Greg snarled from somewhere on the side . - "I didn't do anything bad . Let me explain . "

" But you did something, didn't you? " - Still holding the girl in the circle of his hands, Frank repeated .

" None of your business! Let her go, NOW!" - Greg shouted at him .

"I'm not really holding her . See?!" - Frank said mockingly, opening his hands . Lana continued to cuddle up to him . Generously soaking the front of his shirt with tears . She was in a fit of it no longer knowing how to stop .

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Greg seized this moment to catch the girl around the waist and sharply twisted, clutching her in his hands . Lana did not like this turn of the events, she tried to resist, but his closeness, warmth and this freaking tantalizing smell, as always forced her head to spin and made her pathetic attempts meaningless . In the form of the last manifesto of her anger, Lana pulled her hand down and pinched Greg's hateful soft round bun . He jumped with a curse, but Lana didn't let go .

"Stop it, already!" - he growled in her ear, shaking her lightly . - "Can you just listen to me like an adult?"

"I'm an adult!" - Lana snapped between sobs, stiffly leaning against his chest, not wanting to relax in his arms .

" Oh! Right!! Bursting in the middle of the meeting and throwing a tantrum, without even understanding what's going on - it's very mature!" - Greg mocked, skillfully maneuvering the girl to the nearest sofa .

"You should thank me for not arranging a bloodbath here," - Lana muttered insulted .

From somewhere behind they heard Frank's laughter, Greg also grinned teasingly . "They do not even realize . . . ": Lana thought darkly, letting him place her on the sofa . Greg, of course, shoved himself next to her and gestured to Frank to leave . Ignoring Greg's gestures, big man pulled the chair closer to Lana and sat down .

"I think we should give him a chance to explain," - Frank immediately indicated on whose side he is, receiving a very promising look from a friend . Lana looked at Frank first and then nodded uncertainly, trying to crawl away from Greg . But the sofa was designed for two very slim people, plus Greg moved after her almost synchronously, squeezing the girl between the armrest and himself .

" I would explain everything from the very beginning if you let me insert at least one word . " - snapped Greg .

"You have a chance right now," - Frank said sweetly .

" In short, no one is kicking you out anywhere . You just moving . To a new apartment . It's much better there than in that dumpster!"

"Who told you that you can do it like this and make a decision for us without even asking ?!" - Lana was piqued again .

"Yes, Greg, nobody does it like this . " - Frank agreed, apparently enjoying the creaking of his friend's teeth .

" Lana, you screamed just now about the children . Think about them . Do you think they now live in a normal environment, among bandits and prostitutes?" - Greg decided to go all-in and push Lana in a weak spot .

"Well, I'm sorry if our way of living is not to your liking, Your Highness!" - Lana muttered offended . - "If I could afford something better, you think, I wouldn't have moved ?! Also, the district is not as scary as they say . I haven't even been robbed once . "

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"Maybe because there is nothing to take from you?" - Greg retorted . - "Or because the leader of the local gang is following you around?"

"Lana, I think Greg's right . " - Frank immediately changed sides, earning a disapproving look from Lana .

"Firstly, with Joseph, we are just friends," - the girl began to make excuse . Both of them stared at her like { Are you blind?} .

"And secondly, as I said, I don't have any means to get a new apartment in the better area!" - continued Lana, ignoring them .

" Now you have! You just need to move . " - Greg summed up, feeling that the victory was near .

"Greg, I don't need a handout from you . We can't pay for an apartment in some fancy area . " - Lana tried to resist .

"You don't need to pay anything . This building belongs to our company . "

"I won't live at your expense . I'm not a freeloader . " - she tried with the last effort .

" Apartments are free for all employees of the company," - chimed in Frank .

"But I'm not an employee of your company!"

" There is nothing easier! Right now I really need a secretary!" - Greg said with a radiant smile .

"What about this girl in the waiting room?"

" Details . . . "

"I will not work as a secretary, especially for you . It's even more dangerous than walking around our area at night, naked!" - Lana blurted out and immediately regretted it . Greg's eyes widened . She didn't even want to know what he was thinking . - "Besides, I already have a job . Two actually . "

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"Lana, the owner of the cafe is selling weed," - Greg stated the fact . Frank also nodded in agreement . How does he even know about this? - "And don't even start me on the nightclub job!"

"But I like working there . Of course, I don't approve of drugs, but I like working in cafes, communicating with people . "

Greg winced and was about to say something nasty, but he was interrupted by Frank .

"What if you start working in our cafeteria? It is also a part of the company and you will have free housing available . However, you will not be directly subordinate to Greg . What do you think?"

Lana thought for a moment . The offer was very tempting . Inside, the desire to give the best for her children and an unwillingness to give in to Greg met in a fierce battle .

"Greg, Frank, this is a very generous offer, but I don't understand why me? If it is just a charity, then it is not necessary . There are thousands of people more worthy of your help . Besides, Greg, do you really want to see your ex-girlfriend at work every day?" - Lana tried the last cheap .

"Not ex," - Greg cut in, not even changing his face .

" What do you mean?" - she asked, completely confused .

"Not ex-girlfriend . I told you, it's you who decided to part with me, I did not give an agreement to this . So it does not count . " - Greg said with an absolutely calm face .

"Greg, I don't want to remind you, but it's been 13 years, and I've been married . "

The man just shrugged .

" Details . . . "

" Consider it, as if we took a break because of unforeseen circumstances . "

" You're smooth as hell!" - Lana muttered irritatedly .

"You can't even imagine . . . " - Greg whispered, moving so close that the tips of their noses touched . Lana turned in panic to Frank, but his chair was already empty, and the inner voice began to shout: "Run! Run! "