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Published at 29th of August 2019 09:22:46 PM

Chapter 39

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"Yeah, And although this might not be the best time, I would like to announce something . . " Ali paused before saying "after we finish taking care of the guys after us . . I would like to continue as a singer, maybe even an idol . . I just don't fit in with hacking that much, I guess, and when I first sang with Mei, it was like my whole world changed . . " after taking another deep breath Ali added in

"So I will be leaving behind hacking, though of course, if the situation ever depends on it, I will return to hacking to help either of you in a heartbeat . . . " Then Ali added " and I hope we can still remain friends . . sorry that I just randomly announced this while we are in the middle of trouble . . " Ali finished

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After Ali said that, it was awfully quiet, so Ali said "b-but don't worry . . before I quit hacking, I'll still help this time in destroying the enemies . . "

Finally, Mei smirked as she said "I could already tell that your heart belonged elsewhere . . it doesn't matter that you don't want to continue to hack, as long as we remain friends . . !" To which Marcus added in "Yeah, you were always to soft in the orphanage . . I remember how you used to always annoy the caretakers by your constant chatter and singing . . . "
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After Marcus said that, Mei once again laughed and added "also how you use to have those mini concerts for all your imaginary friends . . it was quite adorable!"

After hearing their replies, Ali's eyes started to water a bit as she said "thanks so much, guys . . you have no idea how much this means to me . . " after which she said that Marcus pulled all three of them into a big group hug


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"Sir! I have the information you requested earlier . . !" The secretary looked out of breath, most likely because he completed the assignment as fast as he could, not wanting to receive his bosses coldness . .

"Give it to me . . " Sora's voice rang out

"Y-Yes Sir! Here . . " as he handed it to Sora, Sora started to read the information .

While Sora was reading it silently, the secretary was saying it out loud

"About that man . . his name is Marcus Ale . He owns a popular bar that many famous and wealthy people go to . Apparently, Marcus, Ali, and Mei were all in the same orphanage . According to the caretakers, the three of them were best friends and seemed almost inseparable . " The secretary took a deep breath before saying

"the three of them were best friends and seemed almost inseparable, but they did end up separated . Mei and Ali were adopted by the same person, while Marcus was adopted by someone else . There is no record or anything of either of their adoptive parents nor their real parents . "

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